Return of the Soldier King



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Description After returning from a special mission abroad, he is forced to accept a job as a bodyguard. He is then tasked with the mission of protecting the powerful (and beautiful) CEO of a multinational company based in Shanghai. 兵王归来
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Return of the Soldier King》Chapter List
Chapter 1 The Hijacking
Chapter 2 My Name Is Ye Fei
Chapter 3 The Icy Chairwoman
Chapter 4 The Sniper
Chapter 5 Falcon is a Group of Heroes
Chapter 6 Video Speed at 36x
Chapter 7 The Shooter is Found
Chapter 8 Night Vision
Chapter 9 I Was A Terrorist
Chapter 10 I’ll Take Your Last Name
Chapter 11 The Pinhole Camera
Chapter 12 The Purple Apartment
Chapter 13 Is He Even Human
Chapter 14 Dangerous Beauty
Chapter 15 The Throwing Knife
Chapter 16 Catch the Pervert
Chapter 17 The Pickpocket
Chapter 18 Catching The Thief
Chapter 19 Leeway
Chapter 20 Gang of Thieves
Chapter 21 No One Will Come to Save You
Chapter 22 Shattering Bricks
Chapter 23 Teasing Lin Qingwan
Chapter 24 President Xue Bing
Chapter 25 Observing His Expression
Chapter 26 Insight
Chapter 27 The World Is Full of Wonders
Chapter 28 Adult Video
Chapter 29 Everything Under the Sun
Chapter 30 The Key To Finding the Truth
Chapter 31 Good Cop Bad Cop
Chapter 32 Morals
Chapter 33 The Burning Bar
Chapter 34 The Goddess’ Favor
Chapter 35 Meeting Again
Chapter 36 Elbow to the Face
Chapter 37 Compensate Me With Your Body
Chapter 38 You Want It, Don’t You?
Chapter 39 The Bait
Chapter 40 I Ask, You Answer
Chapter 41 The Man Behind the Scenes
Chapter 42 I Will Kill You
Chapter 43 Hit-and-Run
Chapter 44 Blackmail
Chapter 45 Importune
Chapter 46 Strike the Wicked
Chapter 47 Terrorist
Chapter 48 Crazy Xue Bing
Chapter 49 Premeditated
Chapter 50 Ye Fei to the Rescue
Chapter 51 No Way Out
Chapter 52 The Death of Xue Bing
Chapter 53 Ambition
Chapter 54 The Crisis Isn’t Over
Chapter 55 Honey Trap
Chapter 56 The War of Two Women
Chapter 57 I Can be Your Girlfriend
Chapter 58 I Don’t Like You
Chapter 59 On the Balcony
Chapter 60 His Name Is Su Di
Chapter 61 Campus
Chapter 62 The Conflict on the Court
Chapter 63 Basketball
Chapter 64 Three Points in Midfield
Chapter 65 The Sniper on the Court
Chapter 66 From Heaven to Hell
Chapter 67 Going to Class with Beautiful Girls
Chapter 68 What Is Advanced Mathematics
Chapter 69 Difficult Questions
Chapter 70 Strange Numbers
Chapter 71 Mental Arithmetic
Chapter 72 A Mathematical Genius
Chapter 73 Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 74 The Poor Student
Chapter 75 If You Want to Fight, Please Go Out
Chapter 76 The Head of Security
Chapter 77 Donation
Chapter 78 Advertising Model
Chapter 79 The Ugly Girl
Chapter 80 An Extremely Beautiful Girl
Chapter 81 Ye Fei Takes Charge
Chapter 82 I Trust You
Chapter 83 Call the Police
Chapter 84 The Thief Is Her
Chapter 85 Practical Evidence
Chapter 86 Kleptomania
Chapter 87 Loneliness
Chapter 88 As Blind as a Bat
Chapter 89 I'm Her Boyfriend
Chapter 90 Verbal Engagement
Chapter 91 A Sniper's Artistic Talent
Chapter 92 The Peerless Beauty
Chapter 93 Royalty KTV
Chapter 94 The Boyfriend
Chapter 95 The Bad Guy
Chapter 96: Scumbag
Chapter 97 Trespassing
Chapter 98 The Crime of Fraud
Chapter 99 Burial
Chapter 100 Blackmail
Chapter 101 Be Considerate
Chapter 102 A Date with a Police Officer
Chapter 103 Selling the Jewelry
Chapter 104 Dirty Hands
Chapter 105 Rustic
Chapter 106 This Is Fashion
Chapter 107 The First Kiss
Chapter 108 Not Short of Money
Chapter 109 Parler Francais
Chapter 110 Be Careful
Chapter 111 Explosion in the Toilet
Chapter 112 Dine and Dash
Chapter 113 Usury
Chapter 114 The Wallet
Chapter 115 Provocation
Chapter 116 Exchange Student Yamamoto Takeshi
Chapter 117 Unstained
Chapter 118 Hitting the Teacher
Chapter 119 I’ll Kill You!
