I did want to check the rewards and the announcements that I received from the system, use them, recuperate my losses, count my gains and so on, but I decided that it would be better to handle the other tasks at hand first.

After all, I still had over 5 days left before the day of the Acceptance Ceremony and I wasn't going to return to battle city now since I had to go along with my cover plan, so I could freely do all of my personal tasks after I was done with everything else…

"Ok, just ignore me…" the sprout human sulked as he muttered before affirming, "Yes, you just need to do that and they should wake up."

'That's simple then…'

Using 'Mental Transmission' or what he called as 'Mental Message' wasn't some hard hidden technique or something, at least for me that is, I was already able to use it as soon as my Wisdom surpassed 10 stat points which allowed me to obtain 'Telekinesis'.

Making sure nothing was wrong, I softly transmitted 'It's a dream' to all three of them at almost the same time.

"Hah!" X3

The answer was much faster than expected as all three literally woke up, rose from the ground and gave a strange pant at the same exact moment, showing that this method was indeed quite effective.

"What happened…"

The first to react was Sean, who started to look around as both confusion and curiosity could be read from his face while the other two seemed to be still in the process of waking up completely…

"Where is that Lan lad?" Mountain asked, as he was the first to voice something about my disappearance, though it didn't seem that it mostly wasn't out of concern…

"May I ask who might the two gentlemen over there be…?" Sean questioned as he directed his eyes towards me and the sprout human after completely getting up while slightly dusting off his clothes.

'As expected…'

Disregarding the silent Clara, and the incoherent Mountain who also got up, Sean was also the first to collect his thoughts as he started to act in the most logical way, asking the nearby witnesses.

"I'm Zero, this one is my follower…" I simply announced another one of my aliases as I waited for his next question.

"I see it's Mr.Zero, would it be too much to ask you if you have seen another person around here that is of similar age to me?" Sean gave a slight smile as he asked.

Just like my expectations, whether he was doing it because he had great morals or just because he wanted to get a lead from it, Sean also asked about me, though I could at least tell he had more goodwill behind his question when compared to Mountain.

It wasn't that Mountain was completely a villain or something, he just behaved like a normal indifferent person would do when asking about a companion who he only knew for less than 1 day, especially since it was very likely that he started to have suspicions since I was the only missing person in the confusing predicament.

On the other hand, Sean seemed like he was more of a close up person who would care about anyone, even if he met him a second ago, he also probably felt bad at the thought of me being possibly in harm's way because of his suggested venture.

"You mean Lan? You needn't worry about him, he is okay…"

"Oh! You are an acquaintance of his? Or did you meet him here first before we woke up?" Sean asked in an attempt to confirm his guesses with a happily surprised face.

"Actually, both of your assumptions are correct, I do know him quite well, and he also woke up before you all and left." I replied as I began to slowly act on my scheme…


Seemingly as if my lax and somewhat vague answers triggered him, Mountain looked at me with a slightly aggressive face, showing that he possibly wanted to question me in more detail under threat, only to be stopped by Sean and slightly retreat.

Despite being very aggressive at times, Mountain seemed to respect Sean a bit as he always conceded a bit when Sean was the one who asked, so it wasn't strange to see him stop himself now, he also probably trusted that Sean might be able to get to the core of the information faster.

"It seems that you might have been waiting for us to wake up for a while now, this should be related to something a request of Lan maybe? Can you please explain?" 

"Wow, you really catch up fast, I see why Lan values you as a friend. Very well, I will explain the current situation in short words."

"That would be appreciated," Sean nodded in confirmation.

"So, I was originally out searching for young brother Lan since Master wanted him for something and I asked around in Battle City which I knew he should be at, only to find out he departed for a whole three days after the tournament's end…

"Thankfully, I had my own method to find him when he was in close proximity and I was able to follow your tracks, only to find him collapsed on the ground along with you three…"

"We four were passed out in this exact current location…?" Sean asked, seemingly wanting to confirm this single detail…

"Yes, I didn't move any of you by much, I just checked and tried to wake Lan, who got up fairly easily in confusion as he wasn't sure about what happened to him, as he in turn, tried to wake you three up, only to end up in failure, which was quite surprising if you were to ask me…

"Not knowing what to do, he wanted to bring you three back to Battle City to have you checked, but since Master asked urgently for him, he wasn't able to do so…"
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