My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots



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Zhong Nuannuan, your charges have been withdrawn. The courts have declared you innocent and pronounced you not guilty for murder. You can leave prison now. Your family is waiting for you in the waiting room outside.“ Zhong Nuannuan was startled. She pushed the female prison guard to the side and ran toward the waiting room. She did not even bother to put on her shoes. If not for the icy feeling s...
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My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots》Chapter List
1 Resurrection
2 Tensed Up
3 Lil Sweetie Is Pregnan
4 Please Don't Fault Mommy
5 I Like This
6 Don't Touch Him
7 Coccyx Detachmen
8 Debt of Life
9 Not An Outsider
10 Explaining Clearly
11 The Vixen's Daughter
12 So Annoying!
13 Looking for Something to Say
14 Did Anyone Bully You?
15 Making the First Move
16 I'm Not Pushing You Away
17 Once I Have My Sights Set, You're Mine Forever
18 Don't Leave Me
19 Get Down and Blow!
20 Hello Officer
21 The Way to Ride A Car
22 Starting Afresh
23 Going Home
24 On What Grounds?
25 Utterly Scrunched Up
26 Degrading Family’s Principles
27 Slap in the Face
28 Eyes Would Sting
29 Qianqian’s Faul
30 Wash Our Hands Together
31 B*tch
32 You Can Stay With Us
33 Peeling Crayfish
34 Not Fair
35 Who Said There’s No Love Between Us?
36 Can’t Eat Anymore
37 Banque
38 Feed
39 You’re Still A Studen
40 Compromise
41 Evil Mother Vicious Daughter
42 Men Are Cheap
43 Bringing Milk
44 Get Out…
45 Chi Yang Wants To Kill Me
46 I Didn’t…
47 Allergic
48 Beating Up A Woman
49 Satisfied
50 Investigate
51 Large and Luxurious
52 It Looks So Good
53 Biased
54 Nasty Mother and Daughter
55 Face Smacking
56 Still Face Smacking
57 A Smack in the Face Again
58 Dispute
59 Haute Couture Nightgown
60 The Chairman Is Here
61 The General Manager of Tianheng Holdings
62 Haute Couture Placed Aside
63 His World Had Turned Upside Down
64 Serve
65 Big Boss, Please Praise Me
66 Big Boss’s Brother-in-law, D*mn
67 Nuannuan’s Great Ambition
68 My Big Boss Has Been Switched Ou
69 Kill Him Again
70 Expert At Smearing Subordinate’s Name
71 Young Mistress of Tianheng
72 Asking For Money
73 Imprisonmen
74 A Gift From Chi Yang
75 Eyes Green With Envy
76 Dead Conversations
77 Drenched In Swea
78 Investigate Chi Yang
79 Zhong Qianqian’s Desperateness
80 Free Lunch
81 Tianheng Holdings Is Not Clean
82 Write A Draf
83 Compensate Your EQ With IQ
84 The Survival Guide of the Rich and Powerful Lady
85 The Woman With Aiden
86 Your Ex-Girlfriend
87 Respec
88 I Want to Go to School Too
89 Chi Yang’s Identity
90 Being Sexy Is Not Being Flirty
91 Caught Someone in the Ac
92 Cutting the Gown
93 Face Slapping
94 It's Horrifying to be Uncultured
95 You're So Shameless
96 Can’t You Be More Open-Minded
97 Punishmen
98 Don’t Want to Shock You
99 Beaming With Joy
100 Disgus
101 Zhong Qianqian’s Window
102 Introduce Him To Me
103 Chi Yang Appears
104 Flattery
105 The Arrival of the Queen
106 Jealousy
107 Army Wife
108 Unscientific
109 Turn Off
110 Sad
111 I Have An Apartment In The City
112 Acupuncture
113 False Introduction
114 Creating Trouble
115 Idiot Brothers
116 Slandering A Soldier
117 Dog-Eat-Dog
118 Chapter 124
119 Keep One's Own Counsel
120 Look Down On Someone
121 Acupuncture
122 Gu Mingzhe's Passionate Gaze
123 Naive
124 Smiling On The Outside, Swearing On The Inside
125 Gang Up
126 As Blessed As A Princess
127 She's Finally the Queen
128 I Trust You
129 24k Golden Pot Stirrer
130 Being Sexy For The Elders Is Not Coquettish
131 Dogfigh
132 True And Fake Rivals
133 Humiliation
134 The Invisible Winner
135 Comparison
136 Big Boss, What Are You Doing?
137 Rich And Overbearing
138 Determination
139 Oh!!!
140 Being Sexy For The Master Is Not Coquettish
141 Collapsed Ches
142 All Is Los
143 You Can Rest Assured That I Will Keep It!
144 Money-Loser
145 Troublemaker