Reincarnation Paradise



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Last Chapter:Chapter 293: Surprise

Su Xiao is a cold-blooded teenager who’s seeking vengeance for the death of his family, yet things ended up badly for him.

As he was taking his last breaths, he heard a voice calling him from dimensions, it was a strange system reaching him, asking him if he wanted to be saved, to be Reincarnated.

He just needed to accept a contract, Su Xiao didn’t have any choice but to do so, ...
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Reincarnation Paradise》Chapter List
Chapter 1: The Avenger
Chapter 2: Hunter!
Chapter 3: Lone Walker!
Chapter 4: Weapon and Currency!
Chapter 5: Gunfire!
Chapter 6: This is Real
Chapter 7: Recommendation Letter
Chapter 8: Ryuma’s Sword!
Chapter 9: Piercing them!
Chapter 10: Desire For Strength
Chapter 11: There Will Be a Day
Chapter 12: Arrangement And Estimations
Chapter 13: Cat’s Weakness
Chapter 14: The Beauty of a Figh
Chapter 15: Elite Creature!
Chapter 16: Kill The Legend
Chapter 17: Initial Success!
Chapter 18: Pirates!
Chapter 19: Before the Even
Chapter 20: Deception!
Chapter 21: Humanoid Tank!
Chapter 22: Regression and Reward!
Chapter 23: What is The Difference!
Chapter 24: Unexpected
Chapter 25: Specialized in Various fields
Chapter 26: Growth
Chapter 27: The Secret!
Chapter 28: Yellow Sand and Death!
Chapter 29: Think About It!
Chapter 30: Lawless
Chapter 31: The Terrifying System
Chapter 32 Vol 1: End : The New Derivative World
Chapter 33: A Bold Idea
Chapter 34: The Beginning
Chapter 35: Qing Gang Yin
Chapter 36: Desperation
Chapter 37: Rebelious Teen
Chapter 38: Enemy
Chapter 39: A Beauty Like a Flower Bites Like a Wolf
Chapter 40: Unknown Plans
Chapter 41: Balance Mechanism
Chapter 42: Acceptance
Chapter 43: Open High School Female Studen
Chapter 44: Ghouls x Humans
Chapter 45: Masco
Chapter 46: Frightening Perception
Chapter 47: Death
Chapter 48: Small Harves
Chapter 49: Abduction
Chapter 50: The Destruction Begins
Chapter 51: Milk Volume?
Chapter 52: Aler
Chapter 53: The Life of The Species
Chapter 54: A Wolf in a Sheep’s Herd
Chapter 55: You Die or I Die
Chapter 56: Explosion
Chapter 57: The Wrath of Natrue
Chapter 58: A Stinging Feeling
Chapter 59: Sword to The Bones
Chapter 60: Blood Madness
Chapter 61: Different Routes
Chapter 62: The Last Struggle of The Three Sisters
Chapter 63: Blackmail!
Chapter 64: Green Light!
Chapter 65: My Unlucky Hand Is Finally Gone?
Chapter 66: Progress!
Chapter 67: Famous in the 14th District!
Chapter 68: You’re Good At Shooting!
Chapter 69: Human’s Restricted Zone!
Chapter 70: You Are In Trouble
Chapter 71: Frightened!
Chapter 72: Are You Kidding Me?
Chapter 73: The Offender!
Chapter 74: 24th District!
Chapter 75: Questioning And Departure!
Chapter 76: Entering The 24th District!
Chapter 77: Primitives!
Chapter 78: Fight!
Chapter 79: Maze!
Chapter 80: Trouble!
Chapter 81: Discovered!
Chapter 82: Fury!
Chapter 83: The secret Chamber!
Chapter 84: Ghouls X Investigators!
Chapter 85: Camp Mission!
Chapter 86: Help Out!
Chapter 87: Helplessness And Resentment!
Chapter 88: Calculating!
