[New Permanent Buff Unlocked!] [Animal Charm (Golden): +80% Charm when talking or interacting with monsters or animals.]

[Name: Haruki Haruno]|[Ocupation: None]|[Age: 6]

[Lvl 5]

[BE: 60/60]

[ME: 80/80]

[SE: 80/80]

[BP: 10]

[MP: 20]

[SP: 20]

[Body Skills:]

[Mind Skills:]

[Soul Skills:[Animal Language] ]


[Akuma No Mi:]

[Permanent Buff:[Strong Mind]|[Animal Charm] ]

Haruno looked at the screen, stunned. After Shanks saved them and gave the straw hat to Luffy, he instantly woke up shocked the next morning, everything else a blur. Haruno was sleeping when he heard someone singing: "The Sun~! It is so beautiful~! The flowers and worms in the ground!!" Haruno got up and looked around his room, searching for the source of the noise. Then he found it! A little Canary in the window was singing! Haruno looked at it and was suddenly stunned, he then asked: "Y-you... What are you singing...?" 

The Canary looked at Haruno and said with a cute voice: "Oh! A little human! Good Morning! What's your name?" Haruno looked at his status and sighed, this was why the Canary didn't run away. Haruno grabbed the bird cautiously with his hands and while smiling he said: "My name is Haruno. Haruki D. Haruno." The Canary made a cute sound and said: "What a good name! I want to be your friend! Can I?" That day Haruno discovered his love of animals with the little Canary,who now lied on his head, Haruno walked downstairs happily. 

He could hear the voice of every animal inside the bar, which were actually three rats. Haruno could hear them say: "Mom... I'm hungry!" "Wait here. I'm gonna get something to eat." "I'm going with you, momma!" "No, you stay here with your brother." Haruno approached a tiny hole in the wall and said: "Hello?" the female rat said: "Oh! A human. Hello." Haruno smiled and gave her a tiny bit of cheese. With a smile, he said: "Here, you can have it." a little rat left the hole, rushing toward Haruno and with a child's voice he said: "Cheese! I love to eat cheese!" the mother rat looked at the tiny rat and said: "Hey! Behave! I'm sorry for my son." her voice sounded like a  human woman one too... 

Haruno then said bye and looked for Makino, who greeted good morning and asked him about the Canary on his head. Then Haruno with a happy expression said: "This is Buuh, my new friend!" The Canary sang too, then Haruno smiled and said to Buuh: "Buuh, are you hungry...?" the Canary looked at Makino and said: "I am, and this lady seems very nice!" Haruno laughed and the bar opened quickly after that day. 

After a day of work, Haruno left the bar to walk around the town. He looked at a dog who said: "Good afternoon." Haruno greeted him too. Haruno then walked toward the port and looked at the sky to see the seagulls. He heard them talking to each other about the sea and the other islands as well. Haruno approached a seagull that had landed and said: "Good afternoon, Mr.Seagull, what's your name?" the seagull looked at Haruno and with an old man's voice said: "Furyto, my name is Furyto. And you, cute child?" Haruno smiled and said his name to the seagull, then they talked with each other about several things during the afternoon.

Haruno was talking to the seagull when from behind him a person appeared, then when he looked he saw Luffy smiling at him. Luffy asked: "You... What are you doing?" Haruno smiled and thought that it isn't a bad idea to befriend with Luffy, so he said: "I'm talking with Furyto." Luffy looked at him confused and Haruno laughed and pointed to the seagull in his arms and said: "I'm talking with him." Luffy opened his mouth and started to laugh in One Piece language... Well, Haruno said: "I really can talk with animals..." then he looked at the sky where there were several seagulls, then Haruno shouted: "Come here please!" all the seagulls looked at him at the same time and they landed around him and some even on his shoulders or legs, Buuh asked: "Please don't smash me!" Haruno laughed because everyone around him was shocked, their jaws left hanging until the ground. 

That day, Haruno played with Luffy and talked with several seagulls and persons in the port. Then he had the idea of trying to see one of the seagull's memories, Haruno touched the seagull's forehead and tried to use his ME to invade the seagull's mind and see his memories. He saw a different island, in this memory, he was flying in the sky and getting near to an Island, this island had big trees and a volcano in the center of it... After Haruno left the seagull's mind, a headache invaded his head and he was a little dizzy... 

Haruno thus decided. He was going to search for an Akuma no Mi for himself and become stronger! An even crazier idea surged in his head... He is going to find a Zoan Fruit and give it to one of his animal friends. If he gives a dog zoan to a bird... Will he turn into a dog with wings or a bird with a dog face? That's a good question... Well, he first needs to see if he can use a psychic power, something like [Telekinesis] since he can use his ME and his MP are high too, every time his Mp increases, he feels more and more powerful and awesome.

In the blink of an eye, two years passed. Haruno trained every day and he got some skills. One day, a group of pirates came to the town, Haruno controlled rats to invade the ship and see if they had something good for him to take. He found with them an Akuma no Mi!!! He ate that Akuma no Mi and discovered that it was a Paramecia Room Room no Mi, a space type Akuma no Mi. It can create rooms to store things and can control space too. He can create an entrance door and an exit door, so he can defend or deflect attacks. Haruno got the skill that he wanted too! He got the Mind Skill [Telekinesis]. Today, Garp was taking Luffy to Dadan's place and obviously, Haruno was going with them to live there as well, he bid a sad farewell to Makino and followed Garp.

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