The Human Emperor



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Last Chapter:Chapter 1809: The Crown of Confucius!

Description Wang Chong was on the verge of death staring down the horde of mysterious soldiers. He put his final effort into killing his most hated enemy. His country, his people, everyone he loved were all gone… He died with regret. However, destiny has given him a second chance at life. —————————————————– 17k’s Synopsis: I cannot hand...
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The Human Emperor》Chapter List
Chapter 1: The Downfall of the Central Plains
Chapter 2: Reincarnated to a Human
Chapter 3: Changing Myself
Chapter 4: Crisis of the Wang Clan
Chapter 5: Number One Expert of the Wang Clan
Chapter 6: Vengeance of a Gentlemen
Chapter 7: Taunting Yao Feng
Chapter 8: Wrecking Havoc at Vast Crane Pavilion
Chapter 9: Escalating Chaos
Chapter 10: Teaching Yao Feng a Lesson
Chapter 11: Wang Chong Persuades His Father
Chapter 12: Discerning
Chapter 13: Yao Guang Yi’s Doubt
Chapter 14: Lu Ting’s Words
Chapter 15: Opportunity to Strike it Rich
Chapter 16: Uproar
Chapter 17: Wang Chong’s Discovery
Chapter 18: Foreign Sindhi Monks
Chapter 19: Hyderabad Ore
Chapter 20: The Unconventional Right to Distribution
Chapter 21: An Astonishing 90 000 Taels!
Chapter 22: Cousin Zhu Yan
Chapter 23: Cousins Playing Out a Show
Chapter 24: Eight Gods Pavilion
Chapter 25: Wang Chong’s Childhood Playmate
Chapter 26: Borrowing a Chicken to Lay Eggs
Chapter 27: Su Bai’s Scheme
Chapter 28: 1700 Gold Taels
Chapter 29: Madam Wang’s Discipline
Chapter 30: King Song’s Bestowment
Chapter 31: The Capital’s Zhang Clan
Chapter 32: Wang Chong’s Self Confidence
Chapter 33: Dragon Bone Art
Chapter 34: Wei Clan’s Forge
Chapter 35: Pioneering Cold Forging
Chapter 36: Outburst in the Capital
Chapter 37: The Furious King Qi
Chapter 38: Acknowledged By the Clan
Chapter 39: Revealing One’s Edge
Chapter 40: An Act of Wonderment
Chapter 41: Yao Clan’s Old Master
Chapter 42: Stone of Destiny
Chapter 43: 5 Rewards
Chapter 44: Secret Exposed
Chapter 45: The Futuristic Tempering Technology
Chapter 46: The World’s First Wootz Steel Weapon
Chapter 47: Wang Chong’s Plan
Chapter 48: The Four Great Swordsmithing Clan’s Contempt
Chapter 49: Zhang Cong and Zhang Jian’s Unease
Chapter 50: Placating the Sindhu Monks
Chapter 51: Charax Spasinu Merchant, Mosaide
Chapter 52: Gamble on the Sword Duel
Chapter 53: The Appearance of the Imperial Army!
Chapter 54: The Future Imperial Army Marshal
Chapter 55: Rejection!
Chapter 56: The Final Day!
Chapter 57: In the Bluebottle Pavilion!
Chapter 58: Astounding Skills
Chapter 59: Powerful!
Chapter 60: Fiery Competition!
Chapter 61: Double Rejection!
Chapter 62: The Future
Chapter 63: Clan Head of Cheng Clan
Chapter 64: Center of Attention
Chapter 65: Su Zhengchen!
Chapter 66: Military Chess Formation
Chapter 67: Wang Chong Accepts a Disciple?
Chapter 68: Tuoba Guiyuan!
Chapter 69: Yao Feng’s Killing Intent!
Chapter 70: Zhang Munian
Chapter 71: Su Bai Is Treating!
Chapter 72: Aides of the Court of Judicial Review
Chapter 73: Loaded!
Chapter 74: Palace Aide of the Censor-in-chief
Chapter 75: World’s Number One Swordsmith
Chapter 76: Su Bai Gets Jailed!
Chapter 77: Rich!
Chapter 78: News on Zhao Fengchen!
Chapter 79: Wang Chong’s Ambitions
Chapter 80: Assassins from Charax Spasinu!
Chapter 81: Assassination in the Middle of the Night!
Chapter 82: Assassin in the Study!
Chapter 83: Spectre Steps
Chapter 84: The First World Constraint!
Chapter 85: Consort Taizhen
Chapter 86: Four Quarters Embassy!
Chapter 87: Obnoxious Big Aunt!
Chapter 88: The Wang Clan!
Chapter 89: The Old Master’s Secret!
Chapter 90: Patriot!
Chapter 91: Taboo of the Wang Clan!
Chapter 92: The Imperial Army Instructor Plan!
Chapter 93: Test!
Chapter 94: Circumstances (1)
Chapter 95: Circumstances (2)
Chapter 96: Circumstances (3)
Chapter 97: Tariffs!
Chapter 98: Humility!
Chapter 99: Regional Commanders!
Chapter 100: Autonomous Military District!
Chapter 101: Elders’ Recognition!
Chapter 102: Love for the Country!
Chapter 103: Yuzhen Palace!
Chapter 104: Xu Shao!
Chapter 105: Bone Forging Pill!
Chapter 106: Subduing the Enemy With a Single Move!
Chapter 107: Capturing a Sparrow!
Chapter 108: King Song Offers His Blessings!
Chapter 109: Wang Chong Pays Respect to King Song!
Chapter 110: Another Angle!
Chapter 111: Yao Clan’s Father and Son!
Chapter 112: Ire of the Barbaric God
Chapter 113: Mysterious Alchemist Organization!
Chapter 114: Six-fingered Zhang!
Chapter 115: True Progress!
Chapter 116: Change in the Royal Court!
Chapter 117: King Song Loses Influence!
Chapter 118: Mister Yin Shan!
Chapter 119: Origin Energy Might
Chapter 120: Second Persuasion to King Song
Chapter 121: Convincing King Song!
Chapter 122: Recruiting Experts!
Chapter 123: Home of the Adventurers!
Chapter 124: Change in the Yuzhen Palace!
Chapter 125: Song of Purity and Peace!
Chapter 126: Lord, Why Has Modesty Replaced Your Arrogance?
Chapter 127: I Wasn’t Aware of Your Highness’s Beauty!
Chapter 128: The Truth Exposed!
Chapter 129: The Future 【Training Base】
Chapter 130: Origin Energy Tier 7!
Chapter 131: The Powerful Li Zhuxin!
Chapter 132: Back Thrust!
Chapter 133: Take Down!
Chapter 134: Miyasame Ayaka’s Submission!
Chapter 135: Descending From the Mountains!
Chapter 136: Teacher?
Chapter 137: Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!
Chapter 138: Progress in the Chess Match!
Chapter 139: The Pinnacle Technology, Tempering!
Chapter 140: Uncle Grooming Log!
Chapter 141: Great Saber: Death’s Abyss!
Chapter 142: Uninvited Guest!
Chapter 143: Perilous Circumstances!
Chapter 144: Su Zhengchen Appears!
Chapter 145: The Clash Between the Old And New Grand Marshal!
Chapter 146: Wang Chong’s Wish!
Chapter 147: Clue to the Demonic Emperor Old Man!
Chapter 148: Zhou Wen!
Chapter 149: Preparations!
Chapter 150: Investing in the Zhang Clan (1)
Chapter 151: Investing in the Zhang Clan (2)
Chapter 152: Bizarre Happenings!
Chapter 153: Demonic Emperor Old Man?
Chapter 154: Trial of Life and Death!
Chapter 155: Wang Chong Acknowledges a Teacher!
Chapter 156: Bone Perceiving!
Chapter 157: Underlying Dangers!
Chapter 158: Myriad Spirit Sea Art!
Chapter 159: Face Off Between Su Zhengchen and Demonic Emperor Old Man!
Chapter 160: A Gale Blows!
Chapter 161: Wang Chong Faces the Emperor!
Chapter 162: Taiji Palace!
Chapter 163: Uproar Throughout the Entire Court!
Chapter 164: Placeholder
Chapter 165: Wang Chong Is Imprisoned!
Chapter 166: Wrath of the Han
Chapter 167: Imperial Prison!
Chapter 168: Rattling the World!
Chapter 169: War God of the Current Era
Chapter 170: Wang Chong’s Unexpected Discovery!
Chapter 171: The Sage Emperor’s Intentions
Chapter 172: Eunuch Gao!
Chapter 173: The Sage Emperor’s Verdict!
Chapter 174: The Mysterious Prisoner!
Chapter 175: Gift From the Mysterious Prisoner!
Chapter 176: Wang Chong Is Released (1)
Chapter 177: Wang Chong Is Released (2)
Chapter 178: Yang Zhao Requests For Poem!
Chapter 179: Wang Chong’s Sworn Brother
Chapter 180: A White Stone!
Chapter 181: Treading on Water, White-hoofed Shadow!
Chapter 182: Iron Meteorites on the Islands Overseas!
Chapter 183: Wang Chong’s Future Followers!
Chapter 184: Zhang Munian’s Secret!
Chapter 185: The Greatest Arrangement of His Current Life!
Chapter 186: Second Brother, Wang Bei!
Chapter 187: Set Off, The Three Great Training Camps!
Chapter 188: Kunwu Training Camp
Chapter 189: Marchioness Yi!
Chapter 190: Marchioness Yi’s Warning!
Chapter 191: The Hidden Instructor
Chapter 192: Future Great General!
Chapter 193: Changing Fate!
Chapter 194: Challenge
Chapter 195: Ten Directional Lightning Fingers
Chapter 196: Passed!
Chapter 197: Chen Burang
Chapter 198: Su Hanshan!
Chapter 199: The Three Great Troops of Great Tang
Chapter 200: Zhuang shi and Chi Clan!
Chapter 201: Hexad Arms Technique!
Chapter 202: The Best Future Marshal!
Chapter 203: Assault in the Middle of the Night!
Chapter 204: Zhao Qianqiu’s Way of Teaching!
