My Dangerous Billionaire Husband



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Last Chapter:494 Curl Up Some More And Get Out Of My Bed

Trying to drown her sorrow with alcohol after her boyfriend hooked up with her sister, Ning Qing ran into the rich and powerful Lu Shaoming in a bar. "I need a wife," Lu said, and the two got their marriage license.

Soon, she who became a pop star won many pretty boys’ hearts. Singlehandedly, he got rid of all her potential flings and acted innocent. Ning Qing bristled, “Lu Shaoming, what happened...
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My Dangerous Billionaire Husband》Chapter List
1 Saving Someone’s Life I
2 Saving Someone’s Life II
3 Three Years Later
4 Let Me Satisfy You
5 Xu Junxi, Don’t Insult Yourself!
6 Drunk at The Bar
7 An Encounter with a Lecher
8 Young Master Lu
9 It’s Her, the Girl Who Saved Him Three Years Ago
10 Barged Into His Room
11 Remember Me
12 Sleep After Getting Tired From Crying
13 The Woman You’re Looking For Is In My Room
14 The Watch That Young Master Lu Left Behind
15 Visiting Mom at The Hospital
16 Ning Yao Returned
17 What Kind Of Attitude is That, Ning Qing?
18 Gain a Sense of Presence
19 She Has Changed
20 Junxi, Grandma Shall Pass Qingqing To You
21 Yaoyao, Apologize To Qingqing
22 Counter Attack
23 Xu Junxi, Let’s Call Off Our Engagemen
24 Two Men Fighting Over Her
25 Ning Yao, That’s All You Have
26 Tonight, I’ll Stay
27 Young Master Lu’s Phone Call
28 Tsk tsk tsk, I’ve Flattered Myself Again
29 The Way A Man Looks At A Woman
30 Does It Hurt?
31 Or Do You Still Want To Sit On My Lap?
32 It’s Hers
33 Need One Million
34 Casting
35 Spin A Cocoon Around Herself
36 If They Had Something
37 Impersonate Zhao Feiyan
38 Dancing On Crystal Palm Dishes
39 Young Master Lu Is Jealous
40 I’ll Be Pretty While All Of You Be Jealous
41 Even If It Wasn’t Yaoyao, Why Would It Be You
42 Come Here, If You Need One Million
43 Take Your Filthy Money With You And F*ck Off!
44 I Can’t Accept This
45 A Woman Only Has To Conquer The Man
46 Miss Ning, You Can’t Escape
47 No, Help
48 Thank You For Saving Me
49 Why Did You Run When You Saw Me?
50 Let Go Of Me
51 Sorry, I Was Late
52 Let Him Kiss, Don’t Let Him Kiss
53 You Were the One Who Took Advantage of Me
54 Beauty, I Can’t Wai
55 Ning Qing, Are You Addicted?
56 Bring Your Household Registration And Identification Card
57 Getting Their Marriage Certificate
58 Director Wang Invited You For Screen Tes
59 Kissing Scene
60 Do You Know Any Powerful Officials in Finance
61 Return My Qingqing to Me
62 Why Are You Crying So Badly?
63 Shaoming, It’s Your First Time Meeting Mom, Talk Nicely
64 Don’t Touch
65 Kiss Here
66 Why Aren’t You Wearing Clothes
67 Is This Bear a Female or Male?
68 Let Me Show You A Magic Trick
69 I Won’t Tell Others That You Have A Little Birdie
70 Compete
71 Room 902
72 Tear It Down Face To Face
73 Battle of Wits
74 President Lu Is Here
75 Win Back Double The Amount President Xu Had Won Just Now
76 Wait For Your Calls And Determine How Much You Love Me
77 Thank You, Wifey
78 There’s A Bullet Flying Towards Her
79 What a Nice Term, Calling Me Sister
80 A Battle of Words On Press Release Unmasking Li Meiling For The First Time
81 Battle of Wits 2 Utterly Discredited
82 Lu Shaoming, What Are You Looking A
83 Do You Dare to Attend as Mrs. Lu?
