Chapter 53

It didn’t take long for us to finish showering, so we soon submerged ourselves into the bath .


There was this weird feeling . And Asahi, Mahiru, and Yoru also felt it .


Even though quite some time has passed, nobody talked . Silence ruled the bathroom .


The cause goes without saying .


“Fufufu . . . In the bath it’s impossible to tell who is who . It’s hard to identify by your smell when we are in here . . . ”

“ . . . ”

“ . . . ”



She was staring directly at us with flushed cheeks, not even stopping to blink .


While lightly licking her lips and a glint in her eyes, she stared at us like a snake . And just like a small animal, we were all frozen with fear .


No . . . This is embarrassing . . . She is staring so intently . . .


That along with the last thing she said is giving me goosebumps .

I know that even though I can’t see myself in a mirror .


Although it is strange . Rather than feeling refreshed from taking a bath, I am feeling exhausted . . .

However now I know . Never take a bath with Tokiwa .


It would take a strong determination to be able to break through this unbearable awkward air . Mahiru was able to gather her courage and opened her mouth .


“ . . . W-Well, surely Yoru-chan and I can be told apart, because we have different hair cuts . . . However it’s hard to tell Yuu-chan and Asa-chan apart, right? . . . ”

“T-That’s right!”


Mahiru eagerly changed the atmosphere and Yoru was quick to jump on board .

I was hoping that would change Tokiwa’s predatory eyes, but she simply muttered (I’m not sure~) and continued her gaze on her prize .

She bluntly told us that we’d get used to it in the dressing room . . . but I don’t see that happening anytime soon . . . However, I don’t think we have a say in the matter . . .


N-No, We still have Asahi!


She is our last hope . She has known Tokiwa the longest, is her classmate, maybe she can .  

I looked at her with hopeful eyes, however she just gave a bitter smile and shook her head .


“ . . . I see . ”


Yeah, I understand . If she had a good idea, she would have already done it .


“Hmm? Did you say something Yuudachi-san?”

“Ah, no . It was nothing . ”


Well this is probably the only time I’ll take a bath with Tokiwa . And once she has had enough enough, we can leave the bath .

So until then I just have to endure . . . Just do my best to endure . If i close my eyes I won’t need to see her doing what she is doing .  


I’ll just gently close my mind and endure .


. . . Just don’t mind it, don’t care . . . Don’t care . . . If you care you lose .  


“Honestly . . . It’s very similar . . . ”

“Um, Yuu, Toki-chan, don’t you think you guys are a little . . . t-too close to each other? . . . ”


If you care you lose!


That short time in the bath felt like a lifetime passed by .

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