Chapter 205: True Enemy Invasion!
Chapter 206: The Turk Master Archers!
Chapter 207: Countermeasure!
Chapter 208: Hope!
Chapter 209: Retaliation!
Chapter 210: Snowball!
Chapter 211: Impetus!
Chapter 212: True Martial Realm Halo!
Chapter 213: Danger!
Chapter 214: Halo: Bane of the Battlefield
Chapter 215: Defeat of the Goguryeons!
Chapter 216: Aiding Vermilion Bird Peak
Chapter 217: Expanding the Fruits of Success!
Chapter 218: Exchanging Fists
Chapter 219: Do You Dare to Accept Our Challenge?
Chapter 220: The White Stone’s Secret!
Chapter 221: Art of God and Demon Obliteration!
Chapter 222: Cleaning Up the Aftermath
Chapter 223: Guo Feng and Chai Zhiyi!
Chapter 224: Letters
Chapter 225: The Vexed Zheng Xuan!
Chapter 226: Deng Mingxin’s Deal!
Chapter 227: Basic Swordsmanship Training
Chapter 228: Big Uncle Requests a Meeting
Chapter 229: Zhangchou Jianqiong Comes to the Capital!
Chapter 230: The Unchangeable Tides!
Chapter 231: Progress On All Sides!
Chapter 232: Sword Qi of Slaughter
Chapter 233: Yang Zhao Arrives!
Chapter 234: Unsolvable Mystery
Chapter 235: Miyasame Ayaka’s Return!
Chapter 236: Target Found!
Chapter 237: Assembly Point of the Goguryeons
Chapter 238: The Assassination that was Brought Forward Half a Year
Chapter 239: Little Yinyang Art, Assassination!
Chapter 240: Steady Rise in Cultivation!
Chapter 241: Phantom Steps!
Chapter 242: One-eyed Fatty, Halo of Bog
Chapter 243: First Blood of True Martial Realm Expert!
Chapter 244: Zhangchou Jianqiong's Ambitions!
Chapter 245: Continuous Breakthroughs!
Chapter 246: Origin Energy Tier 9, Hundred Steps Divine Fist!
Chapter 247: Royal Jade Pavilion!
Chapter 248: The Legend of the Bureau of Punishments, Ma Yinlong!
Chapter 249: Yet Another Helper!
Chapter 250: The Goguryeon's Secret Tunnel!
Chapter 251: The Expert of the Bureau of Military Personnel and Bureau of Punishments Back Then!
Chapter 252: Huge Harvest
Chapter 253: The Goguryeon's Treasure
Chapter 254: Huge Merit!
Chapter 255: Plotting in the Middle of the Night
Chapter 256: Scouting!
Chapter 257: Encirclement of the Monastery
Chapter 258: Collapse!
Chapter 259: Battle of the Profound Martial
Chapter 260: An Arrow!
Chapter 261: Old Woodsman
Chapter 262: King Sosurim!, Part One
Chapter 263: King Sosurim!, Part Two
Chapter 264: King Sosurim!, Part Three
Chapter 265: The Unfathomable Old Butler!
Chapter 266: Three Followers!
Chapter 267: Little Sister's Secret!
Chapter 268: Elder Xiang!
Chapter 269: Zhangchou Jianqiong's Banquet Invitation!
Chapter 270: A Heavyweight of the Empire, Zhangchou Jianqiong!
Chapter 271: The Banquet Starts!
Chapter 272: Big Uncle's Wisdom!
Chapter 273: The Crux, Xianyu Zhongtong!
Chapter 274: Warning the Protectorate!
Chapter 275: The Respect Of The Jiannan Commanders
Chapter 276: Blood Banquet!
Chapter 277: Wang Chong's Goal!
Chapter 278: Xi'an Strategist, Zhi An!
Chapter 279: Bureau of Works, Zhang Shouzhi!
Chapter 280: The Royal Court's Logistical Officer, Li Qingyou!
Chapter 281: Imperial Army Supplies Purchase
Chapter 282: True Martial Small Dipper
Chapter 283: The Criminal of Great Tang, Zhang Wentuo
Chapter 284: Probing Zhang Wentuo!
Chapter 285: Bulk Purchase From the Royal Court!
Chapter 286: Wang Chong's Ambitions
Chapter 287: The Masked Man Outside Duke of Liu’s Residence
Chapter 288: A Trap!
Chapter 289: Killing Intent!
Chapter 290: Su Hanshan!
Chapter 291: Confrontation!
Chapter 292: Saving Su Hanshan!
Chapter 293: Su Hanshan's Secret!
Chapter 294: Returning to Kunwu Training Camp
Chapter 295: Wang Chong's Followers!
Chapter 296: Deflecting Blade Manor
Chapter 297: Zheng Xuan's Plan!
Chapter 298: Dusong Mangpoje!
Chapter 299: The Hostile Hu!
Chapter 300: Duel Between the Two Tigers!
Chapter 301: Tongluo Secret Art!
Chapter 302: Eight Steps of the Furious Flood Dragon!
Chapter 303: Hung On a Flagpole!
Chapter 304: Mister Taijia!
Chapter 305: Revelation of the Spirit Vein!
Chapter 306: Chaos At the Deflecting Blade Manor!
Chapter 307: War of the Princes!
Chapter 308: Princess Ni Huang!
Chapter 309: Coercion!
Chapter 310: Retaliation!
Chapter 311: The Future Emperor of Great Tang!
Chapter 312: The Future Corrupted Minister!
Chapter 313: Reshaping Li Heng!
Chapter 314: Blood Reformation!
Chapter 315: The Changes in Li Heng!
Chapter 316: Deep Night!
Chapter 317: Meeting Big Uncle!
Chapter 318: Persuasion!
Chapter 319: New Winds!
Chapter 320: New Winds (2)
Chapter 321: Xu Qiqin!
Chapter 322: Halo of Dusk Stallion!
Chapter 323: Trial
Chapter 324: Official From the Chamberlain of Dependencies
Chapter 325: The First Assembly Point
Chapter 326: Drill Training!
Chapter 327: Start of the Operation
Chapter 328: The Sharp Bai Siling!
Chapter 329: Conflict!
Chapter 330: The Stunned Xu Gan and Huang Yongtu!
Chapter 331: Spying!
Chapter 332: Superior!
Chapter 333: Red-Eyed!
Chapter 334: Bai Siling's Insight!
Chapter 335: Assassin!
Chapter 336: Bai Siling's Astonishing Strength!
Chapter 337: Hidden Secret!
Chapter 338: Iron Cloak Technique!
Chapter 339: Danger!
Chapter 340: Great Danger! (1)
Chapter 341: Great Danger! (2)
Chapter 342: Fight!
Chapter 343: Charge!
Chapter 344: Wang Chong's Edge!, Part One
Chapter 345: Wang Chong's Edge!, Part Two
Chapter 346: Crossing Blows!
Chapter 347: Sudden Assault!
Chapter 348: Second Mission From The Royal Court!
Chapter 349: Suspicions!
Chapter 350: The Other Hand of the Iron Cloak Highwaymen
Chapter 351: Falling Prey!
Chapter 352: Ambush!
Chapter 353: Iron Cloak Li Makes a Move!
Chapter 354: The Fearsome Iron Cloak Li!
Chapter 355: Reversing the Tides!
Chapter 356: Last Operation!
Chapter 357: Final Opportunity!
Chapter 358: Slaying Iron Cloak Li!
Chapter 359: Slaying Zhou An!
Chapter 360: Identity Exposed!
Chapter 361: The Trove of the Iron Cloak Highwaymen!
Chapter 362: Great Harvest!
Chapter 363: The Third Mission!
Chapter 364: The Third Gathering Point!
Chapter 365: Analyzing the Circumstances!
Chapter 366: Longxi's Big Dipper Army!
Chapter 367: The Tibetan Cavalrymen at the Top of the Mountain
Chapter 368: Capturing the Scouts!
Chapter 369: Scarlet Tassel Spear!
Chapter 370: Tibetan Scouts!
Chapter 371: Mapping Out the Strategy!
Chapter 372: Start of Battle!
Chapter 373: Clash of Troops!
Chapter 374: Ambush!
Chapter 375: Victorious!
Chapter 376: Interrogation!
Chapter 377: Geshu Han's Threat!
Chapter 378: Ambushed!
Chapter 379: Heavily Wounded!
Chapter 380: Zhao Qianqiu’s Bamboo Tube!
Chapter 381: Returning to the Capital!
Chapter 382: Traitor!
Chapter 383: The Relationship Between Clans!
Chapter 384: Huang Clan's Compensation!
Chapter 385: The Victor Hailed and the Defeated Damned, Such is the Way of the World!
Chapter 386: Fairy of Dainty Hands
Chapter 387: Invincible Great General Li Siye!
Chapter 388: Invincible Great General Li Siye (2)
Chapter 389: Resolution!
Chapter 390: Huang Qian-er's Feelings!
Chapter 391: Subduing Xu Qiqin!
Chapter 392: Subduing Xu Qiqin, Part Two
Chapter 393: The Furious Xu Qiqin!
Chapter 394: Provocation!
Chapter 395: Suspicion
Chapter 396: The Warning from the Great General of the Sui!
Chapter 397: News from the Ocean!
Chapter 398: Wang Liang Weeping in Joy!
Chapter 399: Cultivation Recovered!
Chapter 400: News on the Hyderabad Ore!
Chapter 401: Framing!
Chapter 402: Qixi!
Chapter 403: The Hyderabad Ore Is Stolen!
Chapter 404: Wang Chong's Counterattack!
Chapter 405: Li Siye's First Battle!
Chapter 406: Black Dragon Zhao's Treasure Map!
Chapter 407: The Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art!
Chapter 408: Going Down the Mountain
Chapter 409
Chapter 410: Countermeasures!
Chapter 411: The First Prince of ü-Tsang
Chapter 412: The Hearts of the People
Chapter 413: Wang Chong Steps Forward!
Chapter 414: Fight!
Chapter 415: Killing the ü-Tsang First Prince!
Chapter 416: Sharpness Revealed!
