She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel



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All Ning Meng did was criticize the novel that she had read. When she woke up the next morning, she realized that she had entered the novel that she had read the previous night and became the unfaithful female supporting character. And soon, she would divorce her powerful husband and lead a miserable life. To prevent that from happening, Ning Meng has to find ways to stay by his side. That would ...
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She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel》Chapter List
1 I'm Not Going To Divorce Him
2 I Have A Great View Here
3 Divorce Paperwork
4 Why Do I Look So Gorgeous?
5 Signing Session
6 Unexpected Moves
7 Why Should I Apologize?
8 A Fruitless Attemp
9 Who Told You That I Can't Draw?!
10 Hubby, Please Listen To My Explanation...
11 Promise?
12 No More Next Time!
13 Let's Break Up
14 Father That Sabotaged His Daughter
15 Is That My Real Dad?
16 Shocking News
17 Can I Stay At Your Place For A Few Days?
18 Say It Again!
19 Which Room Should I Live In?
20 Little Tian Tian
21 Poor Qi Shan
22 A Daughter's Privilege
23 Future Famous Star
24 Thank You For Working Hard, Hubby!
25 Husband And Wife Should Help Each Other
26 She Can Be Proud Too
27 The Female Protagonist, Su Tiantian!
28 Lin Qingbei's Face Slapping Momen
29 Best Song Ever!
30 My Husband Loves Me A Lo
31 Mr. Huo Is Here
32 Su Tiantian's Bad Ending
33 The Angry Ning Meng Scolds Others
34 My Idol, You Are A Little Weird Today
35 What Are You Looking At?
36 Do You Feel Lonely Sometimes?
37 Meng Meng Improved!
38 Beautiful Misunderstanding
39 Becoming Famous Too Quickly!
40 It's My Fault, Don't Get Angry
41 Hubby, Can You Talk More?
42 You Are In My Hear
43 His Cruelty Is Meant For Others
44 Tibetan Mastiff, Little Tian Tian
45 Meng Meng, I'm Here To Save You!
46 Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire
47 You Have Only One Weakness
48 At Least He Is Handsome
49 She Is An Angel
50 Your Looks Are Scary Enough To Wake Soemone Up
51 Too Good At Acting
52 Is There Something Wrong?
53 I'm A Germaphobe
54 A Dog That Relies On Its Master
55 Giving Ning Wentao Good News
56 A Storm Of Tears
57 I Am 9, You Are 3
58 You Are My Only Idol
59 You Are My King!!
60 You Dare To Bet With Me?
61 Please Be Careful In Your Investmen
62 Li Yichen's Disappointmen
63 Lord Chen, Aren't You Tired?
64 I Have Good Taste
65 Su Ye Is An Angel
66 I'm Not Looking For A Figh
67 The Missus Is Differen
68 Weep Like a Bitch
69 You're Ruining The Pigs' Reputation!
70 Movie Release!!
71 Too Difficul
72 Ning Wentao, the Super Dad!
73 So, You're Rich Then?
74 The Abnormal Ning Wentao
75 Shocking Results
76 How's Your Sore Face?
77 Why Did You Marry Her?
78 Hello, Dear Wife~~
79 Hubby, Why Are You Setting Me Up?
80 Sis, I Love You~
81 Buying A Present~
82 Breaking Box Office Record!
83 How Many Men In This Wechat Group?
84 A Gift of Two Atriums
85 Keychain~~
86 That Old Hag!
87 Do You Think I'll Actually Spend Money On You?
88 Who was that?
89 He's My Husband
90 Don't You Dare Talk Shit To Her Hubby!
91 Bro, You're So Cool!
92 You Only Have One Weakness
93 Hubby, Am I The One?
94 God, I’m Married
95 I’m Still Here
96 Cheap Tricks
97 She Held Her Ches
98 He Needs to Be Obedien
99 Being Ugly Is Not Your Faul
100 I've Never Passed The Security Screenings
101 A Secret Weibo Accoun
102 An Aloof Super Fan
103 I Am A Loyal Fan
104 I'll Marry Her If You Break Her Hear
105 "Nun of Yer Biz"
106 She's Still Her
107 Direct Confrontation
108 Let's go, Mantis Shrimp!
109 "Understood"
