Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire Apocalypse



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Huang Qiuyan’s nightmare is not getting married before she turns thirty. She is already twenty-eight and a lowly clerk in a bank. Her mother and her aunts set her up for blind dates every weekend. She isn’t picky or anything. The men she likes rejects her. The men she doesn’t like also rejects her. In the end, when there is actually a MAN who wants to marry her, the world suddenly turns crazy.

Huang Qiuyan: Clingy Ex-Vampire Girlfriend, don’t eat my future husband!!!

The man gets bitten and dies.

Huang Qiuyan: Excuse me, what do you mean by Vampire Apocalypse? I want to get married here.

After turning into a vampire, she goes to find food and find a chubby little bun instead.

ML: Hunting husband when I am already here?

Huang Qiuyan: I will not marry you even if you are the last man on the planet.

ML: Either die or marry me.

Huang Qiuyan: I choose death.

ML: Fine, I will kill you on the bed every night.

System: Dear host, please accept his offer. His blood is highly nutritional.

Huang Qiuyan: …


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Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire Apocalypse》Chapter List
Chapter 106 - I want to subdue him
Chapter 105 - That damned death god
Chapter 104 - Don’t worry about me
Chapter 103 - Can I hold your hand?
Chapter 102 - I don’t mind getting hit by a few lightenings if I can kiss those lips
Chapter 101 - I am a fast runner
Chapter 100 - Who is Xiao Chun Dan?
Chapter 99 - Can a rabbit eat a wolf?
Chapter 98 - I want you
Chapter 97 - I will not stop kissing you if you...
Chapter 96 - I don't see her as a woman
Chapter 95 - I will polish the throne tonight
Chapter 94 - And we are in another weird situation
Chapter 93 - Because she can't stop finding my eyes beautiful
Chapter 92 - My king can have another woman
Chapter 91 - I will make the blood deal
Chapter 90 - Antisocial bratty king
Chapter 89 - Saving the world comes before admiring beautiful men
Chapter 88 - To save this world
Chapter 87 - If they beg, I might change my mind
Chapter 86 - Only you came out
Chapter 85 - Tomorrow will be a better day
Chapter 84 - Promise me that you won't do it
Chapter 83 - Why are you showing care for me suddenly?
Chapter 82 - Are you an evil witch?
Chapter 81 - You can judge him for yourself
Chapter 80 - It's the same for the king
Chapter 79 - There's hope for people like me
Chapter 78 - A smile that taught me how to breathe
Chapter 77 - It doesn't feel like a blessing
Chapter 76 - Please be my friend
Chapter 75 - Did he truly want me?
Chapter 74 - I don't feel abnormal
Chapter 73 - That won't be a problem anymore
Chapter 72 - I am your king
Chapter 71 - He's inside there
Chapter 70 - If he's in pain due to the formal rejection
Chapter 69 - It's the formal rejection
Chapter 68 - Bond is weaker than before
Chapter 67 - I give you this chance
Chapter 66 - For the rest of our eternity together
Chapter 65 - Push me away and I will never touch you again
Chapter 64 - You only belong to me, Huang Qiuyan
Chapter 63 - If your best point is only having sex
Chapter 62 - The most effective way to get married
Chapter 61 - Come, little one
Chapter 60 - You cruel inhuman host!!!
Chapter 59 - Please give me a name
Chapter 58 - Survivor, it is
Chapter 57 - As real as you and me
Chapter 56 - Even if you were human
Chapter 55 - Am I not good enough for you?
Chapter 54 - Why do you want to leave the vampire king?
Chapter 53 - You are pretty handsome
Chapter 52 - Dear Host, you love living on the edge
Chapter 51 - Its blood coagulation
Chapter 50 - One. Two.Three. Run.
Chapter 49 - We are not the source of your food
Chapter 48 - I intended to kill her back then
Chapter 47 - I am a hunter for bad vampires
Chapter 46 - When did you become a vampire?
Chapter 45 - Titanium walls?
