Rise of the Legendary Emperor



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Last Chapter:112 A Kiss from the Princess

Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold but can a single man take revenge on a powerful kingdom?\n\nDo you like it when a hero kills an arrogant young master but spares or falls in love if the arrogant one turns out to be a young miss?\n\nDo you like it when the mc collects beauties like trophies on every arc rather than working towards his goal?\n\nDo you like it if the MC has to sav...
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Rise of the Legendary Emperor》Chapter List
-2 Gods
-1 Mortal Realm
1 Chapter 1 : Return
2 Once proud elves
3 What goes around comes around
4 You reap what you sow
5 Chance for Redemption
6 The Beginning of an Emperor’s Path
7 Otherworldly beings
8 We can still cultivate
9 We are not here to survive but to rule
10 Out of the woods
11 Better than a chameleon
12 Minister Brian
13 Thousand Arms Auction House
14 Auction is about to begin
15 Water spirit and a Woman in the box
16 The Plan
17 I want your Miserable life
18 Like a princess in Knight’s arms
19 The Destined One
20 Destiny begins I
21 Destiny begins II
22 Destiny begins III
23 The Fury of Rosaline
24 Dragon King
25 Battle with the Dragon King
26 There’s a War Coming
27 The Castle and Catalie Lise Leavi
28 The Hunt begins
29 We Figh
30 Hellish Training
31 The Arrival
32 Actions and Consequences
33 Dwarves
34 Virnam
35 Cold Moon Mansion Again
36 Ambush Plan
37 The power of a Great master
38 A Bad Idea
39 The Dwarven Village
40 It’s a Dragon
41 Recruiting a Grandmaster
42 Aftermath
43 Aftermath II
44 Reports
45 Gifts Filler Chapter
46 The Celebration
47 The Bound Energy
48 Rest In Peace
49 The Bounty Poster
50 Singing Cat Tavern
51 Merciless Beating
52 Wounds of the pas
53 Journey towards Emir
54 The face of the pas
55 The Oath
56 Pain and Gain
57 Pain and Gain II
58 Pain and Gain III
59 Slave traders
60 Lucky Day
61 A Chance
62 Slave city is No more
63 The Army
64 Joel’s Story
65 Everligh
66 Ken did i
67 The Man from the future??
68 The Past, Present, and the Future.
69 Assassins
70 Joel in Emir
71 King Hedor I
72 King Hedor II
73 Punishments
74 The Resistance
75 The Next Phase
76 The Mad King
77 End of the Battle
78 Be a king under an Emperor
79 Home
80 Knight’s Excitemen
81 Lion and the Cubs
82 Accepting the Offer
83 Assassin or Ambassador
84 Celebration I
85 Celebration II
86 Little Bunny
87 Cookies and Concerns
88 Tavern Games I
89 Tavern Games II
90 Princess Darlene I
91 Princess Darlene II
92 Teleporter Array
93 Shopping with Arrora
94 A Cliche Figh
95 A Mistake
96 The King and the Princess
97 King Harold and Princess Kate
98 Lie after Lie
99 Prince Nikalas
100 A Tragedy
101 Breakfast with King Harold
102 Deal with the Devil
103 Curse
104 Round table meeting in Divine Continen
105 Agorian Ambassador
106 What is Honor?
107 What about a duel?
108 Azrite Deposi
109 Provocation
110 Death of Prince Nikalas
111 North and South
112 A Kiss from the Princess