84 Save Your First Dance Tonight For Me
85 She Had Given Her First Dance To Ou Luo Xi
86 Young Master Lu, Can I Have This Dance With You?
87 Lu Shaoming, You Tyrant!
88 Wait A Minute…
89 Mom Has A Few Friends Who Would Love To Meet You
90 Ning Qing, I’m Ten Years Older Than You. Do You Think I’m Old?
91 He’s Better Than Me?
92 Wear It At Home, You Look Nice in Anything
93 Tell Me, What's Wrong Today?
94 Bring Her To The Ning Family Home And Act Without Restrain
95 Bringing Grandma Over For A Short Stay
96 You’re My Substitute
97 Don’t Worry, It’s Fake
98 Xu Junxi, Let Her Go
99 Fetching Grandma
100 Cheering Him Up
101 What Do You Want To Do, Ning Qing?
102 She Slapped Young Master Lu
103 Forgive Me, Wifey
104 Shaoming, Are We Good Now?
105 Listen to Ning Qing Confession Of Love?
106 They Cast Greedy Eyes Over My man; Do They Think I Don’t Exist?
107 Three Years Ago, It Was She Who Caused Me To Fall Down The Stairs
108 CEO Xu, Is Your Wedding Going As Planned?
109 Is There Any News From Your Stomach?
110 Why Did You Hit Me When You Came Back?
111 Most Improper, Most Improper
112 Ning Yao’s Pregnan
113 Farewell, Li Meiling Li Meiling Finale
114 Became A Queen At The Age Of Twenty
115 What Kind Of Past Was She Hiding?
116 Fought For Ou Luo Xi
117 Shuiling, You’re Back
118 Yet The Mountain Rain Came Pouring Down
119 Ning Qing’s Humiliating Pas
120 I Really Want To Invite Each One Of You To Shut Up
121 This Is Bad; Madam’s Gone
122 Unpredictable
123 But Shaoming, I’ve Really Caused Trouble This Time
124 It Is Easy For You To Know The Answer
125 Her Comic Book, 27 Year Old Lu Shaoming
126 The Return Of Ning Qing
127 She Was Innocen
128 This Is All Fated
129 Tonight Or Tomorrow Night, Choose
130 Had An Abortion At 18
131 Picking Up A Girl From School For The First Time
132 I Love You, Dear
133 Destined
134 Mu Yunfan
135 Young Master Lu, Wait And See
136 I Came Because Of A Girl
137 Sorry, I Was In A Bad Mood Just Now
138 The More You Pamper Her, The More Stubborn She Gets
139 Then What Type Does Older Brother Yunfan Like
140 A Beautiful Woman Beside Young Master Lu
141 Seen You In My Dreams
142 Qingqing, I Only Want You.
143 Taming A Small Wild Ca
144 Young Master Lu Is Indeed Worthy Of His Reputation
145 Who Wants You To Treat Me Well Now
146 Ning Yao Confesses
147 Come To The Hotel Room To Look For Me
148 He Only Sees You In His Eyes
149 I Am A Little Upse
150 Who Sent You These Roses?
151 He Came
152 Gifting Flowers
153 Male God Professor, We Will Pretend Like We Don’t Understand
154 My Own Wife Is Still The Bes
155 President, Madam Was Kidnapped
156 Brother Yunfan, Hold On For A Little Longer
157 Be Older Brother’s Woman
158 You Are No Different From Those Men
159 Hubby, You Are Angry?
160 With Me Here, That’s The Man That Mum Picked
161 If You Are Smart Enough, Then Keep Silent Forever
162 Got Knocked Into
163 Ning Yao Got Caugh
164 The Death Of Ning Yao
165 Split Personality
166 One Set Of Divorce Papers
167 The Only Ray Of Sunshine In His Life
168 Shaoming, Don’t Leave Me, Okay?
169 Lu Shaoming, Him
170 Deemed A King After Defeating The Enemy
171 Grandma’s Passing
172 Don’t Touch Her, I Will Kneel!
173 Operate In The Near Future
174 New Year
175 Tell Him That I’ve Come from China to Find Him
176 The Three Months Promise
177 Young Master Lu, Please Stay
178 Finally Came To Guang Qing
179 Sorry
