Isekai Futanari Monster Girls



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You are Tony Stank. Eighteen years old Science engineering genius that is studying at University. Tony was not an average teen. He has a thing for girls with dicks and monster girls despite being the smartest kid in the University. On one fateful night, When Tony was going home. And that was when he meets his fateful encounter...................(HOOOK! HOOK!) (You know the Isekai drill)
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Isekai Futanari Monster Girls》Chapter List
1 Introduction
2 Futanari Elf Route
3 The Judge's table
4 Life at the office Heaven office
5 Goddess Mila
6 Mila Side Story
7 Astia Futanari Elf route
8 Best day! EVER!
9 Male??!!
10 Making an entrance!
11 Lenna's secre
12 Breakfas
13 Zylris
14 Tony's Your pas
15 The King
16 The demonic maid’s wrath
18 Lenna's repor
19 Aisha
20 Duel
21 Duel 2
22 The Prize
23 The Cold morning
24 Crafting Marke
25 To the Minig City
26 Let's have some fun
27 A Warning
28 A Prank
29 Our Husband
30 At the west continen
31 The Prince Side story
32 A Demigod magic
33 Engagement, New Division, Bribe the maid.
34 Mana stone
35 Mana Gem
36 Telling the truth
37 The Royal Library
38 Anna, Aven, Esta
39 Game and Prizes
40 Night with drunken Saria
41 Fear among the people
42 A Rival Appear
43 Engagemen
44 The Grand meeting
45 The red sky Side story
46 After Grand meeting
47 A home
48 Discussion on Academy
49 The drone thief
50 Trauma and Tour
51 Dinner and movie
52 Titania
53 Night with Irin
54 Jealousy and Sanctuary
55 Academy complete
56 Lenna's challenge
57 Claire Calamity
58 Kana's spy
59 Meeting other Chuch's heroes
60 Beastkin's Journey Side story
61 The Day of the Duel
62 Lenna VS Tony
63 After the duel and flash back.
64 Helen's new sui
65 Side story