Astral haven



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Last Chapter:66 Chapter 66: Feng treasurer legacy!

Feng Mei a college graduate from modern Earth? open his eyes to suddenly find himself standing near a cliff as a monotone voice of his golden finger rang in his head.\n\n\“Either Get your head Decapitated or jump down the cliff\“\n\nThat“s how Feng Mei journey to the apex of cultivation ?The realms dominator? began.\n\n\nThe system is not a system I repeat the system is not a system.\n\n_________...
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Astral haven》Chapter List
1 Jumping off a cliff after transmigration
2 Falling off the cliff to another world
3 Encounter
4 Heading towards treasure ground
5 New mission
6 Small pocket realm
7 Feng treasurer pocket realm.
8 Doing good
9 Generous young nobles
10 The injured hunters
11 Is Uncle Cai a powerful badass?.
12 The generous "I"
13 Village summer end festival
14 Festival starts.
15 He cries wolf‚ it's the truth.
16 fighting butcher bandi
17 Grandson.
18 Array breaks.
19 Legacy
20 Waking up.
21 Breakthrough
22 Believe in this young master
23 Trial of Cultivation Speed
24 I am the greatest chea
25 Am I the side character?
26 My Weird Hobby.
27 Immoveable
28 Going back.
29 Law tribulation - Majestic lightning Dragon
30 Towards the Heavenly Wind Empire
31 The world background 1
32 The world background 2
33 World's background Las
34 Heavenly wind empire
35 Explaining
36 Fool's mate.
37 Old ghost bullying a kid.
38 System‚ Too hardcore
39 Above violet ranked book
40 A new friend
41 Cool stuff
42 First PvP: Leonhart versus Sadis
43 First PVP: Leonhart Vs sadist 2
44 System vs sadist battle starts
45 System vs sadist Death by a hundred cuts
46 Fighting
47 Information about Astral disciple Astral chef and talisman inscriber
48 To the library!
49 Godly system-One touch one book read!
50 1-star Astral disciple
51 4-star Astral disciple‚ training Power of soul!
52 Talisman Hall
53 The melody of mana
54 Melody of Pig!
55 Melody of Pig 2
56 Astral teacher
57 First Astral teacher
58 First Astral teacher 1
59 First Astral teacher 2
60 Unit 13 of astral scientist!
61 Max power of soul in Astral disciple stage
63 Break the blank Gate
64 Astral soul: Binge Eater 1
62 Chapter 62: Break the blank Gate
63 Chapter 63: Astral soul: Binge Eater 1
64 Astral soul: Binge Eater 2
65 Chapter 65: First innate skill - Ice curtain
66 Chapter 66: Perks of destroying blank gate!
66 Chapter 66: Feng treasurer legacy!