Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils



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Last Chapter:Chapter 179: Extreme Luck

Description Official Description Su Yu was in a third rate university when the “Sky Holes” appeared, his school fell through the “Sky Hole” and appeared in the middle of a forest that was teeming with terrifying creatures. Witness a fearsome transformation that originates from his hand… Short Translator Synopsis Basically a bunch of students fighting to survive ...
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Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils》Chapter List
Chapter 1: Cataclysmic changes within the school
Chapter 2: The Strange Energy for Evolving
Chapter 3: The Black Scale
Chapter 4: The skies have changed?
Chapter 5: Advance Party
Chapter 6: A Small Group of Thirty One People
Chapter 7: Towards the Forest
Chapter 8: The Strength of Ma Zi Ye
Chapter 9: Dispute
Chapter 10: The Fearsome Large Green Monster
Chapter 11: Tragic
Chapter 12: Evolution and Mutation
Chapter 13: The Exceptional Strange Energy of Zhang Zhong Mou
Chapter 14: The Knot within Qin Jia Gui’s Heart
Chapter 15: The Might of the Black Scaled Hand
Chapter 16: The Weird House within the Forest
Chapter 17: Rending Claw
Chapter 18: The Guilt of Killing a Comrade
Chapter 19: Further Evolution
Chapter 20: Supermarket Food
Chapter 21: Sky Hole
Chapter 22: Heavily Surrounded
Chapter 23: Dire Circumstances
Chapter 24: Comprehension of the Lizard Arm
Chapter 25: Police
Chapter 26: Conflict
Chapter 27: Fighting over Food
Chapter 28: The Blood Red Beast
Chapter 29: Bloody Ape Dog
Chapter 30: Night falls! The Unknown House
Chapter 31: Local Police Station of Death
Chapter 32: Zhang Zhong Mou Advances
Chapter 33: Female Cop and Young Kid
Chapter 34: Hunting the Bloody Ape Dog
Chapter 35: Golden Goblin
Chapter 36: Killing a Golden Goblin
Chapter 37: Tier Two Dark Iron Warrior
Chapter 38: Hidden Treasure: Earth Spikes Ring
Chapter 39: The Rear of the Group
Chapter 40: Stone Tablet Road Sign
Chapter 41: The Eagle Monster
Chapter 42: Ability to Lead
Chapter 43: Gnomes
Chapter 44: Demolishing Iron Fist
Chapter 45: Encountering with Danger at the River
Chapter 46: End of the Journey
Chapter 47: Painful Decision
Chapter 48: Savage Bull Demon
Chapter 49: Earth Spikes Assault
Chapter 50: Friend
Chapter 51: A Sinister Fire
Chapter 52: First Love
Chapter 53: Apportioning Food
Chapter 54: Returning to School
Chapter 55: Invasion of the Gnomes
Chapter 56: Weak Friendship
Chapter 57: Lin Shi losing an Arm
Chapter 58: Ma Zi Ye’s Classmates
Chapter 59: Leaders of the School
Chapter 60: Everyone’s Ire
Chapter 61: Killing Someone is so Easy
Chapter 62: Gratitude for Food
Chapter 63: 666
Chapter 64: Walking Zombies
Chapter 65: Bitter Battle with the Zombies
Chapter 66: Tier Two Beast Soldier Metal Chain Zombie
Chapter 67: Cruel Forest
Chapter 68: Single Eyed Zombie King
Chapter 69: Ferocity of the Zombie King
Chapter 70: Unable to withstand a single blow, Dire Situation
Chapter 71: Life and Death in the Balance, The Final Gambit
Chapter 72: Tier Three warrior
Chapter 73: Slaying the Zombie King
Chapter 74: Mentally and Physically exhausted
Chapter 75: Lost Food
Chapter 76: New tier three dark iron warrior
Chapter 77: Sneak Attack
Chapter 78: The Strong Collide
Chapter 79: Removing the Needles
