Invincible Level Up



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Last Chapter:Chapter 270, shocking a sword, spike!

Qin Tian accidentally transmigrated into a sickly body, a body with broken Dantian that was unable to practice Qigong, in another world. Fortunately, God had mercy on him by giving him a level up system. Useless? That was him in the past. Not worrying about practicing Qigong, he was now able to kill Monsters to level up.

Easy! Level up when killing Monsters; level up when killing people...
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Invincible Level Up》Chapter List
Chapter 1: Miserable Otaku
Chapter 2: Level Up Coup
Chapter 3: I Must Become Strong
Chapter 4: A Butcher Is a Very Sacred Profession
Chapter 5: SSS …… Super Ques
Chapter 6: Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture
Chapter 7: The Three Wishes
Chapter 8: The Beginning of Vengeance
Chapter 9: The Golden Glittering Boss
Chapter 10: Refusal
Chapter 11: Acting is an Act of Survival
Chapter 12: Lolita Yun Man
Chapter 13: Fainted
Chapter 14: Rank 5 Monster Boss
Chapter 15: Innocent? Angel? Glutton?
Chapter 16: The Violent Lolita
Chapter 17: Who is the Oriole Now?
Chapter 18: Fainted Again
Chapter 19: Alliance
Chapter 20: Run!!!
Chapter 21: Damned Mission
Chapter 22: Boss’s Unparalleled Three Continuous Berserk
Chapter 23: I’ll Kill You!
Chapter 24: Divine Ability – Berserk
Chapter 25: All Must Die
Chapter 26: Sin
Chapter 27: The Pain of Bereavemen
Chapter 28: Shock
Chapter 29: Holding Back a Trick or Two
Chapter 30: Framed
Chapter 31: Alchemy
Chapter 32: I Don’t Care Who You Are
Chapter 33: Buying Spirit Grass
Chapter 34: Dan of Prestige
Chapter 35: Humiliation Must be Done Ruthlessly
Chapter 36: Being Cheap does not Constitute to being a B*****d
Chapter 37: Negotiating the Terms
Chapter 38: Qinghe City’s Number One Genius
Chapter 39: Qin Regulations?Bullsh*t!
Chapter 40: Promotion from Bloodbath
Chapter 41: Despicable
Chapter 42: Another Big Boss
Chapter 43: Master Level
Chapter 44: One with Nature, Kill!
Chapter 45: Surrender?
Chapter 46: The Show has just Begun
Chapter 47: The Power to Crush All Others
Chapter 48: What is Overbearingness?
Chapter 49: Kill
Chapter 50: The Might of Divine Ability
Chapter 51: Brothers
Chapter 52: Swallow the Core
Chapter 53: Monster Infestation
Chapter 54: Deceptive System
Chapter 55: Blood Eye Lion
Chapter 56: Two Cores
Chapter 57: Pet System
Chapter 58: Parting
Chapter 59: Miserable Pe
Chapter 60: Give You Face Yet You Do Not Accept I
Chapter 61: Suppression
Chapter 62: Undead Millenary King
Chapter 63: The Charm’s Power
Chapter 64: Blood Demon’s War Armor
Chapter 65: Boss’s Huge Rewards
Chapter 66: Battle Form
Chapter 67: Professional Sweeping Group
Chapter 68: Strong Mao Mao
Chapter 69: Rank One Berserk
Chapter 70: Three Years Period
Chapter 71: Great Changes in the Qin Clan
Chapter 72: Surging Fury
Chapter 73: Kill! Kill! Kill!
Chapter 74: Bloodthirsty Armor
Chapter 75: Killing Intent Diffused
Chapter 76: One Will Die, One Will Live
Chapter 77.1: Who Still Isn’t Convinced?
Chapter 77.2: Rear Cliff
Chapter 78: The Dao of Killing
Chapter 79: The Forbidden Blood Lotus
Chapter 80: The Appearance of Killers
Chapter 81: An Extraordinarily Kind Person of a Hundred Lifetime
Chapter 82: Chaos!
