Nine Star Burden



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Last Chapter:78 Mission for Experience

It is a parallel world that is full of Star Power. Star Maps, Star Techniques, Star Pets, and the Awakened are rampant. Jiang Xiao, whose soul travelled to this world, has a special internal Star Map within his body and goes on to become a Medical Awakened. \r\nHe initially wants to become a happy healer who can help his team members, but he ends up being labeled as a burden to the team. \r\nThe ...
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Nine Star Burden》Chapter List
1 And the Point Is?
2 Therapeutic and Terrible!
3 I Want It All
4 You Have My Blessings
5 I'll Bless You Again
6 There Are 365 Sunrises in a Year
7 Losing Weigh
8 You Will Hate Me
9 Mischievous
10 Getting into Trouble?
11 Set Off! Pikapi!
12 Rest of His Life
13 Green Glow
14 Risen by a Level
15 Happy?
16 Brushing Pas
17 Gold Quality Star Technique
18 Self-Taught Genius
19 I Don't Agree to This Relationship
20 Nation-Saving Curves
21 Where's My Knife?
22 Star Power Upgrade
23 Case Cracked
24 Began Operating
25 Women's Mouths
26 Basic Technique
27 Decisive and Ruthless
28 Silver Quality!
29 Wimp
30 With Skill and Capabilities
31 Low-IQ Genius?
32 Cracking the Case Again
33 Who Opposes?
34 Husky Xia
35 That Charming Gaze
36 Great Harves
37 White Ghouls' Journey at Nigh
38 The Wealth of the Dead
39 Blending into the World
40 Medical Star Technique?
41 Bell and Imprin
42 Knowing Each Other Well
43 Returning Home
44 Go to School?
45 The Youth with Three Flaws
46 Liu Bufan
47 Demons and Monsters
48 The Eurasian Lolita and the Boy with the Crew Cu
49 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
50 Garlic Paste and Chili Sauce
51 Come with Me
52 Underage
53 Fine
54 Face the Camera
55 Good Times
56 Pride and True Justice
57 News
58 Li Weiyi
59 Pork Bun
60 Boundary Observing Inciden
61 The Prelude of the Burden
62 Healed the Wrong Person?
63 Stop?
64 Beijiang Medical Troops
65 We Are Champions
66 School Tyran
67 Damn, It's Done
68 Battle!
69 Rush!
70 Medical Troop
71 Double Upgrade
72 Mode of Transpor
73 Brother-In-Law
74 At the Same Table Without You
75 My Impressive Xiaopi
76 Childhood Sweethearts
77 Manual Ringing
78 Mission for Experience