Unbreak Me



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Last Chapter:71 ❤︎Broken hearts, shattered mirrors❤︎

Leroy High—my personal hell.\r\n\r\nIn our school, the system is different and rules have been set from the first day.\r\n\r\nWho set them, you must be wondering. So maybe I should enlighten you.\r\n\r\nIt’s the three ridiculously good-looking, filthy rich and incredibly rude guys. \r\n\r\nThey think they rule over the school just because all girls fawn over them and guys want to be them. \r\nI h...
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Unbreak Me》Chapter List
2 ❤︎She is so annoying but cute ❤︎
3 ❤︎Why are handsome boys jerks?❤︎
4 ❤︎She is not a ninja❤︎
5 ❤︎Gosh, his voice . . .❤︎
6 ❤︎Break time❤︎
7 ❤︎I was starting to hate him❤︎
8 ❤︎Time for a revenge plan❤︎
9 ❤︎Our little bet❤︎
10 ❤︎The Kings? Pfft❤︎
11 ❤︎He is so infuriating❤︎
12 ❤︎Secrets❤︎
13 ❤︎My eyes were starting to . . . uhm, wander❤︎
14 ❤︎The weird scene in our classroom❤︎
15 ❤︎Welcoming party❤︎
16 ❤︎Damsel in distress❤︎
17 ❤︎Dammit❤︎
18 ❤︎This couldn't be happening❤︎
19 ❤︎Telling the truth❤︎
20 ❤︎She broke my heart. Again.❤︎
21 ❤︎Was I wrong to be annoyed?❤︎
22 ❤︎What had I done?❤︎
23 ❤︎Leftover Dinner❤︎
24 ❤︎The unexpected visit❤︎
25 ❤︎Revealing the past❤︎
26 ❤︎The hospital❤︎
27 ❤︎I need answers❤︎
28 ❤︎Weak. Just like my mother.❤︎
29 ❤︎The Ride Home❤︎
30 ❤︎Changing houses?❤︎
31 ❤︎The conversation with Zayn ❤︎
32 ❤︎Just another day❤︎
33 ❤︎The Lawyer ❤︎
34 ❤︎Some shocking news❤︎
35 ❤︎Oh, Zayn❤︎
37 ❤︎The hospital report❤︎
38 ❤︎How did he know?❤︎
39 ❤︎Old friendships❤︎
40 ❤︎I couldn't unlove her❤︎
41 ❤︎Where were they both?❤︎
42 ❤︎Weird cravings❤︎
43 ❤︎So now Hoor knew it too❤︎
44 ❤︎This little...❤︎
45 ❤︎Found her❤︎
46 ❤︎'What is it that you want now?'❤︎
47 ❤︎It finally made sense❤︎
48 ❤︎Uncertain feelings❤︎
49 ❤︎Was this really happening? NOW?❤︎
50 ❤︎Phone call with her Dad❤︎
51 ❤︎Dreading the future❤︎
53 ❤︎He was beautiful❤︎
54 ❤︎Naming him❤︎
56 ❤︎Her answer❤︎
57 ❤︎He wouldn't hurt him, would he?❤︎
58 ❤︎Time to fight?❤︎
60 ❤︎That toe-curling look❤︎
62 ❤︎Ugh, I was getting fat❤︎
63 ❤︎This wasn't some sick bet, was it?❤︎
64 ❤︎She looked . . . healthy❤︎
65 ❤︎This week!?❤︎
66 ❤︎'The door shut'❤︎
67 ❤︎Seeing me like this for the fist time❤︎
70 ❤︎Bad decisions❤︎
71 ❤︎Broken hearts, shattered mirrors❤︎