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Last Chapter: Chapter 60 - Can't lie anymore

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Nakashima Wakana is a rookie detective with special abilities that often gets her in trouble and sends her to the hospital. Due to bad performance, she is sent to the cold palace to receive her career’s death sentence. When she thought that her dead career couldn’t be more dead, she meets her first love, Minami Sei.

Minami Sei was the star detective who met his fall and sent to the most unpopular division of the H district police department in T city. He never expected to see her again. In the last 7 years, the wimpy girl turned into a cold lady? Is she only cold to him? Never mind, she’s still strange.

Things take a turn when she becomes the next chosen target of a demon. She’s forced to use her abilities. When she thinks that it’s over for her, she finds out that she’s chosen to become a part of the supernatural investigation agency?

Who is this person that is always saving her? Is he a ghost or her personal guardian angel? Should she throw salts in his eyes or kiss his beautiful lips? Maybe she will do both.

Join Wakana’s supernatural adventures while she tries to trap an elusive fox.


Genre: Supernatural/Thriller/Mystery/Romance/Comedy/Adventure/Horror

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Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana》Chapter List
Chapter 38 - They are just slaves
Chapter 39 - Welcome to the Supernatural Investigation Agency
Chapter 40 - Care to explain what this agency is about?
Chapter 41 - Why must we use blood?
Chapter 42 - Another chance
Chapter 43 - Tell them that you are my fiancee
Chapter 44 - I don’t want to let you sleep tonight
Chapter 45 - You are delicious
Chapter 46 - It’s better than I imagined
Chapter 47 - Pleasure to meet you, Nakashima Wakana
World Background
Chapter 1 - Hate the sight of blood
Chapter 2 - Are you afraid?
Chapter 3 - This is a warning
Chapter 4 - If she can do it
Chapter 5 - I am not a masochist
Chapter 6 - If you look back, you die
Chapter 7 - Worse things than ghosts in the cemetery
Chapter 8 - To the cold palace
Chapter 9 - Grew backbone after seeing a guy?
Chapter 10 - I know your name now
Chapter 11 - I just find him annoying
Chapter 12 - We won't laugh
Chapter 13 - If you solve this case
Chapter 14 - Don't want to become a clit-less woman
Chapter 15 - I saw him
Chapter 16 - Witch's blood in my veins
Chapter 17 - I wish our walks could last longer
Chapter 18 - You were lonely, were you not?
Chapter 19 - Can we handle it?
Chapter 20 - An excellent way to torment your mind
Chapter 21 - Can I sleep in your kitchen?
Chapter 22 - Threatening is a crime
Chapter 23 - Why are my hands white?
Chapter 24 - I am going to be an exorcist and kill you again
Chapter 25 - Down the rabbit hole
Chapter 26 - Not as handsome as you imagine me to be
Chapter 27 - When the mind is numb
Chapter 28 - Are you wearing a pranking device?
Chapter 29 - Don't touch me as you please
Chapter 30 - What if he's ugly?
Chapter 31 - Witching hour
Chapter 32 - Nothing feels right
Chapter 33 - Not the first one
Chapter 34 - She's not a witch
Chapter 35 - I didn't know that you were her owner
Chapter 36 - I will pay the price in your place
Chapter 37 - You have two choices
Chapter 48 - The ghost has a name
Chapter 49 - Have you fallen for me at first sight?
Chapter 50 - You can't waver
Chapter 51 - Liars go to hell
Chapter 52 - Slap me next time
Chapter 53 - There was guilt in her eyes
Chapter 54 - Are you human?
Chapter 55 - Before I change my mind
Chapter 56 - I have become a monster
Chapter 57 - Night terror
Chapter 58 - Don't use your abilities again
Chapter 59 - What is her grade?
Chapter 60 - Can't lie anymore