180 On The Journey To Find Love
181 Miss Ning, Do You Think This Is Enough?
182 Our Xiao Fu Still Has Her First On Screen Kiss With Her, Do You Still Have Yours?
183 Do You Like My Petite Waist?
184 Know Both Yourself And Your Enemy
185 If Heaven Had Feelings, It Too Would Age
186 Hugging Him For Warmth
187 Try Dating And See Where It Goes
188 Little Matter, Of Course I Will Be Able To Control You All
189 Ou Luo Xi, You Can Only Like Women
190 March 21, The Day Of The Stage Play
191 Gift Her A Fairy Floral Shower
192 Where Is The Trust Between Two People
193 Catch The Mole
194 Devastating Criticism
195 He Bit Her. Concentrate!
196 Can You Try To Like Me?
197 She Takes You As A Stand-In
198 Expressing Her Love In Front Of The Entire City
199 Investing In A Media Company
200 Has Not Had Her Period For More Than A Month
201 Getting Drugged.
202 Playing For Real?
203 Stop Kicking Up A Fuss; Be Obedien
204 Mother, My Stomach Hurts
205 Never Had Hoped To Be Loved Like This
206 Young Master Lu, My Name is Xu Junxi; I am Ning Qing's First Love
207 Signs Of Jealousy
208 Having A Figh
209 Treat Me Better; I Will Support You
210 Young Master Lu That Was Being Difficul
211 Have A Pleasant Journey! Take Your Time; I Will Not Be Sending You Off
212 Ning Qing, I Like You, I Really Like You Very Very Much
213 You Would Never Know That I Am Looking At The Version Of You Now, And How Much My Heart Hurts
214 Ssh, Don't Say It! This Is Embarrassing
215 I Will Pick You Up To Bring You To Work Tomorrow, Okay?
216 You Still Have The Face To Act Young In Front Of Me
217 Young Master Lu , Didn't You Know, Ning Qing Lost Her Phone A Long Time Ago
218 This Man Is A Little Weird
219 Lu Shaoming, Put Me In A Kabedon
220 What Did You Eat, Your Mouth Is So Swee
221 He Said, If You Dare To Do So!
222 He Came From Shanghai, With His Body Full of Wind And Rain
223 Director Ning
224 Aiyo, Husband, You Are Doing Well Today
225 Dirty Rumours Let Ou
226 The Crisis Regarding Trust That Has Never Occurred Before
227 I Will Support You
228 Queen's First Time Growing
229 Led Me To Meet The Most Beautiful Person In My Entire Life
230 I Am Not Saying That I Am Not Allowing You To Kiss Me
231 Uncle Seems To Be Unsatisfied With Me
232 Design A Pair Of Couple Rings For Me
233 Your Mother Was Involved In A Car Crash
234 Maybe, It Was Time For Her To Tear It Up
235 Why Did You Coldly Ignore Me? Give Me A Reason
236 Lu Shaoming, You Are Shameless
237 Negotiation
238 Madam, Miss Ning Seems To Be Pregnant.
239 Silly Kid, Do You Know That You Are Pregnan
240 Although It Hasn't Been Two Months Yet, Did He Make Trouble For You
241 Baby, Do You Like Daddy?
242 Lu Shaoming, I Am Your Wife
243 Why Can't I Get My Memory Back
244 You Can't Pamper Your Wife Like This, You Will Spoil Her Like This.
245 Embarrassmen
246 Warmth
247 Not Angry Anymore? Not Ignoring Me Anymore?
248 Ning Qing, Marry Me
249 Lu Shaoming, You're Bullying Me
250 Start Again Anew, Creating Memories Together
251 Ever Since I've Married Lu Shaoming, I Am The First Daughter-In-Law Of The Lu Family
252 Wifey, This Is Prenatal Education
253 Ning Qing, How Much Have You Made In The Past Six Months?
254 Don't Create Trouble For Me
255 Open Struggle And Veiled Strife
256 Harmony
257 Find Zhou Heng's Biological Granddaughter If You Can
258 Look At Him, She Would Follow Behind Him, It's Up To Him, And Wish Him Well.
