After all the rats moved toward the grey terminal, Haruno walked into the forest and opened the system shop to buy a temporary buff:

[SC: 1540]

[Buff Inventory: [Temporary Sword Buff (White) (4×)]|[Temporary Recovery Buff (White) (5x)]|[Temporary Pain Reduction Buff (White) (1x)]|[Temporary Speed Movement Up (White) (3x)]|[Temporary BP Up (White) (4x)]|[Temporary MP Up (White) (2x)]|[Temporary SP Up (White) (3x)]|[Temporary Sword Buff (Green) (2x)]|[Temporary Recovery Buff (Green) (2x)]|[Temporary Pain Reduction (Green) (4x)]|[Temporary Speed Movement Up (Green) (2x)]|[Temporary BP Up (Green) (3x)]|[Temporary MP Up (Green) (3x)]|[Temporary SP Up (Green) (2x)]|[Temporary Sword Training Speed Up (Blue) (1x)] ]

[Debuff Inventory: [Temporary Sleep Debuff (White) (3x)]|[Temporary BP Down (White) (4x)]|[Temporary MP Down (White) (5x)]|[Temporary SP Down (White) (6x)]|[Temporary BE Reduction (White) (4x)]|[Temporary SP Reduction (White) (6x)]|[Temporary Movement Speed Down (White) (4x)]|[Temporary Movement Speed Down (Green) (3x)]|[Temporary Sleep Debuff (Green) (5x)] ]

[Free Temporary Random Buffs: 0]

[Free Permanent Random Buffs: 0]

[Free Temporary Random Debuffs: 0]

Haruno was happy with his current options and decided that he wouldn't buy anything new. He waited, while looking at the sky and waited until it was a beautiful yellow sunset color. Haruno then received a message from the rats signaling that they found where Luffy was. Haruno then headed toward the mentioned place rather furious. When he arrived, he could hear someone punching flesh. Haruno used his Akuma no Mi to break the wall as he arrived, he saw Luffy bleeding and tears falling from his eyes. Haruno did just one thing, he called all the rats and, like a genocidal Hamelin flutist, said: "Kill them. Kill all them." Qwuoro squeaked and all the rats at his command attacked at the same time.

Haruko heard a *ding* in his head and a screen suddenly appeared:

                               [New Quest!]

[Kill the BlueJam Pirate: Porchemy!]

[Rewards: +250 SC, +150 XP,  1 (Permanent Random Buff)]

Haruni smiled as he looked at Porchemy and said: "So it's was you that was beating my little brother... Hum... What a pitiful pile of trash you are! Come fight me!" Haruno readied himself to counter Porchemy's attack. Porchemy grabbed his sword, with a livid expression, he waved his sword with precision to kill Haruno. Haruno simply smiled and opened an entrance portal on the weapon and an exit portal in Porchemy's neck. The sword trembled quickly, as it touched the portal, the blade appeared and cut Porchemy's head cleanly! Blood flew everywhere, a normal child would be traumatized by the scene! Haruno looked at Luffy that was still stunned at the sudden change of situation and tasked a rat: "Give me a knife!" the rat grabbed the knife of one of the bodies and gave it to Haruno, who quickly cut off the rope from Luffy. After removing and killing everyone, Ace and Sabo suddenly appeared, breaking the wall of the tiny house.

When they saw the scene of gore everywhere, they almost threw up what was in their stomachs. Haruno looked at them and then simply declared: "Late." He then looked at Qwuoro and said: "Dispersion." Every rat suddenly ran in a different direction, leaving just the dead bodies on the ground. With Luffy's body weight on him, Haruno could only walk slowly forward. He left the tiny house and gave Luffy to Ace while questioning their resolve: "You were late! If it wasn't me appearing right there. He would have died. Did you know? He didn't say a single word about where your secret place is." Haruno looked at Sabo and sighed, he walked toward the forest and without looking back, he said: "Follow me." 

Haruno, Sabo, Ace, and Luffy. They all were in the forest following each other. Haruno used a [Temporary Recovery Buff (Green)] on Luffy to heal his wounds faster, Luffy was now officially a mummy. Haruno had used quite a lot of bandages to wrap around his wounds and stop the bleeding. After the treatment, he looked at Luffy and asked: "Why didn't you simply talk about what they wanted to know?" Luffy, crying said: "Because... If I said something, you and Ace would stop to being my friends..." Haruno didn't ask anymore because he already knew the answer, but Ace asked: "It's still better than dying, no? And why do you even want to be my friend?" Luffy said in a low tone: "Because..." Ace then answered exasperated: "I always make fun of you! Why are you still following me?" Luffy took a breath to shout: "Because... Without you, I don't have anyone to trust! I can't go back to the Fuusha Village and I don't like the mountain bandits!" Haruno smiled, patted Luffy's head and said: "Okay, little brother." Ace looked at Luffy and asked: "And your parents?" Luffy answered: "I just have grandpa." Ace paused to think and after some seconds, he asked: "Do you want me to... live?" Luffy looked at him and shouted: "Of course!" Ace: "Got it... But, I don't like spoiled kids like you." Luffy: "I'm not spoiled! I'm strong!" Ace: "Strong? How are you strong? A real man doesn't cry!" Luffy: "Did someone punch you with a thorned glove ?" And the same discussion that happened in the anime was happening now.

Sparks could be seen between Luffy and Ace, Sabo then separated the two. Then he said: "Okay! Stop. Ah... Talking about it... Now we have a problem..." Luffy confused, asked: "Problem?" Sabo nodded and added: "Today onward, the BlueJam Pirates will try to kill us... Right?" Ace nodded and said: "Well, I think so..." Then Haruno said: "Sabo if you don't want to go back to the grey terminal, I have an idea. You will live with us, don't worry I will help. Let's go home." after saying his piece, Haruno used his Akuma no Mi and made Gaharudo appear, Ace and Luffy had already seen Gaharudo, but Sabo didn't. He obviously screamed: "What the heck is this!?!?" Luffy looked at Haruno and Haruno explained: "This is Gaharudo, my vulture. Come on! Get up!" said Haruno while jumping on Gaharudo back's and pointing down to Gaharudo, currently squatting down.

They flew toward their house and arrived in just a few minutes. Haruno jumped and used his skill [Telekinesis] to land easily. Luffy jumped too and Haruno made him land slowly, Ace and Sabo as well. He proceeded to open the gate to the room again and bid him goodbye. The next morning, Dadan would have a good surprise!

[Edited by Aaronji] 

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