Chapter 417: The Surprising Truth!
Chapter 418: The Gathering of Dragons!
Chapter 419: One Game Ends and Another Game Begins!
Chapter 420: Meeting Taizhen in Yuzhen Palace!
Chapter 421: Lobbying (I)
Chapter 422: Lobbying (II)
Chapter 423: Lobbying Successful!
Chapter 424: Harvest!
Chapter 425: The Scripture Depository Plan!
Chapter 426: A Brand New Reward!
Chapter 427: Good News from the Snowstorm!
Chapter 428: Elder Cousin, Younger Cousin!
Chapter 429: The Third World Constraint!
Chapter 430: Li Siye's Harsh Question!
Chapter 431: The Final Attempt!
Chapter 432: Persuading Li Siye!
Chapter 433: Plans for the Southwest!
Chapter 434: Xu Qiqin's Final Challenge!
Chapter 435: Suppressing Wang Chong's Chess Style (I)
Chapter 436: Suppressing Wang Chong's Chess Style (II)
Chapter 437: Xu Qiqin Achieves Victory!
Chapter 438: The Last White Stone Reverses the Victory!
Chapter 439: Wang Chong's Condition!
Chapter 440: A Prologue!
Chapter 441: Storm!
Chapter 442: An Yaluoshan!
Chapter 443: An Intent to Kill!
Chapter 444: A Lifelong Enemy!
Chapter 445: Hunting Down An Yaluoshan!
Chapter 446: The World's Interference!
Chapter 447: The Rebel Soldiers of Youzhou!
Chapter 448: Stalemate!
Chapter 449: Destiny
Chapter 450: Andong Protector-General!
Chapter 451: Zhang Shougui!
Chapter 452: Almost Within His Grasp!
Chapter 453: The Farmer and the Viper!
Chapter 454: Zhang Shougui's Absolute Power!
Chapter 455: The Death of Ashina Sugan!
Chapter 456: Wang Jiuling!
Chapter 457: The Last Word of Advice!
Chapter 458: Fermentation!
Chapter 459: Bitterness!
Chapter 460: Aftershocks!
Chapter 461: Upheaval! (I)
Chapter 462: Upheaval (II)
Chapter 463: The Calm Before the Storm (I)
Chapter 464: The Calm Before the Storm (II)
Chapter 465: The Jailed Wang Chong!
Chapter 466: The Insane Wang Clan!
Chapter 467: The Furious Capital!
Chapter 468: The Court Debates!
Chapter 469: Wang Chong's Request!
Chapter 470: The Last Try!
Chapter 471: The War Begins!
Chapter 472: Grievous News from the Southwest!
Chapter 473: Wang Chong Leaves the Prison!
Chapter 474: A Snowstorm of Letters!
Chapter 475: Agitating the Capital! (I)
Chapter 476: Agitating the Capital! (II)
Chapter 477: Simulating the Southwest!
Chapter 478: Old Eagle's Worries!
Chapter 479: Discussion in the Hall (I)
Chapter 480: Discussion in the Hall (II)
Chapter 481: The Capital Quaking!
Chapter 482: The White Lion Great General, We Tadra Khonglo!
Chapter 483: Bad News Spreads!
Chapter 484: The People in Panic!
Chapter 485: King Song, Vaguely Beginning to Understand!
Chapter 486: The Final Preparations Before the War!
Chapter 487: The Crucial Point! Lion City!
Chapter 488: Move Out! The Southwest!
Chapter 489: Crisis! Scaling Ladders!
Chapter 490: Rapid Advance Over One Thousand Li!
Chapter 491: Encounter!
Chapter 492: The First Battle! Sweep Away Everything! (I)
Chapter 493: The First Battle! Sweep Away Everything! (II)
Chapter 494: The Movements in the Southwest!
Chapter 495: Discovery! A Thousand-Man Enemy Army!
Chapter 496: Tension! As Nimble as Fire!
Chapter 497: Decision! Strike First!
Chapter 498: The Call of War!
Chapter 499: Cavalry! Impact!
Chapter 500: ü-Tsang! Ksitigarbha Secret Art!
Chapter 501: The Unbreakable Arrowhead!
Chapter 502: Six-Armed Ksitigarbha Vajra Guardian!
Chapter 503: Killing in Three Moves!
Chapter 504: Bon Kha! The Secret Manual of the Great Snow Mountain!
Chapter 505: Warning! Danger of Obliteration!
Chapter 506: Meeting! Commandant Xu!
Chapter 507: The Situation in the Southwest! A Powerful Foe!
Chapter 508: The Five Tiger Generals! Bachicheng!
Chapter 509: Tibetan Reinforcements! Two Become One!
Chapter 510: Major Battle! (I)
Chapter 511: Major Battle (II)
Chapter 512: Major Battle (III)
Chapter 513: Major Battle (IV)
Chapter 514: Major Victory!
Chapter 515: Leaping Dragon Spear! The Strength of the Profound Martial Realm!
Chapter 516: Laying Plans! The Battle to Come!
Chapter 517: A Private Worry! Provisions!
Chapter 518: Silk Bag! A Sheep Dead from Plague!
Chapter 519: The Superior General Breaks the Enemy's Schemes!
Chapter 520: The Dark Clouds Hang Overhead! The Capital's Anxiety!
Chapter 521: An Abrupt Downpour!
Chapter 522: The Empire's Southwest! The Battle in the Rainstorm!
Chapter 523: Chaos! The Army in Danger!
Chapter 524: Chaos! The Army in Danger! (II)
Chapter 525: Crisis! The Unconscious Wang Fu!
Chapter 526: Stabilizing Morale!
Chapter 527: Taking Command of the Army! The Astonishing Retreat!
Chapter 528: Turning Point! Counterattack!
Chapter 529: Turning Point! Counterattack! (II)
Chapter 530: Turning Point! Counterattack! (III)
Chapter 531: The Swordfanged Beast,Jiaosiluo!
Chapter 532: Hidden Danger! Fengjiayi!
Chapter 533: The Crown Prince of Mengshe Zhao! The Geng Metal Halo!
Chapter 534: Controlling the Battlefield! Wang Yan Appears!
Chapter 535: Turning Point! The First Victory!
Chapter 536: Argument! Zhangchou Jianqiong's Token!
Chapter 537: Xianyu Zhongtong in Peril!
Chapter 538: Besieging the Enemy to Defeat Reinforcements1! Wang Chong's Resolve!
Chapter 539: Ambush! The Easily Frightened Jiaosiluo!
Chapter 540: Impact! Tibetan Versus Tibetan
Chapter 541: Transformation! Martial General Halo!
Chapter 542: Constantly on the Run! Wang Chong's Harassing Attacks!
Chapter 543: The Fierce Tiger Leaves the Gate! Huoshu Huicang's Strike
Chapter 544: Confrontation! The Invisible Contest!
Chapter 545: Plot! Luring the Tiger From the Mountain!
Chapter 546: Breaking the Encirclement! The Transfer of Authority
Chapter 547: Ambush! Alliance Between Wang Yan and Xianyu!
Chapter 548: Retreat! Huoshu Huicang's Killing Intent!
Chapter 549: Planning! A Long-Distance Clash!
Chapter 550: The Capital! The Unfathomable Mind of the Emperor!
Chapter 551: The Sage Emperor's Intentions! The Storm Over the Capital!
Chapter 552: A True Man! The Calm Before the Storm!
Chapter 553: Yuanfeng Mountain! Wu of Han's Edict to Open Dian!
Chapter 554: Meeting With an Old Friend! Zhang Shouzhi!
Chapter 555: The Final Plans! The Quarrel in the Tent!
Chapter 556: The Attention of Mengshe and ü-Tsang! The Enemy Targeted by All!
Chapter 557: Dalun Ruozan's Judgment! The Astonishing Result
Chapter 558: Dalun Ruozan's Insight!
Chapter 559: The Decisive Battle! Prelude!
Chapter 560: The City of Miracles! Wang Chong's Fighting Intent!
Chapter 561: Meeting! Dalun Ruozan's Probe!
Chapter 562: The Battle Begins!
Chapter 563: The Decisive Battle! The Whitestone Corps!
Chapter 564: Walking into a Trap! Both Sides Sound Each Other Out!
Chapter 565: The Decisive Battle! Initial Victory!
Chapter 566: The Decisive Battle! The Second Wave of Fighting!
Chapter 567: The Decisive Battle! Duan Wuzong Strikes!
Chapter 568: The Decisive Battle! Old Foe!
Chapter 569: The Decisive Battle! The Highest Level of the Art of War!
Chapter 570: The Decisive Battle! Facing a Dilemma!
Chapter 571: The Decisive Battle! ü-Tsang Begins to Move!
Chapter 572: The Decisive Battle! Annan, Iron Spear Luo!
Chapter 573: The Decisive Battle! The Wind Blows, Generals Clash!
Chapter 574: The Decisive Battle! Death's Scythe!
Chapter 575: The Decisive Battle! Jiaosiluo's Panic!
Chapter 576: The Decisive Battle! Dalun Ruozan's Hidden Move!
Chapter 577: The Decisive Battle! The Death of Jiaosiluo!
Chapter 578: The Decisive Battle! Longqinba Retreats!
Chapter 579: The Decisive Battle! The Unspoken Challenge
Chapter 580: The Decisive Battle! A New Wave of Offense!
Chapter 581: The Decisive Battle! Dalun Ruozan's Counterattack!
Chapter 582: The Decisive Battle! Arabian Kerosene!
Chapter 583: The Decisive Battle! Tumi Sangzha!
Chapter 584: The Decisive Battle! The King of Black Iron!
Chapter 585: The Decisive Battle! Threat!
Chapter 585: The Decisive Battle! Threat!
Chapter 586: The Decisive Battle! A Duel of Tactics!
Chapter 587: The Decisive Battle! Ballistae Show Their Might!
Chapter 588: The Decisive Battle! Geluofeng's Killing Intent!
Chapter 589: The Decisive Battle! A Vague Exchange of Sharp Words!
Chapter 590: The Decisive Battle! Both Sides Display Their Strategies!
