The Damn Hunter



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Last Chapter:51 His Burden

A young hunter name Yang Guang is the only one left to defend his city from The Damn, creatures from another universe after all the hunters in the city including his parents all got wipeout 9 years ago. Read as he learns to work full time with another hunter after 9 years of loneliness.
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The Damn Hunter》Chapter List
1 A Night Of Hunting
2 The Youngest Senior Hunter In History
3 Newbie Hunter In The City
4 deny Deny DENY
5 Yu Chen's Vow
6 Before The First Nigh
7 A Night For Two
8 Killing Spree
9 Hectic Morning
10 Daily Life Of Secondary School Hunter
11 The Plan
12 Reality Is Cruel
14 Dinner And Work
15 Smiles To Protec
16 A Tour Around Song City 1
17 A Tour Around Song City 2
18 Traps Are Perfect For Me
19 Spirit Weekly And Hunter Monthly
20 Benevolent And Malevolen
21 Wu Bai Wan Is Here!
22 Trap World
23 Xiao Ying Ya is here.
24 Exorcist At Work
25 Under Spring's Starry Sky
26 Representative Yang Guang
27 Sunligh
28 Starligh
29 The Prince's Challenge
30 Warm Up 1
31 Warm Up 2
32 Warm Up 3
33 First Light Of Dawn
34 Aftermath
35 Beyond The Window
36 Yu Chen's Next Step
37 The Night With One Star
38 Training Once More 1
39 Training Once More 2
40 Secret Art: Flash Bang
41 Secret Gear: Mountain Broadsword
42 Yang Guang VS Yu Chen
43 Trouble From Gallant City
44 Who Dares Cause Trouble Here?
45 I Want To Be The Sun
46 Hello Dad I'm Home
47 Family Reunion
48 Awkward Dinner
49 Empty Decorations
50 Green and Grey
51 His Burden