My chest was heaving. I shifted back to my human form and just as the boys came back, I curled my body up and I couldn't take my eyes off what I'd done.

"Oh my god... Veronica are you ok?" Aaron asked, running over to me and wrapped his arm around me.

"Y-Yeah..." I stopped.

"Can we just go home..." I continued and looked up at Xander with pleading eyes. He looked at the body and head that were torn apart from each other and he grabbed my arm, pulling my body to his and his arms wrapped around me.

"I'm glad nothing happened to you..." He whispered in my ear and then let me go but took my hand in his and started walking.


We walked through the pack houses doors and when Claire and Lincoln saw me, their little eyes started to tear up as they ran over to me and hugged my legs.

"Hey guys.." I said faintly. I was just tired... I wanted to finally get a good nights rest without having anything happen for once. I pat them on their heads and walked up the stairs to my bedroom and dropped onto the bed. I took out my phone and scrolled through my contacts, looking for the person I wanted to call.

~Veronica? Hey girl, what's up? It's been forever.

"It has been forever, which is exactly why I called.."

-Uh oh, what's wrong. I can hear the sadness and stress in your voice.

"Ugh, just things going on over here."

~Aw, I'm sorry. It's been pretty rough over here too. We just had to deal with a rouge issue and it got pretty bad.

"That sucks... I hope you and your mate are okay?"

~Yeah, we're fine. He's trying to find a pack to make an alliance with so that we have help when these things happen.

I sat up on my bed. This is perfect! An opportunity to help a friend and see her at the same time!

"Form an alliance with my pack! Think about it, the two strongest packs coming together?"

~Oh my god that's brilliant Veronica! I'll go talk to him, he'll love it, bye!

"Bye!" I said before hanging up. 'This is gonna be absolutely perfect! I can't wait to see her!' I thought to myself. I'm definitely getting sleep before I tell Xander though, I'm tired as hell. I fell back on my bed and sleep took over my body.


Xander's POV

Veronica had pat Claire and Lincoln on their heads and gone upstairs. She slightly slipped going up one but had quickly caught herself. I didn't blame her, I knew she was tired after the day she'd had.

"Dad... Is mommy ok..?" Lincoln asked while tugging on my shirt.

"Yes. She's just tired so we'll let her rest." I said before picking him and Claire up.

"But it's your guys bed time too." I said just as Claire yawned. I walked into their bedroom, and pulled the blankets on the beds down then laid them on it.

"Goodnight guys.." I said after kissing them on the forehead. When I walked out of their room, I walked into the kitchen and took out a beer. I don't drink Alexi's beers, but tonight is one of those nights. I sat down on the couch, drinking small bits of the distasteful liquid.

".....You never drink.. The fucks goin on dude?" Aaron said, sitting beside me as I handed him the drink, talking while he took a gulp and handed it back.

"Just tired and stressed... One second I'm alpha then my dads back and I'm nothing, then I'm alpha again after Veronica fucking beheaded my dad, bad ass how she did by the way, but now I have to tell with that so I can make sure he stays fucking dead this time... I'm just exhausted Aaron.." I said, reclining back in the chair.

"You and Veronica need a break. Like, leave for a couple days so you can relax and clear your mind."

"No, that's 100% not going to happen." I responded without any hesitation. Aaron shrugged and I gave him the rest of the drink. "I'm going to bed. Night Aaron." I said while heading to my room and when I walked in, Veronica was already passed out on the bed. I took off my shirt, and climbed in with her. She instinctively rolled into my arms as I spooned her, and we both fell asleep.

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