Chapter 591: The Decisive Battle
Chapter 592: The Decisive Battle! The White Elephant Corps!
Chapter 593: The Decisive Battle! Besieged by Elephants!
Chapter 594: The Decisive Battle! The Danger of Wang Chong!
Chapter 595: The Decisive Battle! The Elephant's Weak Point!
Chapter 596: The Decisive Battle! The Plan to Break Elephants!
Chapter 597: The Decisive Battle! The Great Minister's Night Probe!
Chapter 598: The Decisive Battle! Mutual Night Raids!
Chapter 599: The Decisive Battle! Wang Chong's Difficulties!
Chapter 600: The Decisive Battle! Lethal Point and Danger!
Chapter 601: The Decisive Battle! Dalun Ruozan's Plan!
Chapter 602: The Decisive Battle! A Clash of Ten Thousand Generals! I
Chapter 603: The Decisive Battle! A Clash of Ten Thousand Generals! II
Chapter 604: The Decisive Battle! A Clash of Ten Thousand Generals III
Chapter 605: The Decisive Battle! The Skyquaking Army!
Chapter 606: The Decisive Battle! The Dragon Son Corps!
Chapter 607: The Decisive Battle! A Great General's Fight!
Chapter 608: The Decisive Battle! The Mighty Miracle God!
Chapter 609: The Decisive Battle! Meat Grinder!
Chapter 610: The Decisive Battle! A Single Phrase!
Chapter 611: The Decisive Battle! Deliberations!
Chapter 612: The Decisive Battle! Wang Chong's Hidden Move!
Chapter 613: The Decisive Battle!
Chapter 614: The Decisive Battle! Xu Qiqin's Predicament!
Chapter 615: The Decisive Battle!
Chapter 616: The Decisive Battle! The Strike of Mighty Miracle!
Chapter 617: The Decisive Battle! Dalun Ruozan's Plight!
Chapter 618: The Decisive Battle! Water Source on the Mountain!
Chapter 619: The Decisive Battle! A Forced Choice!
Chapter 620: The Decisive Battle! The Final Negotiation!
Chapter 621: The Decisive Battle! The Final Battle!
Chapter 622: The Decisive Battle! Xianyu Zhongtong's Unease!
Chapter 623: The Decisive Battle! The Terrifying Duan Gequan!
Chapter 624: The Decisive Battle! The Whole Front Collapses!
Chapter 625: The Decisive Battle! The Second Berserker Syndrome!
Chapter 626: The Decisive Battle! Surge in Strength!
Chapter 627: The Decisive Battle! Imperial Martial Realm!
Chapter 628: The Decisive Battle! Exhaustion!
Chapter 629: The Decisive Battle! Clear-Headed, After the Berserk Madness!
Chapter 630: The Decisive Battle! Burning the Granaries!
Chapter 631: The Decisive Battle! The Tricked Geluofeng!
Chapter 632: The Decisive Battle! The Defeated Mengshe–ü-Tsang Army!
Chapter 633: Coda!
Chapter 634: After the Battle!
Chapter 635: Black Arrow!
Chapter 636: The Capital Astir!
Chapter 637: The Capital Astir! II
Chapter 638: The Shocked Border! I
Chapter 639: The Shocked Border! II
Chapter 640: The Start of Everything, Zhang Qiantuo I
Chapter 641: The Start of Everything, Zhang Qiantuo II
Chapter 642: King Song Arrives!
Chapter 643: Returning to the Capital!
Chapter 644: The Whole Town Turns Out!
Chapter 645: Another Meeting with Su Zhengchen I
Chapter 646: Another Meeting with Su Zhengchen II
Chapter 647: Court Debate
Chapter 648: Audience at Court I
Chapter 649: Audience at Court II
Chapter 650: Audience at Court III
Chapter 651: The Title of Marquis!
Chapter 652: The Sage Emperor of the Great Tang!
Chapter 653: The Son of Heaven's Disciple!
Chapter 654: The Mountain of God!
Chapter 655: The Gathering of Foreign Powers!
Chapter 656: Each With Their Own Axe to Grind!
Chapter 657: Paying a Visit to the Xu Clan!
Chapter 658: Courtesy Before Force!
Chapter 659: Camel Bells on the Qixi Road!
Chapter 660: The Taibai Immortal's Pavilion!
Chapter 661: A New Plan!
Chapter 662: Assassination!
Chapter 663: Assassination! II
Chapter 664: Meeting Second Brother Wang Bei Again
Chapter 665: Lu Wu! I
Chapter 666: Lu Wu II
Chapter 667: Lu Wu III
Chapter 668: The Enraged Little Sister
Chapter 669: Finding a Clue!
Chapter 670: Enemy Discovered!
Chapter 671: Lu Wu's Beast Transformation!
Chapter 672: Driving a Tiger to Swallow a Wolf!
Chapter 673: The Demonic Emperor Old Man Steps Onto Stage!
Chapter 674: Imparting the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!
Chapter 675: Counterattack I
Chapter 676: Counterattack II
Chapter 677: Fief!
Chapter 678: Operating a City!
Chapter 679: The Strongest in the World, the Wushang Cavalry!
Chapter 680: All-Embracing, the Largest City!
Chapter 681: The Third Plan!
Chapter 682: Overarching Strategy, Cement! I
Chapter 683: Overarching Strategy, Cement! II
Chapter 684: Kunwu Training Camp, Developments!
Chapter 685: Strange Activity in the Palace, the Fifth Prince! I
Chapter 686: Strange Activity in the Palace, the Fifth Prince! II
Chapter 687: Du Zhiqi!
Chapter 688: Li Heng's Disaster!
Chapter 689: Palace Debate!
Chapter 690: Victory and Defeat! I
Chapter 691: Victory and Defeat II
Chapter 692: Yuan Shusong
Chapter 693: Information on Talas!
Chapter 694: Li Siye's Problems!
Chapter 695: Wushang Village I
Chapter 696: Wushang Village II
Chapter 697: Wushang Village III
Chapter 698: Qin Qicheng, the Great Divine Ape
Chapter 699: Wang Chong Strikes!
Chapter 700: Stone General, Huang Botian
Chapter 701: Defeating Huang Botian!
Chapter 702: Experts as Thick as Clouds!
Chapter 703: Mission, Grand Marshal's Summons!
Chapter 704: Refusal, the Chief of Wushang Village!
Chapter 705: The Peril of the Lunar Eclipse I
Chapter 706: The Peril of the Lunar Eclipse II
Chapter 707: The Peril of the Lunar Eclipse III
Chapter 708: The Peril of the Lunar Eclipse IV
Chapter 709: Danger! Wushang Village Chief!
Chapter 710: Recruitment Successful I
Chapter 711: Recruitment Successful II
Chapter 712: Recruitment Successful III
Chapter 713: Going Forward with One's Dreams!
Chapter 714: The City of Steel I
Chapter 715: The City of Steel II
Chapter 716: The City of Steel III
Chapter 717: One-Night Miracle! I
Chapter 718: One-Night Miracle II
Chapter 719: The Crucial Qixi!
Chapter 720: Hulayeg, the Number One Turkic Horse Merchant!
Chapter 721: The Largest Horse Transaction in History!
Chapter 722: Hulayeg's Pitfall!
Chapter 723: Warhorse Transaction Concluded!
Chapter 724: Fumeng Lingcha's Warning I
Chapter 725: Fumeng Lingcha's Warning II
Chapter 726: Fumeng Lingcha's Warning III
Chapter 727: The Threat from the Plateau!
Chapter 728: Hidden Danger!
Chapter 729: Cavalry Attack!
Chapter 730: The White Braves!
Chapter 731: Attack on the City!
Chapter 732: Counterattack
Chapter 733: Ballista Team
Chapter 734: Dayan Mangban!
Chapter 735: The Threat to Qixi!
Chapter 736: Fierce Battle with Dayan Mangban I
Chapter 737: Fierce Battle with Dayan Mangban II
Chapter 738: Fierce Battle with Dayan Mangban III
Chapter 739: Frightening Away Dayan!
Chapter 740: Fumeng Lingcha's Fury
Chapter 741: Dayan Mangban's Counterattack
Chapter 742: The Return of the Wushang Cavalry!
Chapter 743: News from Hulayeg
Chapter 744: Ten Thousand High-Quality Turkic Warhorses!
Chapter 745: Shock!
Chapter 746: A Contest of Daring!
Chapter 747: Eagle Team! I
Chapter 748: Eagle Team! II
Chapter 749: Heaven Pillar Mountain, Secret Path to the Plateau!
Chapter 750: Assault on Tsongkha Zhangzhung Camp!
Chapter 751: Before the Battle!
Chapter 752: First Battle! I
Chapter 753: First Battle! II
Chapter 754: First Battle III
Chapter 755: Zhangzhung Wiped Out!
Chapter 756: Dayan Mangban's Rage!
Chapter 757: After Action Report!
Chapter 758: A Method for Dealing with Altitude Sickness!
Chapter 759: The Strength of an Entire Country!
Chapter 760: A Letter Flying to Anxi!
Chapter 761: The Twin Walls of the Empire!
Chapter 762: The Great Tang Warhorse Mission!
Chapter 763: Activity on the Plateau!
Chapter 764: Aerial Battle over the Plateau!
Chapter 765: The Alarmed Qixi Protectorate
Chapter 766: Buluhu's Mountain Army
Chapter 767: Baiting the Mountain Army!
Chapter 768: Defeating the Mountain Army!
Chapter 769: The Death of Buluhu!
Chapter 770: Explosive Rage! Dayan Mangban Moves Out!
Chapter 771: The Great Army Attacks!
Chapter 772: Long-Distance Standoff!
Chapter 773: A Meeting of Enemies
Chapter 774: The Cunning Dayan Mangban!
Chapter 775: Dust Explosion!
Chapter 776: Major Victory!
Chapter 777: Preparations for the Second Wave!
Chapter 778: Karmic Battle Armor!
Chapter 779: Dayan Mangban Attacks!
Chapter 780: The White Braves, the Great Bon Formation!
Chapter 781: A Clash of the Strongest Cavalry!
