My Perfect Lady



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Last Chapter:174 The Dual Kidnap

Mr. Jimmy Hunter is in a fix. He is the C.E.O. of the prestigious Hunter Corporation, currently at loggerheads with his father, Senior Mr. Hunter, the Chairman. Jimmy is the only heir, and yet his father refuses to grant him his inheritance. Unless, of course, he fulfills one condition - gets married before his next birthday!
The clock is ticking, and the young master still hasn“t found a br...
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My Perfect Lady》Chapter List
2 Am I Ugly?
3 The Condition
4 We Should Get Down to Business Directly
5 The Regal Apartments
6 I Will Have Your Heads Chopped Off!
7 The Stupid, Logical Self
8 You Don't Have to Kneel!
9 The Deal
10 And Where Exactly, My Dear, Would You Hide?
11 The Failed Pac
12 Dig Up All The Dir
13 It's Me
14 Did The Woman Say, Black Currant?
15 The Darling
16 Talk of the Dirt on This Little Mouse
17 Guilty As Charged
18 The Feeling Was Mutual
19 The Secret Passageway
20 Not in a Million Years
21 The Hooligan Figh
22 Let Mommy Teach You Who's Boss
23 In a Wrong Place, At The Wrong Time
24 The Only Thing I've Ever Wanted
25 You Dog
26 Please Don't Get Upse
27 The Fateful Day
28 You're Cute!
29 It's Practice
30 Meet the Five!
31 I Like You
32 I Heard You Were Hungry
33 You, Stay Away!
34 Park Was Mean!
35 Miya Jimmy Hunter
36 She Took I
37 Won't You Defend Me?
38 The Hunters' Home
39 Long Time No See
40 The Kite Figh
41 Clean Bowled
42 The Truth
43 You Shouldn't Have Touched My Woman!
44 I Tell You, Eat More!
45 Kasu
46 Friends?
47 You, Dear! I Want You!
48 Ah, Mouse. You Are Too Cute.
49 The Ride
50 Flying to the Moon
51 Plan of Action
52 The Rude, Insolent, Perverted Bastard!
53 The Unpleasant Surprise
54 Too Big!
55 Want a Drag?
56 Sis Becky
57 Thirteen Years Ago
58 Just Like Tha
59 The Trick
60 You Don't Touch My Friend!
61 His Wife Was Too Cruel!
62 Damn It, Woman, Damn I
63 What Is Your One Worst Memory?
64 A Free Sprite
65 An Absolute Idio
66 The Joke
67 Honestly, Nobody Ever Does
68 Then Hit Me Sister, One More Time
69 Reusult of Betrayal
70 I'll Help You Too
71 The Pressure Cooker Parody
72 Does It Hurt Somewhere Else?
73 One Last Urge
74 The Most Reasonable Remark of the Century
75 The Green Eyes
76 Dir
77 Mock Disdain
78 Too Happy In Her Coa
79 Pride, Impression and Power
80 Know Your Prey
81 Knowing Your Wife
82 That's Because We're Friends!
83 My Name
84 The Ring
85 Hebrew For Rebecca
86 Masquerade
87 Why Would You Think So?
88 Remember The Lessons
89 First Kiss
90 The Flashback, June 2004 1
91 The Flashback, June 2004 2
92 And Not A Word
93 Could He Have Her Instead?
94 I'll Protect Her For The Both Of Us
95 Will You Forgive Me? No.
96 All That You've Gone Through
97 They Meet!
98 Aunty!
99 The Lousy Friendly Brawl
100 Everything is Fair in War and Love
101 The Arousal
102 The Realization
103 The Three Magical Words
104 God... I Want You
105 Scars Are A Sign
106 You Like Craft Too?
107 He Didn't Believe In Fate
108 The Flashback, June 1996 1
109 The Flashback, June 1996 2
110 And The Wolf Attacks!
111 A Danger Too Big For Him
112 Pride
113 The Secret Of The Hunters
114 A Touch Of Spring
115 Mom
116 Too Weird Tonigh
117 She Liked Him
118 I Think He Loves Her... Still
119 A Factor Unknown To Them All
120 Shoot Her Between The Eyes Himself
121 No, I'm C.E.O.!
122 A Match Made In Heaven
123 Ben, Ben. And Miya.
124 They Should Have Told Her
125 The Choice
126 Survival
127 The Man Behind The Cartel
128 Kang Sung/ Ben
129 Keep Her Alive
130 A Giant Power Game
131 Stuffed in a Close
132 It Was Too Intense
133 She Was Flirting With Him, Wasn't She?
134 You Will Never Touch My Nose!
135 Crisis, Indeed
136 Man to Man
137 The Annoying, Unreasonable Wife
138 Another Genius
139 Epitome of Beauty
140 A Sight to Behold
141 The Master
142 Precious
143 I Know How Impulsive You Are
144 Soundlessly, They Laughed
145 Breathe
146 Pick A Figh
147 That Is Our Boy!
148 Ben's Fury
149 Smarter Than Jimmy At Five
150 The Only Legacy - The Bastard
151 A Disaster, and Faith
152 The Boy on His Shoulders
153 For Jim
154 The Boss's Girlfriend
155 I Hope We Meet Again
156 In Another Life, I'd be an Assh*le
157 The One to Pay
158 Eshni and Miya
159 The Startling News
160 The Ploy
161 Not Talk By Rule?
162 Kaali, 'K'
163 Hallucination, Nightmare and Protection
164 Leave, The Same Way, A Million Times Before
165 My Hear
166 That Precious Piece of Metal
167 How Rare Was That?
168 We Don't Have To Do This
169 Come With Me
170 You Don't Disobey Me, Nobody Does
171 Middle Ground
172 Because I Set I
173 The Calm of the Forest, the Torment of the Sea
174 The Dual Kidnap