Chapter 83: Combine Attack
Chapter 84: Kill
Chapter 85: Double Berserk
Chapter 86: Fail to Appreciate My Kindness
Chapter 87: The Gap
Chapter 88: The Lady with Beauty that’s on par with a Fairy
Chapter 89: Impendence Mountain Range, Devil’s Nes
Chapter 90: Devil Region
Chapter 91: Baleful Spirits
Chapter 92: Demonic Mode
Chapter 93: Blood Shadow Skill, Explode!
Chapter 94: Ninth Heaven Demon
Chapter 95: Demons, Gather!
Chapter 96: Blood Flowing Down to Form a River
Chapter 97: Desperate Struggle
Chapter 98: Demon Baby
Chapter 99: Coming for the Sake of Seeking Death
Chapter 100: Zhao Wudi, dead!
Chapter 101: Three Days of Living
Chapter 102: Great Art of Control
Chapter 103: Coming Back to Sky Border City Again
Chapter 104: Killing Along the Way into the Royal City
Chapter 105: Roll the F**k Out!
Chapter 106: Yang Hong Came Ou
Chapter 107: Peak of the Figh
Chapter 108: Emperor’s Purgatory
Chapter 109: Die, Die, Die!
Chapter 110: Yang Clan’s Ancestor
Chapter 111: Huge Rewards from Yang Hong
Chapter 112: Huge Rewards from Yang Zhan
Chapter 113: Qinglian
Chapter 114: The Man Who Waited Bitterly For Ten Years
Chapter 115: Lotus Saint Lady
Chapter 116: Courting Death
Chapter 117: Parting
Chapter 118: Tianji
Chapter 119: Powerful Influence
Chapter 120: River Gate
Chapter 121: None Shall Leave
Chapter 122: Shocking news at the Outer Cour
Chapter 123: Gambling System
Chapter 124: Unrestrained Gambling
Chapter 125: An Irresistible Force
Chapter 126: Yang Han Appears
Chapter 127: Court Supervisor, Wang Xie
Chapter 128: Thousand Evil Aura
Chapter 129: Wang Xie, Dead!
Chapter 130: Rage
Chapter 131: Wutian Young Master
Chapter 132: Becoming an Inner Disciple
Chapter 133: Desire
Chapter 134: Inner Sec
Chapter 135: You’re Not Worth Having Me To Take Action
Chapter 136: S Level Task
Chapter 137: Evil Demon City
Chapter 138: Auction House
Chapter 139: Meeting Old Friend
Chapter 140: 3 Major Skills Joining Together
Chapter 141: Evil Demon Incarnation
Chapter 142: Fiery Soul Poison
Chapter 143: 2 Goods
Chapter 144: Yao Qing, Dead!
Chapter 145: Fiery Soul Poison Ar
Chapter 146: Slave
Chapter 147: Black Pagoda
Chapter 148: A Mass of Beautiful Women
Chapter 149: Jibei Ocean’s Tribe
Chapter 150: The task which could not be accomplished
Chapter 151: Preparation
Chapter 152: Jibei Ocean
Chapter 153: Taixu Sword Inten
Chapter 154: Feast to Kill
Chapter 155: Killer
Chapter 156: Groups of Huge Man-Eating Fish
Chapter 157: Tiger blocking at the front, wolf chasing from behind
Chapter 158: Danger
Chapter 159: Laozi teach you to sing songs of praise
Chapter 160: His servan
Chapter 161: Unconscious
Chapter 162: Dark Ocean Territory
Chapter 163: Luo Shi Tribe
Chapter 164: Demonic Knights
Chapter 165: Hun
Chapter 166: Crazy Leveling
Chapter 167: Peak of Rank 9
Chapter 168: Ascension Realm
Chapter 169: Force
Chapter 170: Extreme Bullying
Chapter 171: Rob and Kill
Chapter 172: Creating an Ultimate Army
Chapter 173: Flame Dragon King
Chapter 174: Regret to the Extreme
Chapter 175: Hidden Dangers Everywhere
Chapter 176: Sister, could you not be like this
Chapter 177: Don’t be anxious, your wish will come true
Chapter 178: Huge achievement in the divine ability
Chapter 179: Explode with Power and Attack
Chapter 180: Lao Zi’s skills are matchless throughout the world
Chapter 181: Backing
Chapter 182: Cold Beauty, Fiery Beau
Chapter 183: Even the sisters were flustered
Chapter 184 Are you here to save me?