Chapter 782: Ten Charges, Ten Victories!
Chapter 783: Fierce Battle!
Chapter 784: The Heart of the Great Bon!
Chapter 785: Clash of Champions!
Chapter 786: The Heart of the Great Bon Is Broken!
Chapter 787: The Second Layer, the Vast Heaven Earth Art!
Chapter 788: Defeat!
Chapter 789: Fumeng Lingcha's Choice!
Chapter 790: The Last Battle!
Chapter 791: Dusong Mangpoje's Fear! I
Chapter 792: Dusong Mangpoje's Fear! II
Chapter 793: The Death of Dayan Mangban! I
Chapter 794: The Death of Dayan Mangban! II
Chapter 795: Dusong Mangpoje, Escaping Without a Trace!
Chapter 796: An Intangible Clash with Fumeng Lingcha!
Chapter 797: The Western Regions Quake!
Chapter 798: Fumeng Lingcha's Unease!
Chapter 799: Fumeng Lingcha's Ambition!
Chapter 800: Progress on the Slurry Road!
Chapter 801: Cement Road! I
Chapter 802: Cement Road II
Chapter 803: Mission Reward, Road of Awakening!
Chapter 804: The Beginning of a Major Incident!
Chapter 805: Mobilization!
Chapter 806: Sounding Out!
Chapter 807: Unexpected Development!
Chapter 808: Long-Distance Clash! Wang Chong! Fumeng Lingcha!
Chapter 809: Wang Chong Wins Out!
Chapter 810: Clan Alliance!
Chapter 811: King Song Moves!
Chapter 812: Strategies Devised in the Tent!
Chapter 813: The Xueyang Palace Incident!
Chapter 814: Storm!
Chapter 815: Fumeng Lingcha's Confidence!
Chapter 816: Making Trouble, the Trump Card!
Chapter 817: Tempest, Fumeng Lingcha's Oath of Fealty!
Chapter 818: The Plot Exposed, the Dagger is Drawn—Fumeng Lingcha's Fury!
Chapter 819: Fumeng Lingcha's End! I
Chapter 820: Fumeng Lingcha's End! II
Chapter 821: A Candidate for Qixi Protector-General!
Chapter 822: Court Debate, Selection of Protector-General! I
Chapter 823: Court Debate, Selection of Protector-General! II
Chapter 824: Court Debate, Selection of Protector-General! III
Chapter 825: The Western Turks' Black Wolf Yabgu!
Chapter 826: The Qixi Armory, the Ideal Opportunity!
Chapter 827: Ambush, the Black Wolf Yabgu!
Chapter 828: Fierce Battle at the Armory! I
Chapter 829: Fierce Battle at the Armory! II
Chapter 830: The Death of the Black Wolf Yabgu!
Chapter 831: Crushing Victory!
Chapter 832: Captive, the Turkic Fourth Prince?!
Chapter 833: Ishbara Khagan of the Western Turks!
Chapter 834: Qixi Protector-General! Wang Chong?
Chapter 835: The World Stunned—the Youngest Protector-General!
Chapter 836: Earthquake! Winds Stir, Clouds Gather! I
Chapter 837: Earthquake! Winds Stir, Clouds Gather! II
Chapter 838: Dusong Mangpoje and the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple!
Chapter 839: Adjustment of Strategies!
Chapter 840: Sword Pointed at Arabia!
Chapter 841: The Blackwater Shaman!
Chapter 842: Lowly, Lowly Hulayeg!
Chapter 843: Soldiers Approach Qixi!
Chapter 844: Brutal Suppression!
Chapter 845: Gudu Li, Die!
Chapter 846: Consolidating Qixi! I
Chapter 847: Consolidating Qixi! II
Chapter 848: The Rules of Great Generals
Chapter 849: Sudden Change in Anxi!
Chapter 850: The Crisis of Talas!
Chapter 851: Inconceivable Countermeasure!
Chapter 852: Taking the Roads of ü-Tsang!
Chapter 853: Scouring the Turkic Steppe
Chapter 854: Hiring the Gangke Tribe!
Chapter 855: The Kings of Mercenaries!
Chapter 856: Sworn Enemies, the Saka!
Chapter 857: Intimidation! Kill the Chicken to Warn the Monkeys!
Chapter 858: News on the Hyderabad Ore!
Chapter 859: ü-Tsang, the Royal Capital's Prison!
Chapter 860: Dalun Ruozan, Washed Free of Attachments!
Chapter 861: Two Hundred Thousand Warhorses!
Chapter 862: Court Debate, Decision! I
Chapter 863: Court Debate, Decision! II
Chapter 864: The Last Step, the Meteoric Metal Arrives!
Chapter 865: The Fate of the Anxi Protectorate Army!
Chapter 866: Warning, Fall of a Great General!
Chapter 867: Talas, the Army Departs!
Chapter 868: Backhanded Trick, Secretly Controlling the Karluks!
Chapter 869: Suiye City!
Chapter 870: The Twin Walls of the Empire, Feng Changqing!
Chapter 871: Contact, the First Aerial Battle!
Chapter 872: Talas, the Final Step!
Chapter 873: Arrival at the Battlefield!
Chapter 874: Charge, Battle Against the Arabs!
Chapter 875: Vicious Battle, Clash of East and West!
Chapter 876: The Arabs, Defeated! I
Chapter 877: The Arabs, Defeated! II
Chapter 878: The Arabs, Defeated! III
Chapter 879: A Meeting of Protector-Generals, Gao Xianzhi!
Chapter 880: Wang Chong, Exchanging Blows Through the Air!
Chapter 881: The Bakr Cataphracts of Arabia!
Chapter 882: The Arab Commander-in-Chief!
Chapter 883: An Astonishingly Brilliant Mind for Strategy!
Chapter 884: Wanhe Peiluo's Rage!
Chapter 885: The Desperate Battle of a Cornered Beast!
Chapter 886: Doomsday for the Karluks!
Chapter 887: The Death of Wanhe Peiluo!
Chapter 888: Lingering Echo! I
Chapter 889: Lingering Echo! II
Chapter 890: Dalun Ruozan Appears!
Chapter 891: A Map of the Continent!
Chapter 892: An Invisible Clash of Scouts!
Chapter 893: Calamity on the Doorstep
Chapter 894: The Final Decision, Fight!
Chapter 895: The Second Defense Line!
Chapter 896: A Meeting of Cunning Foes!
Chapter 897: The Celestial Wolf Great General!
Chapter 898: Turko-Tibetan Alliance!!
Chapter 899: Open Scheme!
Chapter 900: The Battle Begins!
Chapter 901: The Number Three Man, Xi Yuanqing!
Chapter 902: The Iron Beast Army!
Chapter 903: The Terrifying Dalun Ruozan!
Chapter 904: The Wise Minister's Stratagems!
Chapter 905: Wang Chong's Countermeasures!
Chapter 906: The Arabs' Urgent Assault!
Chapter 907: Sharp Edge, the General Stars of Deflecting Blade Manor!
Chapter 908: Wang Chong Strikes! The Bane of the Battlefield Halo!
Chapter 909: Containing the Great Generals!
Chapter 910: The Three Great Cavalry Forces: Wushang Versus Celestial Wolf!
Chapter 911: The Celestial Wolf Illusory Formation!
Chapter 912: Formation Phenomena!
Chapter 913: A Cavalry Struggle for Dominance!
Chapter 914: Shamask!
Chapter 915: The Skanda Halo!
Chapter 916: Move Out, Mutri Great Cavalry!
Chapter 917: Wushang Versus Mutri!
Chapter 918: Huoba Sangye!
Chapter 919: Wang Chong's Art of War!
Chapter 920: The Celestial Wolf Great General!
Chapter 921: Godking Yama!
Chapter 922: Battle of Great Generals! I
Chapter 923: Battle of Great Generals! II
Chapter 924: The Eastern Front Withdraws, the Western Front Begins!
Chapter 925: A Clash of Powerhouses!
Chapter 926: Wang Chong's Warning!
Chapter 927: Generals Gather, Strategic Deliberations I
Chapter 928: Generals Gather, Strategic Deliberations II
Chapter 929: Generals Gather, Strategic Deliberations III
Chapter 930: Darkness Descends; the Undercurrent Surges!
Chapter 931: Predicting the Enemy I
Chapter 932: Predicting the Enemy II
Chapter 933: Predicting the Enemy III
Chapter 934: Predicting the Enemy IV
Chapter 935: Predicting the Enemy V
Chapter 936: Night Battle I
Chapter 937: Night Battle II
Chapter 938: Night Battle III
Chapter 939: Night Battle IV
Chapter 940: After the Battle
Chapter 941: Dalun Ruozan's Bewilderment!
Chapter 942: The Stupefying Truth!
Chapter 943: A Long-Distance Clash!
Chapter 944: The Behemoth Army!
Chapter 945: The Descent of a Myth!
Chapter 946: The Behemoths Attack!
Chapter 947: Behemoth Battle I
Chapter 948: Behemoth Battle II
Chapter 949: Behemoth Battle III
Chapter 950: Wang Chong's Hidden Move!
Chapter 951: Giant Ballista!
Chapter 952: Behemoths: The Terrorizer and the Destroyer!
Chapter 953: Danger, Behemoths Strike!
Chapter 954: The Fire of Lu Wu!
Chapter 955: Crisis, Sign of Collapse!
Chapter 956: Golden Bow, Release the Mighty Arrow!
Chapter 957: Step Onto Stage, Giant Ballista! I
Chapter 958: Step Onto Stage, Giant Ballista! II
Chapter 959: Step Onto Stage, Giant Ballista! III
Chapter 960: Sound the Horns! The Skyquaking Army!
Chapter 961: Before the Battle, the Hidden Danger!
Chapter 962: Giants! Meteors Plunge From the Heavens!
Chapter 963: The Threat of the Skyquaking Giants!
Chapter 964: Wushang Cavalry Versus Skyquaking Giants!
Chapter 965: The Gangke King Enters the Fray!
Chapter 966: The King of Giants!
