The Brave New World



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NOTE: Please select Table of Contents above, and read the introduction in the Auxiliary Volume. It explains how this serial differs from standard web novel fare. If that“s what you like best, you might not want to enter The Brave New World ;-).\n\nSYNOPSIS\n\nIt is January 2nd, 2035. In New York, leaders of all the world“s nations are assembling to agree on a plan to save the dying planet: Earth....
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The Brave New World》Chapter List
-1 Introduction, List of Characters, & Table of Contents
1 The End of the World
2 A Letter From the Future
3 Death in a Parking Lo
4 The First Colonis
5 The Magic Bed
6 A King's Feas
7 The New World Order
8 The Millionaire's Clever Third Wife
9 Making Love in the New World
10 The Naked Threesome
11 The Dawn of the Vikings
12 A Steam Renaissance
13 Horses and Guns
14 The Senator's Toga
15 The Invasion Begins
16 A New War in the Old World
17 The Battle for New York
18 The Tragic Fate of Gladys Pendleton
19 Dinosaur Island
20 The Many Lives of Gabriel Cruz
21 The Great Western
22 The Vikings Are Coming!
23 King Kirk and the Llama
24 A Very Cruel Revenge
25 Power Returns
26 The Sexy, Deadly Amazons
27 Henderson Island
28 The Army Arrives
29 A Gun in the Pocke
30 The Worst Plan for the New World
31 The Red Studebaker
32 The Two Toasts
33 Money For Everyone!
34 Governor or King?
35 First Blood
36 Soldiers and Thieves
37 The Wolf Tree War
38 Goat Curry and Mangoes
39 A New Alliance
40 Attack of the Pterodactyls
41 The Solar Storm
42 The Gulls of Galway
43 The Value of Money
44 Fried Drive With Video Card Sauce
45 Sunday TV
46 The Viking Imperative
47 A California Coronation
48 Size Matters
49 The Sweet Taste of Glass
50 Death Is Not A Dress Rehearsal
51 The New New York
52 Marooned!
53 A Girl For Sale
54 Food for Though
55 Money Woes & Wishes
56 The Ancient Wisdom of Sun Tzu
57 Harper's Gold
58 A Friend In Need
59 Deep-Fry Tricks & Techniques
60 Supreme Lord of California
61 The Ambush
62 The Trip of a Lifetime
63 The Joy of Killing
64 Burial Party
65 Bingo!
66 The Best Cook
67 Legs and Eggs
68 I Heard It On The Radio
69 Today's Special
70 Lost in the Mountains
71 Bear's Paws
72 The Blue Sky in Skykomish
73 Salt and Gold
74 Meet The Mayor, Meet the Presiden
75 The Bandido Ultimatum
76 The Big Move
77 A Perilous Journey
78 Living on an Island
79 The Crucifixion of Cruz
80 Sailing To Salvation
81 The Pain of Losing It All
82 How To Become A Billionaire
83 A Delightful Picnic
84 The Things People Do For Love
85 Angel Love
86 The Love Frui
87 Freeing Felipe
88 The Coming of Cruz
89 The Coup That Never Was
90 The Burning Man
91 A Fire Without Smoke
92 Samir Buys A House
93 A Question of Faith
94 The Bicycle Thief
95 The Eye of the Tiger
96 The Dead Girl
97 Samir Starts An Army
98 While Everyone Sleeps
99 A Governor's Journey
100 Will Work For Food
101 The Final Solution
102 An Unlikely Colonis
103 The Fine Art of Lying
104 It Is Better To Travel Than To Arrive
105 The Hand of God
106 Bacon and Eggs