Chapter 185: If you don’t undress, how to treat?
Chapter 186: It’s tough being a good person
Chapter 187: You aren’t qualified to be insulted by me
Chapter 188: Basic Art of Refining
Chapter 189: Powerful Great Art of Control
Chapter 190: Refined out a sh*
Chapter 191: Get ready to eat sh*t!
Chapter 192: Reckless
Chapter 193: That cornered dog decided to jump over the wall?
Chapter 194: Second Senior Brother
Chapter 195: Everyone’s Idol.
Chapter 196: Rank 9 monster army
Chapter 197 – Battle in the abyss
Chapter 197: Battle in the abyss
Chapter 198: Evil fruit of immortality
Chapter 199: Illusion
Chapter 200: Poison of the Nine Acacias
Chapter 201 – Unbearable!
Chapter 202 – One more time
Chapter 203 – Undercurrent surges
Chapter 204 – Who is she?
Chapter 205, SSS Level Task Startup
Chapter 206, Great Cleaning? !
Chapter 207, Super Strength
Chapter 208, 1 Road Kill
Chapter 209, Heartbreak
Chapter 210, Battle No. 1 BOSS
Chapter 211, big explosion, boy!
Chapter 212, 10,000 combos, Zhou Wei died!
Chapter 213, Gloomy
Chapter 214, Yang Lan’s runaway
Chapter 215, Die!
Chapter 216, do you really want to give him the body?
Chapter 217, Mao Mao Advanced
Chapter 218, Level 6 Fury!
Chapter 219, killing?
Chapter 220, tearing space
Chapter 221, The Battle of the Sea
Chapter 222, killing!
Chapter 223, surprise attack
Chapter 224, Instant Kill, Sensation!
Chapter 225, no one can stop the luck.
Chapter 226, Magical, Revenge Spear
Chapter 227, smashing into slag
Chapter 228, Killing God
Chapter 229, Overlord 1
Chapter 230, Laozi 1 is bound to explode you!
Chapter 213, he wants to escape
Chapter 232, Liu Shuanghan burst?
Chapter 233, the golden light of Long Xiaotian
Chapter 234, killing the machine
Chapter 235, Turning the Sky
Chapter 236, Chi Chongdong
Chapter 237, Synthetic Equipment?
Chapter 238, spike
Chapter 239, killing a clean
Chapter 240, dark
Chapter 241, Dead Light!
Chapter 242, Variation BOSS
Chapter 243, the edge of life and death
Chapter 244, 1 must not die!
Chapter 245, 1 How is a slave?
Chapter 246, the monster from another plane
Chapter 247, Amethys
Chapter 248, I want to make a fortune!
Chapter 249, Super War Knife
Chapter 250, Making Knives
Chapter 251, Tiandao
Chapter 252, the cooling time of the potholes
Chapter 253, let the world tremble for me!
Chapter 254, Wind and Rain
Chapter 255, Amethyst Beastmaster
Chapter 256, clearance
Chapter 257, blood test?
Chapter 258, gambling!
Chapter 259, Bitter Meat Meter
Chapter 260, I went to kill him.
Chapter 261, the sisters have an accident.
Chapter 262, Slaughter
Chapter 263, no one is dead, big explosion!
Chapter 264, bombing Han Kong
Chapter 265, Master of the Magic
Chapter 266, Sword Spiri
Chapter 267, getting into madness
Chapter 268, 9 Thunder
Chapter 269, Nirvana
Chapter 270, shocking a sword, spike!