259 She Was Deep In Conspiracy But Did Not Realise I
260 The Mastermind Behind It All
261 My Woman Only Needs To Hide Behind Me
262 Zhou Zhilei's Plan
263 Sowing Discord
264 I Will Lend You My Shoulder To Cry On
265 Conquer Mother In Law
266 Miss Zhou, You Thought That My Mother In Law Was A Fool
267 I Have A Plan And Need Your Cooperation
268 Zhou Zhilei, You Have Los
269 Lu Shaoming, Aren't You Embarrassed?
270 Then Shall We Kiss Nex
271 Little Master Lu Is Here; Control Yourself
272 I Only Want To Hide You Secretly
273 Mom, Let's Open A Winery A Small Theatre Play Included
274 I Will Listen To Wifey Entirely
275 Birthday Banque
276 It Turns Out That Mother Wants Dad To Feed Her Cake
277 Ning Qing, Thank You
278 He Would Use An Appreciative Gaze To Look At Me
279 Won't I Be A Third Wheel Then?
280 Kidnap
281 Are You Alright?
282 282.I belong to you
283 Finally Getting To Eat Mom's Dishes
284 I Am In Charge Of Being Wealthy; You Are In Charge Of Treating Me Properly
285 I Have To Go To England For A Business Trip In England
286 Wifey, I Want To Give The Most Complete Me To You
287 He Refused To Cooperate From The Bottom Of His Hear
288 Ning Qing, We Have Made A Pact, You Are Not Allowed To Forget Me
289 Young Master Lu Returns
290 Did You Miss Me?
291 Lu Shaoming, Only The Moon Knows How Much I've Missed You
292 You Are A Traitor; What Right Do You Have?
293 Zhou Zhilei, Are You Tired Of Living?
294 Daddy Loves Mummy
295 Premature Labour
296 7.3 Pounds; Both Mother And Child Are Healthy
297 Control It For A While, After You Finish Your Confinement Period, I Will Bring You Ice Cream
298 Wifey, Wait For Me To Return
299 Plane Disappearance
300 Ning Qing, The Lu Family Would Be Handed Over To You
301 Possessing A Glib Tongue
302 Spreading Rumours
303 Mum, Let Us Not Lose Hope
304 Prepare The Car, Go To Lu Corporation
305 Going Into Battle Again
306 Shaoming Is Back
307 Hubby, I Missed You Very Much
308 Who Is That Woman?
309 Love Spell
310 You're Still Thinking Of Ning Qing? You Don't Want To Live Anymore?
311 Gosh, Ning Qing Must Have Gone To Look For Young Master Lu
312 Lu Shaoming, I Have Already Forgiven You
313 As Long As Ning Qing Is Not Around, Shaoming Will Be A Normal Person
314 Ning Qing, What Is Wrong?
315 Don't You All Think That You're Going Overboard?
316 She Has Lef
317 He Was Not Able To Touch His Wife; He Did Not Allow Others To Touch Her Either
318 Don't Cry Anymore, You Have Attained Your Goals
319 Older Sister Jian, I Can't See Anything With My Eyes
320 Without Him, What Should I Do?
321 He Is Not Answering His Phone
322 Whether He Liked It Or No
323 It Is Not That When I Am Smiling At You, My Heart Would Not Hurt Anymore
324 Let Me Congratulate You, I Would Never Come To Bother You Again In The Future Anymore
325 If You Do Not Want To Be More Awkward, Get On The Car
326 Ning Qing, If You Are Afraid, Then Close Your Eyes
327 Ning Qing Is Very Afraid, She Is Crying
328 Did That Rascal Transmit A Disease To Her?
329 Ning Qing Returns To The Country
330 It's Such A Coincidence To See You Here; I Have Not Seen You For Such A Long Time
331 Ning Qing And Her Male Harem
332 After Having Ning Qing, Would You Be Still Interested In Other Women
333 I Will Give Little Qinwen A Younger Sister
334 Director Zhou, I Am Here To Learn About Red Wine