Chapter 967: Ghareeb Hassam
Chapter 968: Defend the Giant Ballista!
Chapter 969: Brigadier General Banahan Joins the Battle!
Chapter 970: The Tide of Behemoths!
Chapter 971: Duwu Sili's Killing Intent!
Chapter 972: Unbending Resolve! I
Chapter 973: Unbending Resolve! II
Chapter 974: The Crazed Masil!
Chapter 975: Psychic Energy Expert!
Chapter 976: Battle Between Psychic Energy Experts!
Chapter 977: Shadow Pierce!
Chapter 978: Behemoth Fusion Art!
Chapter 979: Psychic Energy, the Art of Beast Taming!
Chapter 980: The Psychic World!
Chapter 981: Darkness! The Abyssal World!
Chapter 982: Unthinkable Art, Blazing Sun!
Chapter 983: Discord Amongst the Behemoths!
Chapter 984: The Eye of the Demon God!
Chapter 985: Asmodai's Fury
Chapter 986: Reversing the Tides of Battle!
Chapter 987: Counterattack Against the Arabs!
Chapter 988: Fighting the Governor of Iron and Blood!
Chapter 989: The Death of Masil!
Chapter 990: The Armor of B'hemah!
Chapter 991: Slaughtering the Skyquaking Giants!
Chapter 992: Dominating the Battlefield!
Chapter 993: Strange Signs Amongst the Behemoths!
Chapter 994: The Flaw of the Behemoths!
Chapter 995: The Governor of Iron and Blood's Confusion!
Chapter 996: Forced Retreat!
Chapter 997: Absorbing the Giant!
Chapter 998: Duwu Sili's True Goal!
Chapter 999: The Aftereffects of the Battle!
Chapter 1000: Duwu Sili's Ambition!
Chapter 1001: Discovery!
Chapter 1002: An Army Approaches the Western Turkic Camp!
Chapter 1003: Clash!
Chapter 1004: Dalun Ruozan, the Oriole Stalking Behind!
Chapter 1005: The Giant Ape Sweeps Aside All!
Chapter 1006: Duwu Sili's Compromise!
Chapter 1007: Transaction! I
Chapter 1008: Transaction! II
Chapter 1009: Each With Their Own Plans!
Chapter 1010: Pitched Battle!
Chapter 1011: Fighting and Scheming Over Pieces of Paper!
Chapter 1012: Scheming Against Each Other
Chapter 1013: Phase Reward!
Chapter 1014: News of Victory Arrives at Court!
Chapter 1015: The Black Fores
Chapter 1016: Khorasan
Chapter 1017: The Mamelukes and the High Priest!
Chapter 1018: Dalun Ruozan's Smile
Chapter 1019: The Half-Real Half-Fake Formation Phenomena!
Chapter 1020: Well-Mapped Strategy!
Chapter 1021: Sassanid Emissary!
Chapter 1022: Report from Khorasan!
Chapter 1023: A Letter Sent to the Capital!
Chapter 1024: A Shift to the East of the Cong Mountains!
Chapter 1025: Court Debate!
Chapter 1026: King Song's Worries!
Chapter 1027: The Great Tang Marches into Battle!
Chapter 1028: Thunderous Storms in All Directions!
Chapter 1029: New Plan!
Chapter 1030: Mo Saber Unit1!
Chapter 1031: Gao Xianzhi's Great General's Heart!
Chapter 1032: The Black Corrosion of the Sun! I
Chapter 1033: The Black Corrosion of the Sun! II
Chapter 1034: Troublemakers at Court! I
Chapter 1035: Troublemakers at Court! II
Chapter 1036: Troublemakers at Court! III
Chapter 1037: Troublemakers at Court! IV
Chapter 1038: The Final Verdict!
Chapter 1039: Move Out, Supreme Army!
Chapter 1040: The Geniuses of the Tibetan Great Clans!
Chapter 1041: Great Distortion Art!
Chapter 1042: The Mo Saber Unit Takes Form!
Chapter 1043: The Ultimate Martial Army!
Chapter 1044: Arabia! The Army Gathers!
Chapter 1045: The Great Tang's Dragon Vein!
Chapter 1046: The Mysterious War Banner!
Chapter 1047: The Sanmi Great General!
Chapter 1048: Divine Martial Army!
Chapter 1049: Setting Off for Talas!
Chapter 1050: Three Sides Gather!
Chapter 1051: The Assault of a Powerful Enemy!
Chapter 1052: War Approaches!
Chapter 1053: Clash of Titans!
Chapter 1054: The War Begins!
Chapter 1055: Crimson Moon Vanguard!
Chapter 1056: Clash of Armies!
Chapter 1057: A Battle Without Precedent in History I
Chapter 1058: A Battle Without Precedent in History II
Chapter 1059: A Battle Without Precedent in History III
Chapter 1060: A Battle Without Precedent in History IV
Chapter 1061: A Battle Without Precedent in History V
Chapter 1062: A Battle Without Precedent in History VI
Chapter 1063: A Battle Without Precedent in History VII
Chapter 1064: A Battle Without Precedent in History VIII
Chapter 1065: The Demonic Emperor Old Man Appears!
Chapter 1066: Qutaybah Retreats!
Chapter 1067: Above the Peak of Saint Martial!
Chapter 1068: Gathering of Elites!
Chapter 1069: Arabia's Ally, Dalun Ruozan Arrives
Chapter 1070: The Battle Restarts!
Chapter 1071: A Battle of Four Armies!
Chapter 1072: Su Hanshan's First Battle!
Chapter 1073: The Divine Martial Army Moves Out!
Chapter 1074: Divine Prison Army!
Chapter 1075: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies I
Chapter 1076: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies II
Chapter 1077: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies III
Chapter 1078: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies IV
Chapter 1079: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies V
Chapter 1080: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies VI
Chapter 1081: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies VII
Chapter 1082: A Battle Between Top-Class Armies VIII
Chapter 1083: The Mamelukes!
Chapter 1084: The Kings of Cavalry Clash! I
Chapter 1085: The Kings of Cavalry Clash! II
Chapter 1086: Revelation Army!
Chapter 1087: The Invincible Revelation, the Terrifying Army!
Chapter 1088: The Tongluo Cavalry Arrive!
Chapter 1089: Tongluo Cavalry Versus Revelation Army!
Chapter 1090: Great Generals Move Out!
Chapter 1091: Arabia Retreats in Defeat!
Chapter 1092 - After-Battle Conference!
Chapter 1093: The Nine Dragon Blood War Banner!
Chapter 1094: Qutaybah's Order!
Chapter 1095: The Next Day, Another Battle!
Chapter 1096: Breaking the Turkic Formation Phenomena!
Chapter 1097: Another Battle!
Chapter 1098: The Dragon Battles Across the Field! I
Chapter 1099: The Dragon Battles Across the Field! II
Chapter 1100: The Remolded Great Tang Army!
Chapter 1101: Unstoppable!
Chapter 1102: The Might of the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner!
Chapter 1103: Revelation's Nightmare!
Chapter 1104: The Shock of the Arabs!
Chapter 1105: The Demonic Emperor Old Man Versus Qutaybah!
Chapter 1106: The Eight Ultimate Sunderings Art!
Chapter 1107: Great General Melee!
Chapter 1108: Duwu Sili's Goal!
Chapter 1109: Danger! The Nine Dragon Blood War Banner!
Chapter 1110: Counterattack! The Black-Armored Guard!
Chapter 1111: Strike! Demonic Emperor Old Man!
Chapter 1112: The Army Victorious!
Chapter 1113: Inheritance, the Origin of Energy!
Chapter 1114: The World of Energy!
Chapter 1115: Dalun Ruozan's Persuasiveness I
Chapter 1116: Dalun Ruozan's Persuasiveness II
Chapter 1117: Wang Chong's Plan!
Chapter 1118: Break the Cauldrons and Sink the Boats!
Chapter 1119: The End of Duwu Sili! I
Chapter 1120: The End of Duwu Sili! II
Chapter 1121: Wang Yan in Danger!
Chapter 1122: Fierce Battle of Great Generals!
Chapter 1122: Fierce Battle of Great Generals!
Chapter 1123: The Holy Temple's Sacred Bell!
Chapter 1124: Intricately Linked Plans!
Chapter 1125: Unprecedented Crisis
Chapter 1126: The Stone of Destiny's Warning
Chapter 1127: Reborn in Blood!
Chapter 1128: Counterattack! The Arab Nightmare!
Chapter 1129: Battle with Dusong Mangpoje!
Chapter 1130: The Death of Dusong Mangpoje!
Chapter 1131: The Veda Sacred Bell!
Chapter 1132: Rescuing Master!
Chapter 1133: The Ocean Holds All Rivers, a Great Heart Embraces All
Chapter 1134: The Demonic Emperor Returns Alive!
Chapter 1135: Upgrade, Imperial Great General!
Chapter 1136: The Entire Army Retreats!
Chapter 1137: The Final and Decisive Battle!
Chapter 1138: Hanging by a Thread!
Chapter 1139: Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor
Chapter 1140: The Power of the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor!
Chapter 1141: Striking Back in Desperate Straits!
Chapter 1142: Detonating the Myriad Rakshasa Formation!
Chapter 1143: The Death of Qutaybah I
Chapter 1144: The Death of Qutaybah II
Chapter 1145: The Death of Qutaybah III
Chapter 1146: The Death of Qutaybah IV
Chapter 1147: The Death of Qutaybah V
Chapter 1148: The Death of Qutaybah VI
Chapter 1149: The Death of Qutaybah VII
Chapter 1150: The Death of Qutaybah VIII
Chapter 1151: The Death of Huoshu Huicang!
Chapter 1152: General and Minister!
Chapter 1153: Dalun Ruozan's Request!
Chapter 1154: The Death of Dalun Ruozan!
Chapter 1155: The Sassanid Dynasty's Great General!
Chapter 1156: Samarkand!
Chapter 1157: The Shocked Kingdoms!
Chapter 1158: The Convulsing Capital!
Chapter 1159: The Glory of a Noble Title!
Chapter 1160: Forgetting Each Other Amongst the Lakes and Rivers1!
