Necropolis Immortal



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Last Chapter:Chapter 234: A Tomb Burying the Path of Cultivation

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Necropolis Immortal》Chapter List
Chapter 1: Youth Governor
Chapter 2: Enneawyrm Coffinbearers
Chapter 3: Aurum Openia Pill
Chapter 4: Crouching Black Tortoise
Chapter 5: Where’s My Head?
Chapter 6: A Plot Within A Plo
Chapter 7: Corpse Flies
Chapter 8: Another Wanfeng
Chapter 9: Yum-Yum
Chapter 10: Panorama of Clarity
Chapter 11: The Tome of Life and Death
Chapter 12: Exiting the Tomb
Chapter 13: Attacking the City
Chapter 14: Vessel
Chapter 15: Enneawyrm Provenance Formation
Chapter 16: The World of Yin and Yang
Chapter 17: Infernum
Chapter 18: Bean Soldiers
Chapter 19: Arrangement of the Seven Stars
Chapter 20: Myriad Formation Summi
Chapter 21: A Male Pig
Chapter 22: An Enormous Graveyard
Chapter 23: Qing Hongcheng
Chapter 24: Maze Journey
Chapter 25: Malicious Diligence
Chapter 26: Don’t Eat Too Much
Chapter 27: Bronze Outer-Coffin
Chapter 28: A Real Illusion
Chapter 29: Ninefilia Specter Fostering
Chapter 30: The Ninefilia Specter
Chapter 31: Corpsefish
Chapter 32: A Terrifying Speculation
Chapter 33: Bloodcorpse
Chapter 34: A City As Grave Goods
Chapter 35: Undead Hag
Chapter 36: The Portrait of Emptiness
Chapter 37: Ghostface Maggots
Chapter 38: Layout of Certain Death
Chapter 39: The Belle On His Back
Chapter 40: Proof of Allegiance
Chapter 41: Dragon
Chapter 42: Truewater City Lord
Chapter 43: A Living Layou
Chapter 44: The Corpse as the Coffin
Chapter 45: A Dream
Chapter 46: The Original Owner
Chapter 47: Dragonseal Stone
Chapter 48: Feinie
Chapter 49: Escape
Chapter 50: Goddess
Chapter 51: Soon To Die
Chapter 52: To Be One With Dao
Chapter 53: Breaking the Layou
Chapter 54: An Immutable Rule
Chapter 55: Escape By the Skin of One’s Teeth
Chapter 56: The Fox is Female
Chapter 57: Fighting with Immortals
Chapter 58: The Exalted Immortal Sec
Chapter 59: The Real Targe
Chapter 60: Sacrificial Goods to the River God
Chapter 61: He Who Sows the Wind Reaps the Whirlwind
Chapter 62: On the Banks of Dusk River
Chapter 63: Another Formation Orb
Chapter 64: A Tomb For the Living
Chapter 65: Path of Ingress
Chapter 66: Butchered Corpse
Chapter 67: Reversal of Yin and Yang
Chapters 68: Formations and Feng Shui
Chapter 69: Defying Laws of Nature, Pilfering the Essence of All Life
Chapter 70: A Trace of Death
Chapter 71: Taboo Against Taboo
Chapter 72: Karma
Chapter 73: Dusk River Palace
Chapter 74: The River God Cometh
Chapter 75: Sacrifices Birthing a God
Chapter 76: Utmost Treasure of the Divines
Chapter 77: The Hand in the Shadows
Chapter 78: The Lair of Divine Burials
Chapter 79: Scourge
Chapter 80: Self-Sacrifice
Chapter 81: Her
Chapter 82: Xuanxi
Chapter 83: Princess of the Dragons
Chapter 84: An Old Crone Thousands of Years Old
Chapter 85: Divine Obsession
Chapter 86: No Escape
Chapter 87: The Altar, Again
Chapter 88: Another Wayfarer
Chapter 89: Eyes
Chapter 90: Setting Things Up
Chapter 91: Capture the Witch
Chapter 92: An Imposing Bearing
Chapter 93: Lacking the Five Senses
Chapter 94: Breaking Free
Chapter 95: Luring the Snake out of the Hole
Chapter 96: On Pain of Death
Chapter 97: Surveillance
Chapter 98: The Netherwood Coffin
Chapter 99: Bad Omen
Chapter 100: The Fourth Envoy of Samsara
Chapter 101: Enormous Willow
Chapter 102: A Million Heavenly Soldiers
Chapter 103: The Imprint of a Kiss
Chapter 104: Skandha Tomb
Chapter 105: Trap
Chapter 106: The True Master
Chapter 107: Betrayal
Chapter 108: Origin Sphere
Chapter 109: A Ditz
Chapter 110: Accursed Spirit Roo
Chapter 111: Poison Fang
Chapter 112: Duo Dragons Execute a Snake
Chapter 113: Like Corpse or Like Ghost?