Chapter 120 The Karate Hall
Chapter 121 Arrogant Yamamoto Takeshi
Chapter 122 Trap
Chapter 123 Trampled Dignity
Chapter 124 Lick It Clean
Chapter 125 The Challenge
Chapter 126 Black Belt
Chapter 127 The Real Showdown
Chapter 128 One Move
Chapter 129 Incurable Disease
Chapter 130 Well Done
Chapter 131 Insolent Mother
Chapter 132 The Backer
Chapter 133 The Foe
Chapter 134 The Culprit
Chapter 135 Suicide
Chapter 136 RH Negative Blood
Chapter 137 A Fierce Battle
Chapter 138 Fighting in the Rain!
Chapter 139 On the Verge of Death
Chapter 140 The Invisible Throwing Knife
Chapter 141 The Kiss of the Ugly Girl
Chapter 142 The Man Behind the Plot
Chapter 143 For the Rest of My Life, I’ll Stay with You
Chapter 144 Unfair
Chapter 145 Drawing the Snake out of Its Hole
Chapter 146 Gambling Stones
Chapter 147 Cool Terrorist
Chapter 148 Risky Gamble
Chapter 149 People Always Cheat in Gambling
Chapter 150 Spot the Differences
Chapter 151 The Sniper's Decisive Judgement
Chapter 152 Unlucky Apprentice
Chapter 153 Life Was Full of Surprises
Chapter 154 Red Jade
Chapter 155 Go Shopping Together
Chapter 156 International Kidnapper
Chapter 157 Forging Master
Chapter 158 Turn from the Guest into the Host
Chapter 159 Assaulting the Police Officers
Chapter 160 Scare the Kidnapper
Chapter 161 Cheng Bai Was Dead
Chapter 162 Remaining Evil Elements of Falcon
Chapter 163 The Choice
Chapter 164 Life-saving Money
Chapter 165 Break Through the Blockade
Chapter 166 The Dog King
Chapter 167 Madman
Chapter 168 The most brutal animal
Chapter 169 Ye Fei Entered the Ring
Chapter 170 A Blow
Chapter 171 Crazy Axe
Chapter 172 Jackie Tang, Defeat
Chapter 173 A Man in the Mask
Chapter 174 A Terrible Enemy
Chapter 175 On the Verge of Death
Chapter 176 Kill Your Family
Chapter 177 Escape From the Danger
Chapter 178 A Surprise Interrogation
Chapter 179 Be in Danger
Chapter 180 The Desperate Struggle
Chapter 181 A Huge Breakthrough
Chapter 182 A Wicked Person Will Be Killed by Another Wicked Person
Chapter 183 Arrest Zhang Shuaipeng
Chapter 184 The Gray World
Chapter 185 Hire the Killer for Murder
Chapter 186 Regard the Kindness as A Malice
Chapter 187 You Don't Understand Her Pain
Chapter 188 Qing Gong
Chapter 189 A Girl with Bad Luck
Chapter 190 Shooting Range
Chapter 191 Military Club
Chapter 192 The Expert
Chapter 193 Three Sharpshooters
Chapter 194 Give Some Directions
Chapter 195 Enjoy Undeserved Fame
Chapter 196 Ten Consecutive Rings
Chapter 197 Black Wolf And White Sheep
Chapter 198 Snipe
Chapter 199 Watch My Performance
Chapter 200 Sniper Elite
Chapter 201 The Conversation
Chapter 202 The Chip
Chapter 203 Eagle Claw Liu Han
Chapter 204 Eagle Claw Attack
Chapter 205 Meet the Female Killer Again
Chapter 206 Cure the Wound
Chapter 207 Call Li Bin
Chapter 208 The Loyalty of Li Bin
Chapter 209 Saving Li Bin
Chapter 210 Angry Yuan Chen
Chapter 211 Out with the Old, in with the New
Chapter 212 Snow Wolf Avenger
Chapter 213 Arrogant Young Master
Chapter 214 Arms Deal
Chapter 215 The Spy
Chapter 216 Mission Accomplished
Chapter 217 Type JF1 Medicamen
Chapter 218 The Wanted Is Canceled
Chapter 219 The Truth
Chapter 220 The Tournamen
Chapter 221 Southern Style Boxing And Northern Style Kick
Chapter 222 Swallow up the Swallow Club
Chapter 233 Kick the Hall Again
Chapter 234 Wudang Eagle Claw Attack
