Evil Prince, Come Play With Me



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Last Chapter:437 The Ghost Army

Gu Bailu has transmigrated. She was in Dubai one second ago, but the next thing she knew, she finds herself in a deep, dark forest. To make things worse, her body has been poisoned and sex is the only antidote. Thinking that she will die in the middle of nowhere, she somehow runs into a handsome guy who's semi-conscious. Eager to rescue herself, Gu Bailu lies him down, not realizing that he is Prince...
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Evil Prince, Come Play With Me》Chapter List
1 Drugged
2 See You Never
3 Handsome Man
4 Assistance From the Handsome Man
5 What Happened?
6 Utterly Hopeless
7 The Only Woman Who Lived
8 Prince Zi's Nose Is Better Than a Dog’s
9 One Cannot Live Without Dignity
10 Both Beautiful and Strong
11 You’re Blind
12 Back to Business
13 It's Dangerous to Challenge the World Boss
14 Duel
15 Who Knew He Was So Weak?
16 You Only Have One Choice
17 I Do Not Want Your Hear
18 I'll Be Responsible For Your Happiness
19 Don't Ruin the Rest of Your Life
20 I Should've Looked For a Beas
21 Don't Be Depressed
22 Incredible Murong Family
23 Perverse Ronghua Tower
24 Eyesores
25 Semi-Soul Fragrance
26 Here's a Good-Looking Man
27 Professional Trapper
28 It's Not a Pity to Give You Up
29 Stop Killing By Killing
30 Gif
31 Acciden
32 I'm Just Fooling You
33 Whatever You Say Makes Sense
34 Somebody's Disgraceful History
35 What Was That About Leaving Her Alone?
36 Everybody Has To Grow Up
37 Shao Di
38 Do We Know Each Other?
39 No!
40 You Can Have Whatever You Wan
41 The 150-Year-Old Monster
42 It's Great That I'm Trash
43 Just Hurry Up
44 No Fantasies
45 I Switched Souls
46 Aren’t You Tired Of Chasing Me?
47 White Lotus Plus
48 It Was She Who Destroyed the Gu Family
49 Can't Hold It Anymore
50 Did She Level Up?
51 Don't Turn Into Someone You Hate
52 Does Your Conscience Not Hurt?
53 Great Hero?
54 A Butterfly
55 You’ll Have to Call Me Mama
56 Uncontrollable Power
57 I’m Not the Gu Bailu You Once Knew
58 She's With Me
59 Somebody's Watching You
60 I'm Enjoying the Show
61 3D Movie
62 You’ll Regret It Forever If You Marry Her
63 The Old Monster Is Truly Smar
64 I Don't Know How to Respond to Tha
65 She's a Reasonable Woman
66 White Lotus Plus Is His Love?
67 You Can Flirt Back
68 Bite, My Ass
69 Children Remember Enemies Bes
70 I Can Make You Disappear Any Time
71 The Overpriced Tea Stand
72 Free Frui
73 Traps
74 Strange Ugly Man
75 Yin Neng
76 Trial
77 No Chance of Survival
78 The Savior Man In Black
79 Life Obliteration
80 Battle of Ice and Fire
81 Shamelessness Is Strength
82 Who Allowed You To Hurt Her?
83 How Do You Want To Deal With Them?
84 Her Teacher?
85 I've Seen Everything
86 You Fell In Love With Somebody Else
87 Competition Between Two Men
88 I Regret It Now
89 Good Guys Are Drawn to the Wrong Girls
90 Real Desire
91 She Loves Pretty Men
92 Ugly Resistance
93 Contracted Chen Yi
94 Dragon Blood Tree
95 Gu Yunjing Did Something Good
96 You're Late, Senior Sister
97 This Is a Fake Teacher
98 Is That How Teachers Punish Students?
99 Do We Know Each Other?
100 What a Horrible Man
101 Get Those Idiots Out of Here
