Marie had a heavy hold on my hair after grabbing me out of the closet. Xander's eyes were showcasing his different emotions before he lunged for me and Maries grip tightened and she pulled my head back. Marie held her hand out for Abel to come over to her which he did.

"Did you guys really think Abel was going to help you? That so cute. He hates your gu-" Her voice was cut off and my hair was released when Abel let Maries body drop to the floor. We all watched him lick the blood from the knife and his eyes shifter from it's hazel, to red, then black. Aaron grabbed my arms and yanked me towards him, surrounding my body in a hug. My arms flung around him and I savored this sibling moment because it was one of the first I'd had in a long time. When Aaron and I finally pulled away from each other James tried to take me from my arms and I'd never roundhouse kicked someone so fast and hard in my life. When he fell to the floor, I tackled him and flipped him on his stomach and bent his arm back, forcing it over his head till his arm broke.

"Holy shit! Who fucking gave this woman the strength of a mother who just watched her kids die?!"

"EXCUSE ME?!?" I growled out forcing his head to come up to me.

"You saying I'm a weakling?!?" I blared out and bashed his face into the ground.

"I could pummel your ass in a matter seconds you fucking little ass pussy bitch!" I growled.

"I'm so glad I have her for a mate..." Xander said and I turned towards him, softly smiling.

"Love you too baby." When I turned back around, my whole body launched into a wall.

"You wanna fight little Veronica? Fine. Fight to the death then." He said and when I tried to release myself from the wall, my arm was stuck between two bricks. I kept struggling from trying to get out and got a point where my skin literally felt like it was being torn off. I tried lifting the bricks but to no avail. It started to feel like my bone was being crushed.


"Hm? Oh shit-!" He yelled before coming over to my aid and it was like the strength of ten alphas kicked into him and he punched all the way through the wall and I got my arm out just before another pile crashed onto it. My fingers numb and I barely felt the rest of my arm. I tried to call my wolf for help hut she was gone, clearly she was grumpy she hasn't gotten any action with her mate for a while. I looked over at James who was waiting by the balcony and he smirked.

"Catch me if you want the first hit." He sneered as he dove off the balcony. I shoved passed the boys and went to the back of the room to get a solid running start and when I sprinted, I mean sprinted. I leaped over the balcony railing and shifted, but it was excruciatingly painful when I did. The last time I shifted, my wolf got her ass handed to her and I guess she hadn't fully healed yet. I landed a little rough on my feet but still took off after James.


I stopped in the middle of the woods. I was down in my stance because I could feel someone else was here. And it was James. I growled quietly, and right when the bushes behind me started rustling around, I tackled it. James was underneath me and he was trying to bit at me. I aimed for his neck and he had rolled over so I was on the bottom. This went on for another couple rotations till I finally got tired of it and kicked him off me and into a tree. Just as he rebalanced himself, I launched at him and clamped my teeth down on his front legs, and my bite was so hard, I felt the bone snap under my grasp. He started whimpering and then drew his ears back and wrapped his arms around me, using his strength to crush my body against his and my back had slowly stated giving out. I got away from him for a mere second after we both shifted. I still had my Luna abilities so I was back in my tank top and gym shorts, and I was gasping for air and I wasn't getting it. I started going into a bit of a panic before James arms wrapped around me, putting me in a choke hold and I launched my elbow up into his pelvis and he dropped to the ground, giving me perfect access to finish him off, I used my last bit shifting available for the day and clamped down on his human neck, tearing it off from his body as he fell forward, and he was no longer the alpha.

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