Chapter 235 Korean Taekwondo Association
Chapter 236 Taekwondo League
Chapter 237 Easily Beat Him Down
Chapter 238 Jack's Revenge
Chapter 239 One Finger Zen
Chapter 240 The Tournament Star
Chapter 241 The First Figh
Chapter 242 Seeded Player
Chapter 243 The Birth of The Legend
Chapter 244 Kneel Down to Serve Tea
Chapter 245 The Grand Master
Chapter 246 Wage An Arduous Struggle
Chapter 247 Never Give Up
Chapter 248 The Power of The Grand Master
Chapter 249 Encounter Mysterious Man
Chapter 250 Serial Missing
Chapter 251 A Sinister Trick
Chapter 252 To Deal With This Thing Alone
Chapter 253 A Martial Artist Can Not Be Humiliated
Chapter 254 Underground Parking Lo
Chapter 255 Settle The Battle with One Foo
Chapter 256 Frame Ye Fei
Chapter 257 Tompei Quan
Chapter 258 Break The Ribs
Chapter 259 Never Play Fair
Chapter 260 Break Through The Obstacles
Chapter 261 A Coward? A Man!
Chapter 262 The Explosion!
Chapter 263 Big trouble!
Chapter 264 Take The Blame for Others
Chapter 265 Terrible Catastrophe
Chapter 266 On the Verge of Death Or Destruction
Chapter 267 Break into the Jail
Chapter 268 The Miracle
Chapter 269 Evil People Were Bad All over the World
Chapter 270 Attacking Police
Chapter 271 Horrible Side Effects
Chapter 272 Really Stubborn
Chapter 273 The Mystery!
Chapter 274 Eight Businesses
Chapter 275 Heroes Emerge in Troubled Times
Chapter 276 The Son of A Comrade
Chapter 277 Nine Fingers Old Joe
Chapter 278 Crazy Boys
Chapter 279 Meet Nine Fingers Old Joe
Chapter 280 One's Crimes Were Inexpiable
Chapter 281 Human Tragedy
Chapter 282 Menace
Chapter 283 The Coming Days Would Be Long
Chapter 284 Unmanageable Man
Chapter 285 The Police Have Many Difficulties
Chapter 286 Resignation
Chapter 287 The Helplessness of the Hero
Chapter 288 The Hometown of the Comrade
Chapter 289 The Bully of the countryside
Chapter 290 The Casino of This Village
Chapter 291 Three Cards
Chapter 292 Unrestrained Gambling
Chapter 293 Maternal Love
Chapter 294 Three-storey Pagoda
Chapter 295 The Director of the Local Police
Chapter 296 Beat Up
Chapter 297 Make An Apology
Chapter 298 Thoroughly Rectify the Errors
Chapter 299 An Apology
Chapter 300 The Skill of Throwing Cards
Chapter 301 Commit Arson
Chapter 302 Looking for Work
Chapter 303 The Veteran
Chapter 304 Times Are Tough
Chapter 305 The Wayward Lady
Chapter 306 The Amusement Park
Chapter 307 Teach the Stall Owner a Lesson
Chapter 308 The Escaped Baymax
Chapter 309 Boldly Do What Is Righteous
Chapter 310 The Real face of Baymax
Chapter 311 The Self-esteem of A Soldier
Chapter 312 Blackmail
Chapter 313 Brainwash
Chapter 314 Start My Own Company
Chapter 315 Security Company
Chapter 316 The First Step Is Always the Hardes
Chapter 317 Dispel Misgivings
Chapter 318 Make Preparations
Chapter 319 I Also Take a Stake in
Chapter 320 Buying a Cash Truck
Chapter 321 The Snob
Chapter 322 Dare not touch
Chapter 323 The Company Was Founded
Chapter 324 Get Guns
Chapter 325 Create Difficulties
Chapter 326 The Shareholder
Chapter 327 A bumper harvest!
Chapter 328 Protection Fee
Chapter 328 Protection Fee
Chapter 329 The Villain Brought Suit Against His Victims
Chapter 330 Attacking Police
Chapter 331 Conflict Escalates
Chapter 332 A Slim Chance of Survival
Chapter 333 Chen Mao Was Smar
Chapter 334 Ask for Payment of Deb