102 Everybody Is Born For Something
103 Let Me Teach You a Good Lesson
104 You’re As Fat As a Pig
105 Destroy a Thousand-Year-Old Soul
106 Exactly Who Are You?
107 You Are Seriously Asking For a Beating
108 Dig a Hole and Bury You
109 Until I'm Disgusted
110 Is This Really an Appropriate Way to Warm Up?
111 Forget the Pas
112 Let's See How Shameless He Can Be
113 You’ll Die For Sure
114 Let's Focus On Business
115 A Romantic Ghos
116 You Are So Horny
117 Rumors Will Fly
118 And You Say You Don't Like Her?
119 I Have to Pee
120 I Will Dual Cultivate With Her
121 I Spent A Lot of Time On I
122 Are You Interested in My Ah Luo?
123 The Way To Dash Her Hopes
124 Promising Kid
125 I Need to Honor My Ancestors
126 She's Not Here to Enjoy Life
127 It's a Scam
128 A Beautiful Woman
129 Are You Really a Teacher?
130 Punishmen
131 What's Going On?
132 Is This the Night Lotus?
133 Even She Was Fooled
134 Spiritual Mirror Lake
135 I Have To Sabotage I
136 What Do You Want Me To Do?
137 Turn Her Into Bitter Meat!
138 Should She Give Up?
139 You're Not Getting Away With This!
140 This Is For Her Own Good
141 Are You Sure That You Love Me?
142 Is the Night Lotus So Horrifying?
143 It's For His Own Good That I Emasculate Him
144 I Can Catch Them Easily
145 I'll Curse You With Runes
146 Are You Not the Master of the Night Lotus?
147 The Token Left By the Woman
148 Study Hard
149 Trial
150 How Long Are You Going to Hug Me?
151 Hiding Traitors From the Nether Land
152 Report!
153 Here Comes My Suppor
154 Girl, Can You Not Like Me So Much?
155 Soul Perishing Mountain
156 My Feet Hurt. Please Carry Me
157 You Really Are a Nice Person, Senior Sister
158 Party of Monsters
159 You're Here, Bull Demon!
160 Such a Spicy Question?
161 As Long As I Don't Have to Deal With It Myself
162 Lifelong Partner
163 Treating the Young Bull Demon
164 I Want to Go Home
165 I Have a Partner
166 Face to the Ground
167 You Should Announce Your Marriage to the World
168 Lying Is Really Bad
169 Should I Be a Coward Forever?
170 He Went Easy on You
171 Who Are You Marrying?
172 My Husband, a Beas
173 I Can't Be Worse Than Him
174 Are You Really Miyasi?
175 Does It Not Hurt?
176 This Beast Isn’t Weak
177 I'll Grant You Your Wish If You Want To Die
178 Let's Negotiate
179 I Won't Allow You to Die
180 Bring Him Down and Treat Him Well
181 I Feel Sorry For the Spirit Turning Pill
182 Treat the Problem
183 The Supreme Token
184 Sometimes Dignity Can Be Abandoned
185 I'll Wait Until Sunse
186 Storm
187 Vomit On Your Face
188 Gu Bailu Is Gone
189 My Lord Doesn't Know How to Swim
190 Qin Shou's Plan
191 Is Feng Qingtian Out of His Mind?
192 Two Monsters
193 Master
194 I’m Lulu
195 The Heavenly Palace Cliff in the Imperial Residence Is Fake
196 One Gu Bailu Is Enough
197 He's My Master
198 Please Me
199 Try Vomiting
200 I Really Didn't Wash My Feet Last Nigh
201 A Three-Second Prince Zi?
202 Master's Warning
203 What If She’s Mrs. Shao Di?
204 I Might Not Return Alive
205 The Nether King Is Blind
206 The Last Person I Want As an Enemy
207 Return
208 Sell For Money
209 Treasure in the Box
210 You're Blind
211 You're Running Away?
212 What Do You Want With Me?
213 Ancestral Hall
214 You’re Going to Be Married