Chapter 80: Burying Corpses
Chapter 81: Looking for York
Chapter 82: Trap Mechanism
Chapter 83: Crazed York
Chapter 84: The Rotten Corpses of Children
Chapter 85: Diary
Chapter 86: Treasure Map
Chapter 87: Plans for the future
Chapter 88: Profit from Disaster
Chapter 89: Confession
Chapter 90: Schadenfreude
Chapter 91: Forest Exit
Chapter 92: Ten Days Journey
Chapter 93: Strange Faint Smiles in Death
Chapter 94: Strange Flower
Chapter 95: Golden Gnome King
Chapter 96: Golden Sap
Chapter 97: Golden Mother Earth
Chapter 98: Chaotic Battle, Struggle for the Golden Blood
Chapter 99: Sent Violently Away
Chapter 100: Deep Sleep
Chapter 101: Dreamlike Scene
Chapter 102: Every Item has a Weakness
Chapter 103: Disfigured
Chapter 104: The Tier Two Ability of Zhao Shi Chang
Chapter 105: Reappearance of the Giant Foot
Chapter 106: Feeding Water
Chapter 107: Summoning the Swarm
Chapter 108: Stream
Chapter 109: Ma Zi Ye’s New Abilities
Chapter 111: Meeting another Group
Chapter 112: The Strength of Tier Two
Chapter 113: Single-Eared Woman
Chapter 114: Awakening in a Death Battle
Chapter 115: Third Tier Chu Xiang
Chapter 116: Killed in an Instant
Chapter 117: The Power of the Golden Blood
Chapter 118: Secret Treasure Weapon
Chapter 119: Star Blade
Chapter 120: Progressive Precious Treasure
Chapter 121: Newly Arrived Personnel
Chapter 122: Tourist Bus that fell into Sky Hole
Chapter 123: Avid Reader
Chapter 124:Sudden Appearance of the Giant Foot, Everyone is like an Ant
Chapter 125: Purposely preventing others from evolving?
Chapter 126: Violating procedures?
Chapter 127: Crisis! A deadly situation
Chapter 128: Promoting and Burning the Zombies
Chapter 129: Ma Ziye’s Third Tier Transformation
Chapter 130: Moldable Talent
Chapter 131: A Loose Tongue Causes Problems
Chapter 132: Strange Ability
Chapter 133: Combat Genius
Chapter 134: 666 Monster?
Chapter 135: True Evil
Chapter 136: Gecko Beast Transformation
Chapter 137: True Terror, Ning Yan’s Transformation
Chapter 139: Changes of the Necklace
Chapter 139: Condoms
Chapter 140: Splitting up into Groups
Chapter 141: New 666 Beast
Chapter 142: Terrifying Hospital
Chapter 143: Opening a Passageway
Chapter 144: Demon Spawn
Chapter 145: Strange Symbol of ‘8’
Chapter 146: Mist Demon, The True Power of the Golden Blood
Chapter 147: Lei Rui Awakens
Chapter 148: Final Day of Travel
Chapter 149: Tier Four Expert
Chapter 150: Golden Thumb
Chapter 151: Super Chef
Chapter 152: Reaching the Exit
Chapter 153: Skeleton Army
Chapter 154: Black Flames
Chapter 155: A Flash of Realization before the Battle
Chapter 156: The Fifth Lifeform
Chapter 157: Soul Companion
Chapter 158: Five death omens of an angel
Chapter 159: Limit of Ten Days
Chapter 160: Plans for the Future
Chapter 161: Terrifying, Su Yu’s Broken Leg
Chapter 162: Frightening Ability
Chapter 163: Curing powder – Destroy the invisible.
Chapter 164: “White Tiger”
Chapter 165: Evading Crisis
Chapter 166: Karmic Wheel
Chapter 167: The Enemy is Here
Chapter 168: Xiao Wei’s Suggestion
Chapter 169: Big Shot Celebrity
Chapter 170: New World
Chapter 171: Volcanic Rock Monsters
Chapter 172: Simultaneous Advancement
Chapter 173: Shattered Fragments Light
Chapter 174: God’s Remains
Chapter 175: Four-eyed Race
Chapter 176: The Strangeness of Shangguan Wan
Chapter 177: Woman made of Water
Chapter 178: Fiery Magma Devil
Chapter 179: Extreme Luck