The Eighth Sin



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Last Chapter:48 Everything coming together

We all know of the Seven Original Sins; Wrath, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Gluttony and Lust. However, what if I told you there was another Sin. One that was never spoken of; one that no one cares for. Well... There is an Eighth Sin... \“The Eighth is always so mysterious yet delusional. Why deny your existence, accept it already and end your suffering. The choice is yours... Eighth.\“ ~ Anonymous
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The Eighth Sin》Chapter List
1 Reawakening
2 Riyku Von Rosario The Unranked
3 An uneasy feeling
4 Disrupted Psychosis
5 A new era begins!?
6 All choices have consequences
7 The Consequence of a Choice
8 Escalation of a choice
9 A choice's potential
10 The driving force
11 Preparations are essential
12 Crimson Nigh
13 The calm before the storm
14 The unknown voice
15 Jackpot!
16 Operator in bound
17 Restless pain
18 The start of something new
19 A little bit of fun never hur
20 Serious Matters
21 A night of pleasure
22 A world of ruin
23 Yet another demon
24 A memory and a goal
25 The day before the Death Games
26 It begins
27 Fruitless bounty
28 The adveristy of battle
29 Impression of facade peace
30 Impression of true peace
31 A promise long forgotten
32 A promise, reborn
33 Rise, Stand and Fight!
34 The Dark Demonic Reaper
35 A systematic malfunction
36 Bonds
37 Aftermath of the Death Games
38 Aftermath of the Death Games Pt.2
39 A promise kep
40 The day before departure
41 Day before Departure Pt.2
42 Day before Departure Pt.3
43 Day of Departure pt.4
44 Day before Departure pt.5
45 Day before Departure Pt. 6
46 A second chance
47 Past of another time-line
48 Everything coming together