Chapter 89: Nico’s Resilience!
Chapter 90: Store Manager!
Chapter 91: Ambition
Chapter 92: The Manager’s Glory!
Chapter 93: The Fight Ends!
Chapter 94: Chill!
Chapter 95: Time!
Chapter 96: Astounding sky!
Chapter 97: The Aim Was Achieved!
Chapter 98: Incontrollable 24th distric
Chapter 99: Silence Before The storm
Chapter 100: Your Daughter Is Cute!
Chapter 101: Giving me half an hour will be enough!
Chapter 102: The true features of CCG!
Chapter 103: Taking benefits without investments? Don’t think about it!
Chapter 104: Venom!
Chapter 105: Necessary Medicine!
Chapter 106: Terror!
Chapter 107: Underground City!
Chapter 108: Unveiling the mystery!
Chapter 109: I don’t have much time left!
Chapter 110: The benefits during the battle!
Chapter 111: IXA Interrupts
Chapter 112: The truth, the dark side of the CCG
Chapter 113: Arima
Chapter 114: You are caught!
Chapter 115: Lonely walker’s worries!
Chapter 116: Start the action!
Chapter 117: Partners!
Chapter 118: The strongest team in the ghoul’s world
Chapter 119: Meppo!
Chapter 120: Ridiculous
Chapter 121: The qualification of returning back
Chapter 122: Everyone has their purposes.
Chapter 123: This was very exciting.
Chapter 124: Firepower!
Chapter 125: Knigh
Chapter 126: Black Armor!
Chapter 127: Giving out a treasure
Chapter 128: Strategy
Chapter 129: Recovery!
Chapter 130: Sale at breakdown price!
Chapter 131: You’re shameless!
Chapter 132: Harvest and becoming stronger
Chapter 133: Upgrading Skills!
Chapter 134: Extreme Blade!
Chapter 135: Purchase!
Chapter 136: Bankrup
Chapter 137: Patient of Chuunibyou in the later stage
Chapter 138: Make a big fortunate!
Chapter 139: The sorcerer who always spites
Chapter 140: wall of Rose was about to be kicked
Chapter 141: The second zone
Chapter 142: The treatment for a gunman
Chapter 143: Prisoners
Chapter 144: The defensive Line About to Break Apart!
Chapter 145: The red letter day
Chapter 146: Plan
Chapter 147: The fraternity
Chapter 148: Greed!
Chapter 149: Executing The Plan!
Chapter 150: The head of the team, do not leave us behind!
Chapter 151: Come on, Eren beas
Chapter 152: This is what it feels like to fly
Chapter 153: Gap
Chapter 154: Proceeding
Chapter 155: Your heart must hurt!
Chapter 156: Eren was dull through the process!
Chapter 157: Young and old cunning people
Chapter 158: If you don’t speak well, I will kill you.
Chapter 159: Fudge
Chapter 160: Find amusement when the occasion arises?
Chapter 161: The cruel world
Chapter 162: Annie
Chapter 163: Head, please accept our bows
Chapter 164: Skills
Chapter 165: Naive Annie
Chapter 166: The secret of the world
Chapter 167: Mark
Chapter 168: The thing that is best a
Chapter 169: A horrible man with a sword
Chapter 170: I refuse!
Chapter 171: One Attack!
Chapter 172: Black Mist!
Chapter 173: Don’t come over
Chapter 174: It must be seventy
Chapter 175: The Greed of The King of The First Generation.
Chapter 176: Having thoughts respectively!
Chapter 177: The dangerous ‘companions’.
Chapter 178: The conspiracy!
Chapter 179: The fake goddess
Chapter 180: A lamb in a tiger’s den!
Chapter 181: Complicated Relationships!
Chapter 182: Not useful.
Chapter 183: It turned out he had a brother!
Chapter 184: They Are Here!
