Plagiarism in Another World



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Last Chapter:52 Yes..They Are/Fucking Warlocks

I can’t really explain this story but it does have an overpowered main character, a super huge world, and a talking abyss.
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Plagiarism in Another World》Chapter List
1 The Star
3 The Guild
4 First Venue Part 1
5 The First Venue 2
6 Hero
7 Accepting the Ques
8 The Journey To the Capital
9 The Capital
10 Meeting The Royal Treasurer/ The Golden Cord Inn
11 The Forced Ques
12 Taking a Kid to an Orphanage/The Strange Blacksmith
13 Receiving the Cane/ Inbred Royal Family
14 Meta Man/ The Long Long legged Princess
15 The Obvious Reincarnator / Baron Simp
16 Fixing the Royal Family/The Princess is A Trap
17 Choosing the Next Kingdom/Your Not a Dragon
18 Biology lessons with the “Dragon”/The First Town in the New Kingdom
19 Heartbreak City/Totally-Not-A-God is Heartbroken
20 Was it A Meta Joke or Just Laziness/Joining a Sect Cul
21 Possible Schizophrenic Cultivator/Signing Up For The Qualification Rounds
22 The Old Man/Cliffhanger
23 The “Invisible” Man/Never Trust Free Things
24 The Ramblings of Mu/600 Words
25 The Code/Highest Honor
26 Third Round/The Old Man Dies
27 It Was A What/Mu The Villian
28 Wiping out the Competition/Time to Set Sail
29 Becoming a Pirate/Mu’s Weird Tastes
30 Fishing/Sea Monster Insides
31 Some Things You Don’t Have to Describe/Mu’s Sit Down
32 To Kill Or Not To Kill/Illegal Activity Island
33 Tour-Guide/Next Job
34 Detectives Mu and Abyss/The “Pirate King” is Depressed
35 Getting The Map/The Hunt Begins
36 Why Are You Helping Them/The Pilgrams
37 Cove Village/A Pirates Death
38 Mu Doesn’t Understand Geography/Why Are There So Many Gods
39 I’ll Worship The God of Corn/Nothing
40 Church Fees/Be
41 The Church of the God of Corn/Recruiting
42 The Outer City/You Want Some Corn
43 Invasion of Privacy/High Priest of The God of Corn
44 The Corn System/The Anth Eis
45 Burn Baby Burn/Raid Motherfucker
46 Dark Phoenix Alliance/Interval/About Time
47 Mu’s Pocket Dimension/Thiefdom
48 Bet 2/SOCKS
49 Naked/The Hole
50 34 Points/Cannibal Sui
51 Loop Hole/Revenge
52 Yes..They Are/Fucking Warlocks