335 Luxurious Car Matched With A Beauty
336 Let Me Have A Taste Of Mrs. Lu Tonigh
337 Come After Me; I Am Giving You A Chance Right Now
338 Grandfather, Can I Bring Some Wine Back To Let My Mother Have A Taste?
339 It Is Still Blissful For You To Be Together With Me In This Life
340 He Has Turned Into A Habit In Her Life
341 Babe, Where Does It Hurt?
342 Lu Shaoming Is The Most Lethal Among All Poisons — Crane's Red Crown
343 Lu Shaoming, Don't Do This
344 Chinese Valentine's Day
345 Does Luoxi Not Allow Xiaofu To Drink?
346 Lower
347 Truth Or Dare
348 Sister Jian, You're Not Afraid To Play, Are You?
349 Dayuan, Let's Play A Round Of Truth Or Dare
350 He Was Her Lover Whom Time Could Not Erase
351 Jian Han, How Come It's Your First Time, Huh?
352 Who Allowed You To Bully Me Like That?
353 Is This Considered Hitting?
354 Wifey, If You Get Pregnant, Give Birth To The Child
355 Why, Doesn't Miss Zhou Want To Meet Me Once
356 Lu Shaming, We're Over
357 Older Sister Jian, I Think That Shao Ming Must Have Met With Huge Trouble
358 Zhou Zhilei's Retribution
359 Second Younger Brother, Send President Tang On His Way Then
360 Tang Xueli Has Escaped
361 Young Master Lu Is Back
362 I Must've Owed You, Father And Son
363 With How Much I Love You, I Would Be In That Much Pain
364 Let's Go And Eat Together
365 Don't Ever Leave Me Again
366 Hubby, You Would Be Having Your 60th Birthday Banque
367 Younger Sister Would Look As Beautiful As Your Mama
368 Why, Is Young Master Lu Here To Laugh At Me?
369 Zhou Dayuan, Do You Know Or Not? I Love You So Much
370 Father-Son Interaction
371 Just Have One Bite To Have A Taste Of I
372 Why Did I Have Lie To You? Think About I
373 Let Me Hear You Call Me Hubby Once
374 Miao Jiang, Right? You Wait For Me
375 Okay, I Won't Cry
376 Sister In Law Has Run Away
377 Mrs. Lu Smells Really Good
378 Luoxi, Don't Sleep
379 Why Does It Have To Be Me?
380 What Are You Thinking Of? I'm Not In The Mood
381 Ou Luoxi, My Heart Hurts So Bad
382 Let's Never Part Again In The Future
383 The Poison In The Love Spell Has Been Cured
384 Women Love Bad Boys
385 Please Don't Cry, I Will Take My Medication
386 Ou Luoxi, I’m Not Going To Like You Anymore
387 Sister-In-Law, I Will Leave Now
388 Let's Go Home
389 Qing Qing, You Are Expecting?
390 Miss Zhou, Are You Really Not Going To Let Me Participate In The Red Win Competition
391 Grandmother, Do You Want To Pick This Up?
392 Then Start Checking From T City
393 You Are Jealous Already
394 Yi Fan
395 Grandpa Who Guards The Door, You Are Also Here
396 I Have A Date Tonigh
397 Why, You Knew That I Was Working Hard During My Business Trip, So You Are Here To Reward Me
398 Don’t Make Me Angry Again
399 I Don’t Want To Play With You Anymore
400 Is Your Wife As Young And Beautiful As Me?
401 Can We Reconcile With One Another
402 I Would Need To Trouble You To Get Lost Quickly
403 Pregnancy
404 After So Many Years, She Had Not Forgotten A Single Bi
405 Aunty, Don’t Cry, I Will Comfort You
406 Questioning During The Competition
407 You Come And Beg Me, See If I Am In The Mood For I
408 There Is News Of Our Dou Dou
409 What Are We Going Home To Do?
410 You Are Not Embarrassed To Use Your Son To Lie For You
411 Bring Mum Over To Sunshine Orphanage
412 There Would Be A Day When I Would Die On Your Body
413 Why Are You Panicking? I Thought It Was Something Bad