110 The Speechless Ning Meng
111 Your Statement is Illogical
112 Let’s Sing!
113 I’m Like Your Phone~
114 A Beautiful Day Starts with a Rainbow Fart~
115 Why Is She So Stupid?
116 The Naïve Zhen Shanmei
117 Your Weight Must Be Pretty Ligh
118 Lin Qingbei! Lin Qingbei!
119 How Do You Know About "Nun Of Yer Biz"?
120 Was She That Scared Of Him?
121 I Just Want To LMAO Everytime I See You
122 How To Conciliate The Boss?
123 Ning Meng, I'll Kill You!
124 Say You Love Me. Then I'll Believe You
125 What An Embarrassment!
126 Let's Break Up
127 My Boss Is So Dashing Today
128 Three Time’s a Charm
129 How Should Boss Court a Lady?
130 I Will Treat Our Five Years as Me Feeding a Dog
131 It’s My Turn to Perform!
132 How Revolting! How Disgusting!
133 Did She Win the Argument?
134 It’s Not Me, Don’t Think Too Much
135 Meat Pies Falling from The Sky
136 I’m Not Angry
137 I Just Want A Romantic Relationship With You~
138 The Unmarried Would Not Get It!
139 You Are Different From The Res
140 Madam Is Still Not Back Home
141 Her Beauty Was Reckless
142 That Is How Ning Meng Consoles People
143 She Will Only Comment on the Music!
144 I Will Beat You Once Every Time I Hear Tha
145 Chapter 145: Lord Chen Is Proud and Charming
146 I Couldn't Get Used to It When You're Not By My Side
147 The Sponsor Daddy
148 Are You Done Messing Around?
149 Let's Make a Be
150 Women Need to Appear Elegan
151 Money Grubbers
152 A Pair of Diamond Earrings
153 They Had an Argumen
154 Similar People Get Together
155 When Had He Annoyed Her?
156 Bark Bark Bark!
157 The Girl He Likes
158 No One Dared to Speak Up
159 Which Row Are You In?
160 Throwing Rocks on Your Own Fee
161 Why Are You Here?
162 Was This the Zhen Shanmei He Knew?
163 She Was an Elegant Princess
164 Since Your Husband Cheated on You
165 Why Don’t You Come Back and Stay With Me?
166 Are You Jealous?
167 I Want a Divorce!
168 You Need to Compensate for It If You Bully My Friend!
169 Do You Still Want a Divorce?
170 Dad Has Found You a Grandpa
171 Nothing Counts but Love
172 Qi Shan's First Love
173 This Is Indeed How Fei Bai Deals With Things!
174 Ning Meng as the Agen
175 They Were Involved In a Scandal
176 Don't Worry. I've Got A Plan
177 Ning Meng Strikes Back
178 I've Heard You Have Many Admirers, Huh?
179 Does Your Boss Use The Weibo App?
180 Hubby, Did You Miss Me?
181 I'll See You Home?
182 I'm Married. Thank You For Asking!
183 If You Need It, All You'll Have To Do Is Ask
184 Don’t Blame Me for Not Reminiscing On Our Memories
185 Let’s Go Home
186 Something Serious Has Happened!
187 On What Basis Are You All Scolding Ning Meng For?
188 The Wrath of CEO Ning
189 A Father’s Love is as High as a Mountain
190 Feeling Refreshed After Releasing Spite!
191 Does He Like Me?
192 Li Shiyao’s Evidence!
193 The Speechless Huo Beichen
194 Can I Kill Him?
195 It Was Me!
196 A Valuable Lesson from Daddy
197 Diamond Earrings
198 Is Missus Coming Home Today?
199 Being Hit On
200 Still as Popular as Always
201 The Usual?
202 What Are You Doing?
203 Thanks for Driving Me Home
204 Of Course I Would Mind
205 Little Tiantian Misses You
206 Jerk and Breakfas
207 No. Nothing. Never!
208 The Cunning Su Tiantian
209 Sis Meng Is on Fire with Her Roasting
210 Pay Up!!
211 High School Friend~
212 The Hardships of Meng Meng When She Was Younger
213 One
214 The Speechless Fei Bai
215 The One and Only and For This One Lifetime
216 I Have Read Them
217 It’s You; It Will Always Be You
218 Please Come Home Tonigh
219 Lord Chen Losing His Icy Cold Image
220 The Unattainable Flowers
221 Face Slap!
222 I Have a Date Tonigh
223 The Villa's Password
224 SOS to Fei Bai
225 Missus, Let's Kill'Em?
226 Mr Fei Bai Is a "Do-Gooder"?
227 Zombies Will Tear Open Your Head
228 Lord Chen is Jealous Again
229 The Un-derstanding Lord Chen
230 Her Birthday
231 Open The Door
232 When Can I Ever Get A Girlfriend?
233 Please Stop With the Dog Food
234 I Will Protect You
235 Just Get Used to I
236 Missing Gold Out of the Five Elements
237 Lord Chen’s Birthday Presen
238 Any Requests Will Do?
239 Still as Spoilt as Always~
240 My Husband Is a Loyal Dog~
241 Son-In-Law!
242 Send Me a Wrapped Packet~
243 Huggy~
244 Brother, Brother~
245 Brother Has an Idea~
246 8 Years Ago, There Was a Boy...
247 Super Shameless
248 A Family of Three
249 The Stifled Puppy Boy
250 A Sleeping Puppy
251 She Is Nastily Adorable
252 Lord Chen's Super Boyfriend Power