215 You're Comparing Him with Our Lord?
216 Family Tragedy
217 Even Dogs Will Despise Her
218 I Can't Hold Back Anymore
219 Fine, I'll Compensate You
220 Acquiring a Store
221 Sold at Such a Low Price
222 Miss Murong Is Here
223 I Don't Want Her to Be Uncomfortable
224 My Love Has Changed
225 She's Going to Destroy Her!
226 Don't Let Anyone Else Bully Her
227 The Pas
228 The Heavenly Eye Is Finally Opened
229 She Stole His Territory
230 Where's My Dowry?
231 Men Are Unreliable
232 Let's Make a Deal
233 A Bad Feeling
234 You’re Going to Die
235 You Can't Bear Prince Zi's Fury
236 Wandering the Streets With Gu Bailu
237 An Announcement to the World
238 You Called Her Name Wrong
239 You Should Be Called Princess Zi
240 A Voluntary Duck
241 You Have the Same Name as the Duck
242 What Do You Like About Her?
243 Alcoholic Feng Qingtian
244 Such a Feng Qingtian Is Too Horrible
245 The Most Beautiful Smile
246 The Wang Family Won't Back Off Easily
247 False Pregnancy
248 This Is a Malicious World
249 My Foot Hurts
250 Who Cursed Prince Zi?
251 The Princess Ran Off
252 The New Versus the Old
253 You Want to be Princess Zi? In Your Dreams!
254 Nan Ningxin's Admirer
255 The Gorgeous Man Who Defended Her
256 Announcing Ownership
257 Am I One Step Too Late?
258 Why Are You Freaking Out?
259 Lift the Curse Now
260 So You Love Me?
261 Why Are You So Excited?
262 I’m Scared That You Might Get Hur
263 Tall Trees Attract More Wind
264 I Missed You During the Morning Audience
265 Tears of Love
266 Strange Way to Lift the Curse
267 Dual Cultivation
268 Connected In Dual Cultivation
269 Twenty-One Moves
270 The Improved Heavenly Eye
271 What's on Your Forehead?
272 Could the Night Lotus Be Wrong?
273 Don't Assume that I Have a Good Temper
274 Carry Out the Familial Arts
275 Don't Get Out Of Bed Tonigh
276 I Got It From the Previous Life
277 Did They Return Together?
278 She’s Changed
279 I'll Slap You Whether You Accept It or No
280 If You Have Beaten Me Enough, Let's Go Home
281 Married Man?
282 This Married Man Is Your Husband
283 What About Miss Murong?
284 Your Hear
285 I Have Nothing To Do With Your Past Life
286 Steal the Night Lotus
287 Why Do I Feel that Dual Cultivation Is a Trap?
288 Let's Go to Hell Together
289 It's Your Capability
290 The Lord Has Returned With a Woman
291 Ah Luo Got Beaten Up?
292 Does Princess Zi Need to Act In Person?
293 Nan Ningxin's Big BOSS
294 Avenge Ah Luo
295 Eat Sh*
296 Prince Zi Protects Bai Zhaozhao
297 My Woman Can Beat Up Whoever She Wants
298 When Will We Hold the Wedding?
299 The Treasure in the Vaul
300 9,999 Spring Harbingers
301 Dinner With Noble Ladies
302 Persistence
303 Rules
304 Your Rules
305 You Might Catch a Cold
306 My Wife Won't Be Happy
307 Party 1
308 Party 2
309 Party 3
310 Let's Fight, White Lotus 1
311 Let's Fight, White Lotus 2
312 Let's Fight, White Lotus 3
313 Let's Fight, White Lotus 4
314 Let's Fight, White Lotus 5
315 Let's Fight, White Lotus 6
316 The Faster You Are, the More Miserably You'll Die
317 Nan Ningxin Has a Good Dream
318 Subduing the Night Lotus 1
319 Subduing the Night Lotus 2
320 Subduing the Night Lotus 3
321 Subduing the Night Lotus 4
322 Subduing the Night Lotus 5
323 Miss Nan Wakes Up