414 Zhou Dayuan, Let Go
415 Zhou Dayuan, You Are Going To Be A Father Now
416 Grandma, Who Are You
417 Did You Always Take Your Medication?
418 Did You Bring Your Identification Card And Your Hukou Documents Along?
419 I Don’t Want To Hurt Both You And Our Son, You Should Be More Obedien
420 Good Night, Wifey
421 Hubby, Do You Think That We Will Be Blissful?
422 Grandma Met With Trouble
423 This Is My Wife, Jian Han
424 Hubby, This Is For You To Drink
425 Watching You Eat Cotton Candy, I Am Feeling Thirsty
426 Wifey, Let Me Hug You For A Momen
427 I Am Uncomfortable With You Moving Abou
428 You Didn’t Understand My Meaning; I Asked You To Leave
429 It Will Be All Up To You, But Don’t Miscarry Our Son In Your Belly
430 Wifey, Can I Confess Something?
431 Grandma, You Are Awake Now
432 The End 1
433 The End 2
434 The End 3
435 The End 4
436 The End 5
437 Perfect Wedding 1
438 Perfect Wedding 2
439 Perfect Wedding 3
440 Perfect Wedding 4
441 The End Of The Main Story
442 Zhou Jian Story 1 This Is All The Love That She Gave To You
443 Zhou Jian Story 2 She Was Still Unable To Forget Him
444 Zhou Jian Story 3 Jian Han, Don’t Leave, I Am Begging You.
445 Zhou Jian Story 4 The Baby’s Movemen
446 Zhou Jian Story 5 You Are My Wife
447 Zhou Jian Story 6 Zhou Dayuan, She Said His Name
448 Zhou Jian Story 7 What’s Wrong? You Are Unhappy To See Me
449 Zhou Jian Story 8 Why Do You Say It As If I Have Stolen I
450 Zhou Jian Story 9 Stretched Both Of Her Hands To Hold Him Tigh
451 Zhou Jian Story 10 It Was All Full Of The Love You Had For Me
452 Zhou Jian Ending – Zhou Dayuan, I Love You
453 Small Short Story
454 If Heaven Had Feelings, It Too Would Age Yin Family’s Story
455 Older Brother, You Are So Amazing
456 Older Brother, Smile
457 Shuiling, Hug Me Tight.
458 Older Brother, I’ll Protect You In The Future
459 You Are Not Allowed To Bully My Older Brother; I Will Bite You
460 I Like My Older Brother Too
461 His Small Girl
462 You’re A Boy Too; Can I Show You?
463 Older Brother, Where Are You Going? Can You Bring Me Along With You?
464 Older Brother Has Probably Really Abandoned Me
465 Shuiling, Say Something
466 Shuiling, Older Brother Misses You
467 Seven Years Later, Yin Muchen Returns To The Country
468 Can’t Bear To Hit Older Brother?
469 Older Brother Would Not Leave, But You Should Not Cry Also
470 Her Fair And Dainty Hand Had Been Touched By A Boy
471 Is Older Brother Handsome Looking?
472 Encountering Danger
473 Don’t Scream
474 Muchen, You’ll Help Us, Right?
475 Woo Woo, Older Brother, It Hurts
476 He Liked Women Who Were Composed And Intelligen
477 Older Brother, I Am Sick
478 The Difference Between Kissing A Girl And A Woman
479 Young Master Yin, I Am Begging You To Save Me
480 Older Brother, What’s Inside?
481 Don’t You Know The Rules?
482 Go Away, I Don’t Want You To Hold Me
483 Going To Prison
484 Why Are You In Such A Rush? Have I Fallen?
485 Others Are Unable To Teach. Muchen, Teach It By Yourself
486 I Don’t Know Why My Heart Is Racing
487 Stand There Obediently, Otherwise, You Still Have To Be Hi
488 Miss Yilin
489 Older Brother, Does It Require A Lot Of Money?
490 When You Saw Sister Yilin In My Room, Why Did You Run?
491 I Also Can Date, Marry, And Have Kids With Older Brother
492 Older Brother
493 Good Girl, Remember This, This Is Called Kissing
494 Curl Up Some More And Get Out Of My Bed