Chapter 185: Live targets
Chapter 186: Chain effec
Chapter 187: Horrible expression
Chapter 188: Ferocious
Chapter 189: Invitation from the adventurous group.
Chapter 190: Physical and mental relaxation.
Chapter 191: Chief’s rebel assault.
Chapter 192: Mikasa’s ….mind.
Chapter 193: Spor
Chapter 194: I don’t accept it, you cheat.
Chapter 195: Um, is it?
Chapter 196: The person that black merchant feared.
Chapter 197: Horrifying
Chapter 198: Exposed?
Chapter 199: Law-abiding citizen?
Chapter 200: Supernatural
Chapter 201: Cold
Chapter 202: Fighting as they me
Chapter 203: Instinctual acting
Chapter 204: Super dangerous species
Chapter 205: The terrible speed
Chapter 206: Too hones
Chapter 207: Sneaking In
Chapter 208: Weird
Chapter 209: Victory
Chapter 210: Imperial capital
Chapter 211: Very weak man
Chapter 212: Kitty.
Chapter 213: Swamp
Chapter 214: The slash that can’t be defended
Chapter 215: Do not go.
Chapter 216: The first one
Chapter 217: Hear
Chapter 218: Runaway in all directions
Chapter 219: Horrible assassination uni
Chapter 220: The blueprint of revising Teigu
Chapter 221: The meeting About Su Xiao.
Chapter 222: Countermeasures
Chapter 223: Small cookies
Chapter 224: Simultaneous targets
Chapter 225: Will
Chapter 226: The special key
Chapter 227: Robbing others’ treasure house
Chapter 228: Synthesis
Chapter 229: Situation
Chapter 230: Bob
Chapter 231: Sad news
Chapter 232: 700
Chapter 233: Carl
Chapter 234: The number for sale
Chapter 235: Sisters
Chapter 236: Injured
Chapter 237: Ruin
Chapter 238: The great army on to the border
Chapter 239: The chief’s last struggle
Chapter 240: Mystery Silver Ring.
Chapter 241: Monarch
Chapter 242: Kidnapping
Chapter 243: Farce
Chapter 244: Laugh
Chapter 245: I used to trust you very much
Chapter 246: Talking too much Caused his downfall
Chapter 247: Angry Birds!
Chapter 248: Bugs
Chapter 249: Center
Chapter 250: Guards!
Chapter 251: Fighting With Wisdom!
Chapter 252: Sherlock
Chapter 253: The Way out!
Chapter 254: The sun God!
Chapter 255: Horrible Creatures!
Chapter 256: Regression.
Chapter 257: Alchemy
Chapter 258: Bomb!
Chapter 259: Transformation!
Chapter 260: Repair Store
Chapter 261: Redemption!
Chapter 262: Gratitude and Grudge.
Chapter 263: Faith!
Chapter 264: Son of Heaven’s Medal.
Chapter 265: Huge Profi
Chapter 266: Didn’t ask you to buy!
Chapter 267: Precautionary Measure!
Chapter 268: World’s coordinate
Chapter 269: Arbiter
Chapter 270: Escaping Contractors!
Chapter 271: Brutal War!
Chapter 272: Tuka!
Chapter 273: Negotiation.
Chapter 274: Does she wants to die
Chapter 275: War Behemoth!
Chapter 276: Poor Bob!
Chapter 277: Killing the Crocodiles
Chapter 278: Sneak Attack!
Chapter 279: Crocodile’s Boss
Chapter 280: Unlucky contractors
Chapter 281: Analysis of the enemies
Chapter 282: Keeping your destiny in your own hands
Chapter 283: Cruel
Chapter 284: Sinking in the Sea
Chapter 285: Dika
Chapter 286: Fury and Revenge
Chapter 287: A slippery Enemy!
Chapter 288: Victory
Chapter 289: Return
Chapter 290: Stronger and Stronger
Chapter 291: The Origin of The Shadow of the Law
Chapter 292: Formidable
Chapter 293: Surprise