The Lecherous Cultivation System



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The Lecherous Cultivation System.... Is any introduction needed for it?

I personally don“t think so, but to those who want one, here it is.

What kind of a system could any man want other than the Lecherous Cultivation System after waking up in another world?

Peek at a woman when she“s bathing, sneak inside a widow“s bedroom, seduce a married woman, with such quests avai...
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The Lecherous Cultivation System》Chapter List
-2 Alchemy Pills Levels
-1 Artifact Levels
1 The Panty thief
2 The Lecherous Cultivation System
3 The best way to read books is to consume them
4 XP!
5 Adventure inside the bathhouse
6 Visual Heaven
7 First mission!
8 Hands of pleasure?!
9 Massage
10 Massage Part 2
11 Back to back missions
12 The Erogenous Beauty Stimulating Massage Technique
13 Widow Wang's Live Show
14 Challenge letter
15 Change
16 Compensation
17 Use your mouth
18 Dual Graduation
19 No… No more...
20 Level up! Level up! Level up!
21 Seven lucky draws!
22 Beginners Guide To The Weapon Of Your Choice
23 Mommy's Still Got Her Tight Pussy!
24 Marke
25 Lucky star
26 Day of the Duel
27 Unexpected outcome
28 The truth
29 Mysterious woman
30 Special Mission - The Wrath of A Lecherous Cultivator
31 First Blood!
32 The destined setback
33 Surviving a disaster and obtaining a fortune
34 I’ll be back for the principal
35 The Red Palanquin
36 Liu Bingqing
37 Updated Quests
38 Teach me how to fight!
39 The Greatsword isn't for you
40 Once more
41 Perverted Training
42 Inside the woods
43 Nascent Soul Lover
44 Arriving at the Tianjin Town
45 Another man's wife
46 Narrowing Down the Identity
47 Soul Devouring Mountain
48 Battle Skills
49 Dragon's Way of Spear - The Dragon Pierces the Void
50 Qi Cultivation and Beasts
51 Nine Times
52 No hurry
53 Risking life for a beauty? Nope. Just kill steal
54 The tanned beauty Lingxin
55 From hero to villain
56 Zero resistance
57 Riding the masochistic married woman
58 Riding the masochistic married woman Part 2
59 Being strong feels good
60 Period of stable growth
61 The Bane of Husbands
62 Thrown away? So what? My Master is a Dragon!
63 Black Ice Tiger King
64 Fighting the Black Ice Tiger King
65 The King Is Dead
66 The Tyrannical Red Qi
67 Compass of Fortune
68 Close Call
69 Chain Mission: The Three Beast Treasures
70 Anaconda 10?
71 Heaven Devouring Snake - Xia Lijuan
72 Myriad Beasts Spear
73 The Unfathomable Yang Shen
74 Gluttonous Snake
75 Phoenixes are very tasty
76 Heaven Devouring Snake Bloodline
77 Haste makes Embarrassmen
78 The Overlord's Seven Twists
79 Golden Core
80 Leaving the Soul Devouring Mountain
81 I’m a Hero? Okay
82 Su Rou
83 The Banque
84 Bane of The Husbands Power
85 Bedding the Village Chief's Wife
86 Sleepless nigh
87 The Beginner’s Guide to Alchemy
88 Learning to control the Primordial Nine Suns Qi
89 Mystic Pill Sec
90 Mystic Pill Sect's Flower
91 First tes
92 Too easy
93 Li Na’s thoughts
94 A tour of the Sec
95 There will never be enough points
96 Updated Quests
97 The perks of being handsome
98 The perks of being handsome Part 2
99 Steamy sex inside the Missions Pavillion
100 Steamy sex inside the Missions Pavillion Part 2
101 Burn the place down?
102 Lin Meng
103 Elder Lin’s soothing herbal scen
104 Teach me again!
105 She can cook!
106 Complete package
107 Sant Pill
108 The alluring librarian
109 Overprotective?
110 The power of cuteness and innocence
111 Sneaking inside Nulang’s house
112 The Invisible Man’s night of erotic terror
113 The Invisible Man’s night of erotic terror Part 2
114 Another unexpected ending
115 Truly understanding alchemy
116 What a diligent boy!
117 Alchemy Monster!
118 Gathering of the Elders
119 Sharing
120 Cunning Zhi Rou
121 Arrival of the Sect Master
122 ‘Altered’ Sant Pill successfully concocted
123 Youngest Core Disciple Ever
124 The most ideal successor for alchemists
125 A very enticing offer
126 Poisoning Yang Shen’s mind
127 Meeting Meirong
128 Core Disciples want to be Maids as well!
129 Picking the Maids
130 Naked or apron?
131 Arrival of the maids
132 Visiting Zhenya’s bedroom during the nigh
133 Domesticating the maid
134 Domesticating the maid Part 2
135 Domesticating the Maid Part 3
136 My little cutie pie
137 Four aprons one naked
138 Alchemy genius?
139 Invitation
140 The Core Disciples' Thoughts
141 You've got a nice ass
142 No thank you aunty
143 Unexpected guests
144 Unexpected guests Part 2
145 Visiting the Sect Master’s house
146 The prelude to a dinner like no other
147 A new way to obtain XP
148 Under the table
149 Under the table Part 2
150 Fan Jia’s sacrifice
151 Period of stable growth
152 New daddy
153 Like daughter, like mother
154 Li Na learns the truth
155 Conflicted and self-realisation
156 Is this what love feels like?
157 He needs to die!
158 Stepping in
159 Union of two souls
160 Union of two souls Part 2
161 Picking the representative
162 Change
163 Tying up the loose ends
164 The Great Song Kingdom
165 Encountering someone from the pas
166 Reunion
167 Let’s do that first!
168 He Lunyi
169 Leave
170 Apology
171 A virgin mother?
172 Arrival of the other Great Sects
173 Attending the banque
174 Doctor Yang Shen?
175 Wuying’s situation and fantasy
176 Full Body Examination
177 Full Body Examination Part 2
178 Physical tes
179 Special tool for deeper exploration
180 The chessboard is se
181 The King is dead and the first move
182 One and a half sexy milfs