324 Only Prince Zi Came In
325 My Husband Must Be Responsible For What He Did
326 Ask a Midwife to Examine Her
327 The White Lotus's Decision
328 The Result Is Ou
329 My Husband Is Impoten
330 Another Man
331 I’m Not Worthy of Your Granddaughter?
332 Fall of the White Lotus
333 Fall of the White Lotus 2
334 Is This Dual Cultivation?
335 I Had a Fight With My Husband
336 Prince Zi Is Here to Propose
337 Excited
338 We're Family
339 I'm Always Yours
340 The Sooner They're Married, the Better
341 What Kind of Proposal Is This?
342 Nan Ningxin Feels Wronged
343 Anything You Want Can Be Given to You
344 Here Comes the Groom
345 Prince Zi Is Not the Bridegroom
346 Princess Zi Is Not Garbage
347 Blindfolded Consummation
348 Who Are You?
349 I'm Your Rightful Husband
350 You're Running Away Naked?
351 Help Me, Prince Zi
352 Adding to Your Woes
353 You Set Me Up
354 I'll Prove My Innocence
355 Visitors From the Murong Family
356 Necessary Compensation
357 Don't Hurt My Grandmother
358 Suspicion
359 Seeing Off Murong Lanyi 1
360 Seeing Off Murong Lanyi 2
361 In the Name of Fairness
362 I Owed You In My Previous Life
363 Go Talk to That Animal
364 Another Awkward Level-Up
365 Give Birth to a Baby
366 End of the White Lotus 1
367 End of the White Lotus 2
368 End of the White Lotus 3
369 End of the White Lotus 4
370 End of the White Lotus 5
371 End of the White Lotus 6
372 The Real Boss?
373 Fight the Boss
374 Unmask Him
375 It's Really You
376 Just Loot the Res
377 Useless Garbage
378 Ying Jue, It's Time to Take Action
379 I Promise to Accomplish the Mission
380 My Master Is Cold
381 She's Your Enemy
382 Ball of Memories
383 Then I Won't Take I
384 Help Me With Your Fee
385 I'll Cook For You
386 Taking a Beating
387 Underwater Palace
388 King of the 9,999 Spring Harbingers
389 Red-Haired Specter
390 You Have a Talen
391 Qin Shou Can't Be the One
392 Someone Has Come to the House
393 The Excitement of Exposing Infidelity
394 I'll Go
395 Midnight Homecoming
396 The Gu House Is Truly Hers
397 You're Still Laughing?
398 Reclaim the Gu House
399 Here's When Her Family’s Skills Come In Handy
400 Be My Own Master
401 Prince Zi Takes the Blame
402 Dropping Off a Divorce Notice With Prince Zi
403 Shut Ou
404 No Man Feels Good After Being Divorced
405 Buy Jewelry With Me
406 Loyal Fox
407 PDA On Her Turf?
408 Her Scen
409 The Highest Price For Prince Zi's Tea
410 Wang Dachong Is Here
411 I Won't Get Married Until You Do
412 The Sooner, the Better
413 A Little Bit Upse
414 Little Fox, Stay Away From Me
415 I Can Vent My Fury Elsewhere
416 They Can't Take Anything
417 Do You Like It?
418 Let's Go Back and Sleep Together
419 What If He’s Mocked?
420 The Lady Asked Me To Serve You
421 Beauty Gu
422 The Former Princess Zi Had Sex with Someone Else
423 The Lord Cursed
424 Prince Zi's Dirty Trick
425 I Can't Hold Back
426 Attacking Prince Zi's House
427 Why Did They Run When They Saw Me?
428 King of Turtles
429 It's Great that She Wants a Complete Breakup
430 You've Lost Your Memory Ball
431 My Lady, Are We Going to Sabotage the Wedding?
432 They’re Really Getting Married
433 The Bride Was Struck
434 Unusual Natural Phenomena
435 Mean Mr. Xiao
436 Yan Anchun Isn’t Dead
437 The Ghost Army