Chapter 1161: Breaching Khorasan!
Chapter 1162: Killing Ziyad!
Chapter 1163: War Compensation
Chapter 1164: The Caliph's Fury!
Chapter 1165: The Purpose of War!
Chapter 1166: One Billion Taels!
Chapter 1167: Wrathful Arabia!
Chapter 1168: Soldiers Encroach Upon the City!
Chapter 1169: Domineering Assault!
Chapter 1170: Pahlavi Dies!
Chapter 1171: Another Two Hundred Million Taels Obtained!
Chapter 1172: Coalition with the Great Tang!
Chapter 1173: Surrender?
Chapter 1174: Delay? Playing Games!
Chapter 1175: Attack Mid-Crossing!
Chapter 1176: Battle, the Three Titans of Black Radiance!
Chapter 1177: The Advantage of the Tigris River!
Chapter 1178: Prepare, Another Battle!
Chapter 1179: Omen, Little Ice Age!
Chapter 1180: The Little Ice Age, Invasion!
Chapter 1181: Pursuit in the Blizzard!
Chapter 1182: Raid, Arabia's Nightmare!
Chapter 1183: Arabia's Predicament!
Chapter 1184: Stratagems in the Snow I
Chapter 1185: Stratagems in the Snow II
Chapter 1186: Stratagems in the Snow III
Chapter 1187: The Riddle of Destiny!
Chapter 1188: The Rebel Army's Worries!
Chapter 1189: Coincidentally Sharing the Same View!
Chapter 1190: Dalon Trinling!
Chapter 1191: Agreement, the Khorasan Articles!
Chapter 1192: Managing Khorasan!
Chapter 1193: The Ancient Elam Dynasty!
Chapter 1194: The Book of Paimon!
Chapter 1195: The Mysterious Symbol!
Chapter 1196: Hyderabad Mine!
Chapter 1197: Hyderabad's High Priest!
Chapter 1198: The True and Fake High Priests!
Chapter 1199: The Enormous Energy Underground!
Chapter 1200: The Mysterious Voice!
Chapter 1200: The Mysterious Voice!
Chapter 1201: The Square Metal Box!
Chapter 1202: Night Raid, the Black-Clothed People Reappear!
Chapter 1203: The Fire of Ju Bi!
Chapter 1204: Pacification and Return to Khorasan!
Chapter 1205: Sassanid Princess!
Chapter 1206: The Third Eunuch of the Great Tang, Bian Lingcheng!
Chapter 1207: Intimidating Bian Lingcheng I
Chapter 1208: Intimidating Bian Lingcheng II
Chapter 1209: Subduing Bian Lingcheng!
Chapter 1210: The Third Major Battle!
Chapter 1211: The High Priest's Prophecy!
Chapter 1212: Fire God Festival!
Chapter 1213: King of Foreign Lands!
Chapter 1214: Shock! Stripping of Military Authority!
Chapter 1215: Returning to the Capital on Imperial Decree!
Chapter 1216: The Invisible Storm!
Chapter 1217: Endless Darkness!
Chapter 1218: Geshu Han's Send-Off!
Chapter 1219: The Hope of the Great Tang!
Chapter 1220: Sensational Return to the Capital!
Chapter 1221: Spiritual Legacy!
Chapter 1222: Officials Pack the Streets!
Chapter 1223: The Undercurrent at the City Gate!
Chapter 1224: Challenge!
Chapter 1225: The Furious Old Imperial Censor!
Chapter 1226: The Capital Under a New Sky!
Chapter 1227: The King Song Residence, Meeting the Old Butler!
Chapter 1228: Another Meeting with Zhangchou Jianqiong!
Chapter 1229: Entering the Palace to Meet the Divine!
Chapter 1230: The First Prince!
Chapter 1231: The Supreme Sage Emperor I
Chapter 1232: The Supreme Sage Emperor II
Chapter 1233: The Phoenix Polishes the Sparrow, and There Is the Origin!
Chapter 1234: Wang Chong Attends Court!
Chapter 1235: Making Trouble!
Chapter 1236: Easily Dealt With!
Chapter 1237: Dissolving the Prefectural Armies!
Chapter 1238: Infuriating the Grand Preceptor!
Chapter 1239: Wang Chong and King Song!
Chapter 1240: The Great Tang's Prime Minister, Li Genu!
Chapter 1241: The News Brought by Li Heng!
Chapter 1242: Brush Away the Clouds to See the Sun!
Chapter 1243: Wang Chong's Counterattack!
Chapter 1244: Revealed, the Instigator Behind the Curtain! I
Chapter 1245: Revealed, the Instigator Behind the Curtain! II
Chapter 1246: Niu Xiantong!
Chapter 1247: The Youzhou Incident!
Chapter 1248: Within Reach!
Chapter 1249: A Sword Pointed at Zhang Shougui!
Chapter 1250: Personal Letter!
Chapter 1251: Zhang Shougui's Gratitude!
Chapter 1252: Floating to the Surface!
Chapter 1253: Finally Revealed, the White-Robed Confucian!
Chapter 1253: Finally Revealed, the White-Robed Confucian!
Chapter 1254: Sounding Each Other Out!
Chapter 1255: A Harmonious World!
Chapter 1256: The Confucian Sect!
Chapter 1257: Fearful of Each Other!
Chapter 1258: Yang Zhao Pays a Visit!
Chapter 1259: Yang Zhao's Worries!
Chapter 1260: The Great Tang's Chamberlain of Palace Revenues, a Master at Currying Favor
Chapter 1261: Consort Taizhen's Unease!
Chapter 1262: The Regent First Prince!
Chapter 1263: The Confucian School's Announcement!
Chapter 1264: Counterattack!
Chapter 1265: The Black Symbol, Bird Seal Script!
Chapter 1266: Shift! Kunwu Training Camp!
Chapter 1267: Incident at the Penal Court!
Chapter 1268: Wang Chong Battles King Qi!
Chapter 1269: The Ruckus Gets Worse!
Chapter 1270: King Song's Prompt Arrival!
Chapter 1271: News on Wen Choushu!
Chapter 1272: The Secret History of the Confucian Sec
Chapter 1273: The He Qingrong Incident!
Chapter 1274: Fierce Debate!
Chapter 1275: Caught Off Guard!
Chapter 1276: The Plot Revealed, Li Junxian!
Chapter 1277: Outplayed!
Chapter 1278: The Whole Story!
Chapter 1279: Wunu Shibi and the Blackwater Shaman!
Chapter 1280: Yeon Gaesomun
Chapter 1281: All the Countries Disarm!
Chapter 1282: Storytellers!
Chapter 1283: New Development! The Office of Supervision
Chapter 1284: The Secretariat Advisor Residence!
Chapter 1285: The Hu Enter the Capital!
Chapter 1286: The Desires of the People!
Chapter 1287: A Battle of Paths!
Chapter 1288: Khorasan in Danger!
Chapter 1289: The Change in the Hearts of the People!
Chapter 1290: Might Makes Right!
Chapter 1291: Major Historical Event!
Chapter 1292: Shaking the World! I
Chapter 1293: Shaking the World! II
Chapter 1294: Shaking the World! III
Chapter 1295: Shaking the World IV
Chapter 1296: Wang Chong's Counterattack!
Chapter 1297: All Sides Watching!
Chapter 1298: Wolf and Dog! I
Chapter 1299: Wolf and Dog! II
Chapter 1300: Wolf and Dog! III
Chapter 1301: Wolf and Dog! IV
Chapter 1302: The Law of the Jungle!
Chapter 1303: Penetrating Deep into the Minds of the People!
Chapter 1304: Ideological Storm!
Chapter 1305: The Sage Temple of the Confucian School!
Chapter 1306: Master Zhu!
Chapter 1307: Inscription, Benevolence and Righteousness!
Chapter 1308: Impeachment!
Chapter 1309: Predicament!
Chapter 1310: Laying Plans!
Chapter 1311: A Moment of Darkness I
Chapter 1312: A Moment of Darkness II
Chapter 1313: A Moment of Darkness III
Chapter 1314: Physically and Mentally Spent!
Chapter 1315: Internal Struggle!
Chapter 1316: Mental Knot! I
Chapter 1317: Mental Knot! II
Chapter 1318: The Duke of E's Invitation Card!
Chapter 1319: Mysterious Meeting!
Chapter 1320: Inheriting an Inextinguishable Spirit and Will!
Chapter 1321: First Buds, the Opening of the Minds of the People! I
Chapter 1322: First Buds, the Opening of the Minds of the People! II
Chapter 1323: The Fire of Mara!
Chapter 1324: Conspiracy in the Darkness!
Chapter 1325: News from the Demonic Emperor!
Chapter 1326: The Ten Eastern Islands!
Chapter 1327: Leaving the Capital!
Chapter 1328: Liuyao City!
Chapter 1329: Ambush! The Black-Clothed Men Strike!
Chapter 1330: Confidently Countered!
Chapter 1331: Yang Ren God Art!
Chapter 1332: The Dread of the Black-Clothed Man!
Chapter 1333: Playing with Men in Bamboo Hats!
Chapter 1334: The Frightened Carriage Driver!
Chapter 1335: The Formation Elder!
Chapter 1336: The Righteous Alliance!
Chapter 1337: Diagram of the Universe!
Chapter 1338: Pursued by a Sect!
Chapter 1339: Instruction at a Time of Dire Peril!
Chapter 1340: Young Master Qingyang!
Chapter 1341: Treacherous Disciple, Ji Andu!
Chapter 1342: The Black Yin Ancestor!
Chapter 1343: Black General Impermanence!
Chapter 1344: Surprise!
Chapter 1345: Wang Chong Makes His Move!
Chapter 1346: Penetrating Gaze!
Chapter 1347: Many Ants Gnawing at the Dragon!
Chapter 1348: The Lord of the Righteous Alliance!
Chapter 1349: The Infinity Token!
Chapter 1350: Master's Whereabouts!
Chapter 1351: Hidden Danger!
Chapter 1352: Night Raid of the Men in Black I
Chapter 1353: Night Raid of the Men in Black II
Chapter 1354: Scheming Against Ji Andu!
