Chapter 210: The Most Terrifying Player In The Quan Zhen Sect

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After rolling into the respawn point, Wang Yu realised that the whole army of Pure Lands guild players had arrived. He was completely surrounded...

"F*ck!!! That was so close!" Lone Blossom cried out as he stopped his foot on the ground.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have expected Wang Yu to have predicted that sneak attack.

"You dishonest scum..." Wang Yu sighed: "Didn't we agree to fight it out?"

"F*ck off! Why would I challenge you alone when I have so many people with me?"

"That makes sense. But what's the point of having so many people here if you can't kill me?" Wang Yu laughed.

"Hmph, do you really think that you can take on a thousand players alone? I really doubt you can make it out of here alive! You can forget about ever playing this game in the future!" Lone Blossom scoffed.

"Hah! The last guy that said that to me doesn't even dare to come to Twilight City anymore!"

"Try me!" Lone Blossom laughed as he gave the orders for all the Guardian's in the guild to form up a defensive perimeter around the respawn point.

As long as they weren't attacked first, the city guard NPC's would not actively kill players. Furthermore, Guardians were the tankiest players in <<REBIRTH. Even the city guards would take half an hour to mow down the hundreds of Guardian's gathered here.

"Ha ha..." Wang Yu chuckled surveyed his surroundings before turning around, preparing to climb to the top of a building.

But having been toyed for so long by Ming Du when he was on the rooftop, the players from the Pure Lands guild were already prepared to deal with Wang Yu. They had already pre-emptively shot their arrows to the top of the building.

But the top of the building was no longer considered to be in the respawn point, Wang Yu immediately jumped down the moment he saw the volley of arrows flying towards him.

Wang Yu's initial plan was to get awaying by running on the rooftops. But the Pure Lands players were prepared. There were hundreds of Archer's already positioned all around the respawn point, waiting to shoot Wang Yu down. The only way for Wang Yu to get out, was by scaling the city walls.

But the city wall wasn't like any ordinary building.

By design, the city walls in Twilight City were sixteen metres tall. But Wang Yu would only be able to traverse ten metres even if he had used all his movement skills.

But Wang Yu still decided to make a gamble!

He quickly used [Sunset Shift], raising another five metres into the air. But he was still roughly eight metres from the top...

Wang Yu suddenly pulled out two swords, stabbing one into the cracks in the wall as he used it to propel himself upwards! As he was still moving up, Wang Yu used [Void Seizing Palm] to retrieve the sword...

After repeating this process several times, Wang Yu had finally reached the top of the wall.

"This... what the f*ck is this..."

The players of the Pure Lands guild were almost in tears. Why were there so many monsters in the Quan Zhen Sect? They could fly, they could impersonate others and now there was this Pugilist...

"Just you wait!" Wang Yu threatened as he glared at Lone Blossom before turning around and leaving.

After hearing Wang Yu's threat, Lone Blossom suddenly felt that even the protection of these thousands of guild members couldn't stop the wrath of Wang Yu/

"Chase him down! Don't let him return..." Lone Blossom commanded. He had only one thought running through his mind, and that was to trap Wang Yu in the Pugilist respawn point. Only then would he be safe.

The players reacted quickly like a well trained army. Other than the few players that remained to protect Lone Blossom, the rest had already split into their respective teams to hunt Wang Yu.

Not even 5 minutes had passed before Lone Blossom he heard a nightmarish shout from nearby.

"Drag them out for me!"

"At once your brave warrior!"

"What the f*ck..."

Lone Blossom had once again been killed by Wang Yu. But this time, Lone Blossom didn't die peacefully, even all his equipments had been dropped and collected by Wang Yu. He helplessly watched on was Wang Yu slaughtered his way out of the encirclement of several dozen players before running off again.

Lone Blossom quietly sat in the respawn point... fear and dread written all over his face...

Only now did he understand why Sanguine Warflag, the leader of one of the top ten guilds in the country, had a look of obvious terror everytime the Quan Zhen Sect was mentioned.

Only now did he understand why Sanguine Warflag would willingly bear the shame of admitting defeat to the Quan Zhen Sect and would rather lose his face and money than offend the Quan Zhen Sect.

It was now that he understood why the players from the Sanguine Alliance had such mocking gazes when he said that he would exterminate the Quan Zhen Sect.

This bastard Pugilist alone was a hundred times more terrifying than the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect put together...

Several dozen players couldn't beat him in a fight and several thousand players couldn't hold him down…...Lone Blossom did not doubt that Wang Yu had the ability to kill him back to level 1 even under these circumstances.

"You don't understand the terror of the Quan Zhen Sect..." Lone Blossom suddenly recalled the words of Sanguine Warflag.

Was this the terror of the Quan Zhen Sect he was talking about?

Lone Blossom was numb with fear...

As for the other players from the Quan Zhen Sect, Fearless had finished briefing them on his plan when they reacted Braham City. Fearless had once again surpassed all expectations and surprised everyone with his ruthless plan.

"Boss Fearless, can we really succeed?" Darknorth Fisher excitedly asked.

Darknorth Fisher was the only one amongst them that was extremely excited after hearing Fearless' plan. After all, he had a deep grudge against them. The Pure Lands guild had taken everything away from him, his guild, his friends and even his girlfriend! The mere thought that he could finally exact his revenge on them had nearly driven him to tears.

"Of course! Everyone in the Pure Lands guild is probably still hunting Iron Bull now. They probably won't leave Twilgiht City for another hour or so. We'll definitely accomplish our mission before they can return!" Fearless laughed.

"But they have several thousand players, will Old Bull be alright?" Darknorth Fisher asked.

As a veteran gamer, Darknorth Fisher firmly believed that it was impossible for Wang Yu to break out of the encirclement of several thousand players all by himself.

"Do you think this girl is pretty?" Ming Du laughed as he pointed at Yang Nuo.

"Of course!" Darknorth Fisher hurriedly nodded his head when he saw Yang Nuo pointing her bow towards him.

"That's right!" Ming Du chuckled: "You can question her appearance or you can doubt your own eyesight. But one thing you must never doubt is Old Bull's powers, you got that?"
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