Chapter 44 - To take liberties with a vampire
Chapter 43 - Don't offer it to a vampire again
Chapter 42 - Drink
Chapter 41 - What kind of vampire are you?
Chapter 40 - Are you okay, princess?
Chapter 39 - Fu Mian is medicine
Chapter 38 - A demon doesn't have the heart
Chapter 37 - Just use a canon
Chapter 36 - Little Princess' Mother
Chapter 35 - We will start a war if we must
Chapter 34 - Have to make you stronger as my queen
Chapter 33 - The pleasure that only I can give you
Chapter 32 - My sex doll must learn how to wait
Chapter 31 - And, you don't even like me
Chapter 30 - Be good and wait here
Chapter 29 - In the face of this kind of pleasure
Chapter 28 - Do I have to squash each part of his body?
Chapter 27 - Can I also eat meat?
Chapter 26 - How big is your offense this time?
Chapter 25 - Fu Mian needs a safe world
Chapter 24 - Mother, I am sorry
Chapter 23 - Your sister is my first wife
Chapter 22 - She only loves you
Chapter 21 - You are no longer an antique virgin
Chapter 20 - Congratulations, we have a queen
Chapter 19 - Your requirements are too high
Chapter 18 - An energy minefield
Chapter 17 - Want
Chapter 16 - Prepared the dish and delivered it to you
Chapter 15 - Our king needs to lose his virginity
Chapter 14 - This is called suicide
Chapter 13 - I will destroy that man
Chapter 12 - You shouldn't marry your food
Chapter 11 - Bring her to me
Chapter 10 - You are my prisoner
Chapter 9 - Your mate escaped the prison
Chapter 8 - Accused of an assassination attempt
Chapter 7 - A Gluttonous Host
Chapter 6 - The death reaper appears
Chapter 5 - Can I ever eat human food?
Chapter 4 - Her daddy is a vampire
Chapter 3 - Being a vampire wasn't great
Chapter 2 - Vampires have titanium skulls
Chapter 1 - Clingy ex-girlfriend crashes the date
Characters Intro (Spoiler Warning)
Chapter 107 - Be prepared for whatever is coming
Chapter 108 - Adopted one more child?
Chapter 109 - This Uncle will pamper you every day
Chapter 110 - To raise a proper princess
Chapter 111 - Out of all the women in this world
Chapter 112 - If you ever find your body acting strange
Chapter 113 - Klyn is growing up?
Chapter 114 - We are friends, aren’t we?
Chapter 115 - Can we take the risk?
Chapter 116 - Not satisfy you anymore?
Chapter 117 - Want your blood in return
Chapter 118 - The little that I can offer
Chapter 119 - She loves me more
Chapter 120 - The moment her blood comes in contact with you
Chapter 121 - Just bear it a little
Chapter 122 - He’s your hope, isn’t?
Chapter 123 - You don’t have to suffer
Chapter 124 - Why are you shaking like a little mouse
Chapter 125 - I must return the kindness
Chapter 126 - Who says that the dead holds no hate or regret?
Chapter 127 - Don't unlock yet
Chapter 128 - Find a way to contact others
Chapter 129 - I can be the queen you need
Chapter 130 - Sweet uncle
Chapter 131 - Knows what is important at this moment
Chapter 132 - Accept it
Chapter 133 - Tell me about her wishes
Chapter 134 - Not someone who understands words
Chapter 135 - I volunteer
Chapter 136 - A doll that looks like you
Chapter 137 - Not an irrational person
Chapter 138 - Fuck me harder
Chapter 139 - I am waiting
Chapter 140 - Since this is a dream (BL/YAOI)
Chapter 141 - Not a scaredy-cat
Chapter 142 - He's a special case
Chapter 143 - Perverted thoughts for someone who hates his guts?
Chapter 144 - Do you love me?
Chapter 145 - It might hurt a little
Chapter 146 - Oh, shit!
Chapter 147 - Can't be left alone with him
Chapter 148 - It was never a choice
Chapter 149 - If I learn magic
Chapter 150 - Three days
Chapter 151 - Despite every reason
Chapter 152 - Fool until the end
Chapter 153 - Use my wife's name
Chapter 154 - Trickster Moon
Chapter 155 - After love blooms and hope returns
Chapter 156 - Send condolences to the vampire king
Chapter 157 - When you are worried about hurting her
Chapter 158 - Like a parasitic mosquito
Chapter 159 - If he had kissed