Chapter 114: Violetgrave’s Mausoleum
Chapter 115: Fusang Purewood
Chapter 116: Dragonsearch Invocation
Chapter 117: The Imperial Coffin
Chapter 118: Judgment of Life or Death
Chapter 118.2: Judgment of Life or Death
Chapter 119: Myrtlestar
Chapter 120: Heritage of an Empress
Chapter 121: Tomb Realm
Chapter 122: The Zombie Tree
Chapter 123: Giant Ghostface Maggots
Chapter 124: The Sal Tree of Life and Death
Chapter 125: Half of a Dragon Body
Chapter 126: Rebirth
Chapter 127: Heaven-Defying, To Raise from the Dead
Chapter 128: Unwelcome Guests
Chapter 129: The Skybearer Gates
Chapter 130: The Form of the Black Tortoise
Chapter 131: Fury of the Monster Spirit Emperor
Chapter 132: The Celestial Emperor’s Trial
Chapter 133 The Coretrial Arena
Chapter 134: Paying the Price with One’s Life
Chapter 135: To Make An Example
Chapter 136: Picking Up Bad Habits
Chapter 137: The Gray Eyes In The Sky
Chapter 138: Death Art, Mastery of the Five Elements
Chapter 139: You’re Less Than Him
Chapter 140: Cheating?
Chapter 141: Making a Scene
Chapter 142: Divine Goldspirit Constitution
Chapter 143: Vast Dragon Seaturner
Chapter 144: Lapse In Judgmen
Chapter 145: The Immortal Who Severed His Own Cultivation
Chapter 146: Reappearance
Chapter 147: Magnanimous
Chapter 148: Nascent Spiri
Chapter 149: The Height of Shamelessness
Chapter 150: The Method of the Great Peng
Chapter 151: To Soar Forty-Five Thousand Kilometers Into the Sky
Chapter 152: Lu Guhong of the Mist Land
Chapter 153: Poison Fiend
Chapter 154: Cleaving the Heavens with One Strike
Chapter 155: Youth Sovereign
Chapter 156: I’ll Wait For You
Chapter 157: Bullying Others to the Extreme
Chapter 158: Drawing The Sword
Chapter 159: Divine Thunder from the Nine Heavens
Chapter 160: Nothing is Impossible
Chapter 161: The Origin of the Restriction
Chapter 162: Buried in the Sword
Chapter 163: The Sugato Sword
Chapter 164: Another Tomb, Again
Chapter 165: Unable to Remain Buried
Chapter 166: A Giant Hand
Chapter 167: To Strike Out Boldly Despite Ten Million Foes
Chapter 168: Invincible
Chapter 169: Lu Yun’s Sword Inten
Chapter 170: Sacred Land of Immortal Dao
Chapter 171: Divine Spymirror
Chapter 172: Interred Alive
Chapter 173: Out for Blood
Chapter 174: Brutality
Chapter 175: Courting Death
Chapter 176: Dying Cloudwater Township Red with Blood
Chapter 177: Soul of the Black Tortoise
Chapter 178: Do You Regret It?
Chapter 179: Might of the Golden Bell
Chapter 180: Volcano
Chapter 181: Tadpole
Chapter 182: Demon Frog
Chapter 183.1: Tomb of the Phoenix
Chapter 183.2: Tomb of the Phoenix
Chapter 184: Tomb Keepers
Chapter 185: Sword Barrow
Chapter 186: White Tiger Divine Race
Chapter 187: A Great Curse
Chapter 188: Endless Sword Zombies
Chapter 189: The Forge of Swords, Burial of Swords
Chapter 190: Forge a Sword For Me
Chapter 191: Celestial Emperor of Exalted Major?
Chapter 192: Nine-Phoenix Caske
Chapter 193: The Temptation of Immortality
Chapter 194: Strength of a Celestial Emperor
Chapter 195: The Sword Moves
Chapter 196: Birth
Chapter 197: Challenges
Chapter 198: Flying Head Technique
Chapter 199: Straight Ahead!
Chapter 200: Corpse Refiners
Chapter 201: Traps, Traps, Traps Everywhere
Chapter 202: Who Dares Block Me
Chapter 203: An Even Older Guy
Chapter 204: Flawless and Complete Nascent Spiri
Chapter 205: Starstream Stroke
Chapter 206: Blockading the Entrance
Chapter 207: Turn Things Upside Down
Chapter 208: F*ck With Him
Chapter 209: Refusing Face When It’s Given
Chapter 210: The Path of Cultivation is Also Broken
Chapter 211: A Clan’s Ruination
Chapter 212: Art of Words
Chapter 213: Don’t Ascend to Immortality
Chapter 214: Three Requested Tasks
Chapter 215: Recognize All of Them
Chapter 216: Immortal Medicine and a Poison Pill
Chapter 217: An Ancient Pill Recipe
Chapter 218: Refining the Dao Fruit Pill
Chapter 219: Reaching the Heavens with a Single Bound
Chapter 220: Pill Tribulation?!
Chapter 221: Four Hundred Eighty Million Bolts of Lightning
Chapter 222: Swallowing Thunder
Chapter 223: Qing Ruyan
Chapter 224: Forge of Earth and Sky
Chapter 225: Traces of Hell
Chapter 226: Ten Yins Estuary
Chapter 227: Utterly Dumbfounded
Chapter 228: Firmament Prison
Chapter 229: Abnormal
Chapter 230: The Door of Demise
Chapter 231: Ghostly Shadow
Chapter 232: The Living Dead
Chapter 233: Overlapping of Three Layers
Chapter 234: A Tomb Burying the Path of Cultivation