Gangland Fantasy



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Last Update:2020-06-10 19:21:41

Last Chapter:77 The Vast Sky City

A former General reincarnated to a fantasy world. He wants his life to be different this time.

For a change, a gangster perhaps?

This is a story of a man who will become a big boss in a fantasy world.


This is my first story and I hope you like it.

Any feedback is appreciated too.

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Gangland Fantasy》Chapter List
1 His New Dream
2 His Wish was Granted
3 He's A Prisoner Again
4 He Knows Nothing
5 He's A Gangster
6 The Ambush
7 The Escape
8 The Ancient Book
9 It Is Useful
10 It Is Special
11 A Change of Route
12 A Great Ac
13 Magic And Levels
14 Arcane And Choices
15 Old Drun The Blacksmith
16 Old Samuel The Butler
17 Visiting The Church
18 Visiting The Child
19 Order of The Sacred Scale
20 Profound Great Tiger Alliance
21 Trouble At Nigh
22 Same Night, Different Trouble
23 Not A Good Gathering
24 Quite A Good Meeting
25 The Iron Crow Manor
26 The House of Iron Crow
27 Naga's Supreme Hall
28 Naga's Supreme Prestige
29 Cult of The Moon Eater
30 The First Recrui
31 The Beginning
32 Kind Yet Dangerous
33 Powerful Yet Kind
34 Dragon Stones
35 Dragon Hearts
36 Dragon Trap
37 Dragon Seal
38 Mission Complete
39 After The Mission
40 The Return
41 The Previous Agreemen
42 The Deal's Rewards
43 Silver Sparrow Family
44 Gift from the Silver Sparrow
45 Attacking Two Dens
46 Two Dens Defeated
47 Seeking The Elder
48 Answers From The Elder
49 A Dragon's Visi
50 A Brother's Visi
51 Earlier Than Expected
52 Later Than Expected
53 Before The Banque
54 The Peaceful Banque
55 Fury Of The Seven Sword Society
56 Excitement Of The Silver Sparrow
57 Bear and Tiger
58 Crow and Sparrow
59 Not Just Crows
60 Not Just Sparrow
61 Greeting A High Demon
62 Helping The High Demons
63 The Great Soldier
64 The Great Village
65 Cancelling The Engagemen
66 Changing The Structure
67 Changing A Destiny
68 Cleaning The South
69 The New South
70 Meeting The Young Master
71 The Princess and The Council
72 The West District and Naga
73 Lillie and The Ghosthand's Secre
74 Sunset At The Restauran
75 Visiting The Capital
76 Visiting The Academy
77 The Vast Sky City