Being a Mistress for Revenge



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Last Chapter:85 Girls outing

Cute Love story between Anna and Mark...\nRia is the best friend to Anna and she is the sister to mark..\nWhen she (Ria) attempted suicide..\nMark find out the truth and get his revenge through Anna by making her his Mistress..\nBut Anna with her love blossom she turned the devilish Mark \ninto Lover boy..
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Being a Mistress for Revenge》Chapter List
1 Last letter from my friend
2 Meeting Mr. Mark
3 My dear Anna ??
4 Rage on John
5 Mom.. Miss you..
6 Saving my Life
7 Mr. Mark
8 Where am I..
9 Remove your under garments..
10 Perfect Mole on Perfect Place..
11 Its o.k. You Will Be Safe..
12 Anna's Mother
13 I want to suck your ?...
14 Mark is substitute for lizard..
15 You like to hug me with out Bra?
16 Did you HURT?
17 Does she is my Submissive?
18 Did you fall for her?
19 You will be safe with me
21 Fantasy about Anna
22 She is meeting someone in secre
23 Do you like french kiss? Then give me one French Kiss..
24 Don't call me uncle.. call me Mark..
25 It was soft as a Jelly
26 First Kiss
27 Magic spell of sex Desires
28 First Ride
29 Peck on my fingers
30 Big.. Big.. Teddy
31 Sleeping beauty...
32 Remove your dress right now..
33 Glass room
34 Que Card
35 She teases me to Death..
36 Will you Dance with me?
37 We can use Butter scotch flavour..
38 Gang bang
39 Did you Like Mark?
40 I never leave you Alone
41 I Love You Anna
42 Movie Plan
43 I will make him Happy
44 Change in flavour gives pleasure
45 I will take risks for sex?
46 Truth Revealed
47 Will you Marry my Brother
48 Alex.. little brother
49 Pure in Love and Sensitive in Hear
50 Grindelwald..
51 Jack.. The Detective
52 Living Dead Human Being
53 I should go to Orphanage...
54 Her Innocent Face
55 We should take grip of our men
56 Stop Your Arrogant Behaviour
57 ??iPhone ??
58 The Another Man
59 Revenge on my lill Sister
60 Charter Fligh
61 Suspecting on Anna's father
62 Check the bedroom with Me?
63 It tastes Yummyyy
64 The Broken Bed
65 Dream about My Marriage
66 Anna... My Future Wife ??
68 He Cares You All The Time...
69 You use me for sex..?
70 Strawberry lollipops
71 You want me to leave?
72 Accept my sweat punishmen
73 Say Sorry
74 Let's sleep
75 Blanket figh
76 Bug in the phone...
77 Please sleep with me
78 Unnamed
78 Locked her in a Warm Hug
79 He's my King?... I am his Queen?
80 Swimming pool
81 Lip lock
82 Perfect Submissive
83 Punishment for your actions
84 I found my Treasure
85 Girls outing