Chapter 1355: Song Yuanyi Strikes!
Chapter 1356: A Man in a Bamboo Hat Intervenes!
Chapter 1357: The Eternal Spring Mantra!
Chapter 1358: Not Even a Grain of Dust Disturbed!
Chapter 1359: The Last Bamboo Hat Man!
Chapter 1360: Golden Giant!
Chapter 1361: Thoughts of Retreat!
Chapter 1362: Unexpected Trouble!
Chapter 1363: The Universe Sundering Art!
Chapter 1364: The Men in Black Retreat!
Chapter 1365: Identity Doubted!
Chapter 1366: Throwing a Rock at Your Own Foot!
Chapter 1367: Danger, Song Yuanyi's Doubts!
Chapter 1368: The Origin Immortal Mountain!
Chapter 1369: Martial Artists Gather!
Chapter 1370: Conflict Between Righteous and Evil!
Chapter 1371: The Real and Fake Young Master Qingyang!
Chapter 1372: Differentiating Between Real and Fake!
Chapter 1373: The Conceited Young Master Qingyang!
Chapter 1374: Three Consecutive Victories!
Chapter 1375: Battle, Ghost Owl!
Chapter 1376: The Ghost Prison Art!
Chapter 1377: The Real and Fake Are Indistinguishable!
Chapter 1378: Evenly Matched!
Chapter 1379: The One with Better Skill!
Chapter 1380: Identity Exposed!
Chapter 1381: Theory Versus Actual Combat!
Chapter 1382: The Entire Crowd Startled!
Chapter 1383: Cheerful and Composed!
Chapter 1384: The Demonic Emperor Appears!
Chapter 1385: Scramble, the Treasury Opens!
Chapter 1386: Eastern Turkic King
Chapter 1387: Master and Disciple Meet!
Chapter 1388: Master's Progress!
Chapter 1389: The Formation Elder Appears!
Chapter 1390: Bizarre Formation!
Chapter 1391: Hidden Faction!
Chapter 1392: The Formation's Shift!
Chapter 1393: Seeing Through the View Gate!
Chapter 1394: Eternal Spring Emperor!
Chapter 1395: Fierce Battle!
Chapter 1396: The Five Ancestor Alliance Arrives on the Scene!
Chapter 1397: Apex Clash! I
Chapter 1398: Apex Clash! II
Chapter 1399: The Faction Concealed in the Shadows!
Chapter 1400: Peering into the Formation!
Chapter 1401: Preparing to Move Out!
Chapter 1402: Finding the Truth!
Chapter 1403: Sudden Shift in the Formation!
Chapter 1404: Frightening Golden Beetles!
Chapter 1405: The Art of God and Demon Obliteration Displays Its Might!
Chapter 1406: Summon, Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor!
Chapter 1407: Under the Same Tent!
Chapter 1408: The Lost Energy-Absorbing Stones!
Chapter 1409: The Doomsday Altar!
Chapter 1410: The Universe Puzzle!
Chapter 1411: The Origin Immortal War Banner!
Chapter 1412: Breaking the Formation!
Chapter 1413: Harvest from Breaking the Formation!
Chapter 1414: The Men in Black Take the Stage!
Chapter 1415: The Mysterious Stele!
Chapter 1416: The Immortal Lord's Prophecy!
Chapter 1417: Joining Together Again!
Chapter 1418: The Secret of the Treasure Map!
Chapter 1419: The Four Ends Martial Lord!
Chapter 1420: Full-Scale Manhunt!
Chapter 1421: The Five Poisons Elder!
Chapter 1422: Surrounded by Fierce Poisons!
Chapter 1423: Breaking Out! I
Chapter 1424: Breaking Out! II
Chapter 1425: The Power of Purging!
Chapter 1426: The Origin Soul, Blood Cicada!
Chapter 1427: Bone Devil Ancestor Wei Wuxie!
Chapter 1428: Wang Chong Displays His Power!
Chapter 1429: The Four Ends Martial Lord Arrives!
Chapter 1430: An Unexpected Development!
Chapter 1431: Bagushidu's Gift!
Chapter 1432: Coercing Song Yuanyi!
Chapter 1433: Six Together as One!
Chapter 1434: Opening the Origin Immortal Treasury! I
Chapter 1435: Opening the Origin Immortal Treasury! II
Chapter 1436: Schemers on All Sides!
Chapter 1437: A Display of Divine Abilities!
Chapter 1438: The Unseen Danger!
Chapter 1439: Bottomless Pit!
Chapter 1440: Ambush in the Darkness!
Chapter 1441: A Storm of Blades!
Chapter 1442: Wang Chong Strikes!
Chapter 1443: Offering a Helping Hand!
Chapter 1444: Origin Immortal Formation, Stellar Energy Version!
Chapter 1445: Profit from Misfortune!
Chapter 1446: The Savage Being Out of the Unknown!
Chapter 1447: Dragonbeast!
Chapter 1448: Trouble Piling on Trouble!
Chapter 1449: Baiting a Tiger to Kill a Wolf!
Chapter 1450: Return Like for Like!
Chapter 1451: Disaster Does Not Come Alone!
Chapter 1452: The Power of Rebirth!
Chapter 1453: Awakening!
Chapter 1454: Li Junxian's Gift!
Chapter 1455: Gao Xianzhi's Situation!
Chapter 1456: Wang Chong's Wedding!
Chapter 1457: The Might of a Single Sword!
Chapter 1458: Night in the Bridal Chamber!
Chapter 1459: The Truth Revealed!
Chapter 1460: The Other Wang Chong!
Chapter 1461: Backlash!
Chapter 1462: Possession!
Chapter 1463: Evil Is Rewarded with Evil!
Chapter 1464: Ancient Memories!
Chapter 1465: The Trajectory of Destiny!
Chapter 1466: Bizarre Poison Threads!
Chapter 1467: The Giant Tree in the Cavern!
Chapter 1468: Young Master Qingyang's Advice!
Chapter 1469: Fierce Battle with the Darkshadow Spider I
Chapter 1470: Fierce Battle with the Darkshadow Spider II
Chapter 1471: Surviving a Disaster!
Chapter 1472: The Origin Immortal Villagers!
Chapter 1473: Special Green Leaves!
Chapter 1474: The Sudden Appearance of the Bamboo Hat Men!
Chapter 1475: The Mighty Yellow Scarf Warrior!
Chapter 1476: The Successor of the Origin Immortal Art!
Chapter 1477: A Lineage of Six Generations!
Chapter 1478: Wolf in Front and Tiger Behind, the Parties Gather!
Chapter 1479: The Chief of the Origin Immortal Village!
Chapter 1480: Layers of Mystery! I
Chapter 1481: Layers of Mystery! II
Chapter 1482: Layers of Mystery! III
Chapter 1483: Going on the Offensive!
Chapter 1483: Going on the Offensive!
Chapter 1484: The Trayastrimsa Heaven1!
Chapter 1485: Ancient Underground Palace!
Chapter 1486: The Lone Silence Ancestor's Secret!
Chapter 1487: The Gonggong Divine Art!
Chapter 1488: Close at Hand!
Chapter 1489: Imitation Psychic Seal!
Chapter 1490: Secret Passage! I
Chapter 1491: Secret Passage! II
Chapter 1492: Fighting for Every Second!
Chapter 1493: Master's Trail!
Chapter 1494: The Third-Generation Successor! I
Chapter 1495: The Third-Generation Successor! II
Chapter 1496: The Third-Generation Successor! III
Chapter 1497: Controlling the Third Generation!
Chapter 1498: The First Layer of the Origin Immortal Art!
Chapter 1499: Walking on Thin Ice!
Chapter 1500: Unexpected Mishap!
Chapter 1501: Hanging by a Hair!
Chapter 1502: Immortal-Crossing Bridge!
Chapter 1503: Bagushidu's Power!
Chapter 1504: The Earthblood Cauldrons!
Chapter 1505: The Art of Dark Heaven!
Chapter 1506: The Secret of the Earth Sect! I
Chapter 1507: The Secret of the Earth Sect! II
Chapter 1508: The First Generation Appears!
Chapter 1509: The Origin Immortal Sword Formation!
Chapter 1510: Probing!
Chapter 1511: The Third Generation Takes Action! I
Chapter 1512: The Third Generation Takes Action! II
Chapter 1513: The Origin Immortal Sword Formation's Flaw!
Chapter 1514: The Pressure of the Origin Immortal Sword!
Chapter 1515: One Sword, One Thought!
Chapter 1516: The Crime of Killing!
Chapter 1517: Pulling Out the Sword!
Chapter 1518: Vitalizing Ember!
Chapter 1519: Elixir and Divine Treatise!
Chapter 1520: Heaven and Earth Reverse; the Subtle Emerges from the Infinite Void!
Chapter 1521: Fighting Bagushidu!
Chapter 1522: The Might of the Divine Sword!
Chapter 1523: Sudden Shift!
Chapter 1524: Three Masked Men!
Chapter 1525: The Origin Immortal Palace!
Chapter 1526: Intense Battle Beneath the Earth! I
Chapter 1527: Intense Battle Beneath the Earth! II
Chapter 1528: Intense Battle Beneath the Earth! III
Chapter 1529: Intense Battle Beneath the Earth! IV
Chapter 1530: The Deer Immortal Strikes!
Chapter 1531: Life Execution!
Chapter 1532: Song Yuanyi's Assistance!
Chapter 1533: Vitalizing Ember, Awaken!
Chapter 1534: The Power of the First Generation!
Chapter 1535: Battle Reversal!
Chapter 1536: The Power of Lightning!
Chapter 1537: Seven-Inch Immortal Axe!
Chapter 1538: The Battle Is Decided!
Chapter 1539: Cleaning Up!
Chapter 1540: The Young Patriarch!
Chapter 1541: The Golden Light Barrier!
Chapter 1542: The True Inheritance!
Chapter 1543: Reincarnated Myth!
Chapter 1544: The Person Outside of Destiny!
Chapter 1545: The Golden Seed!
Chapter 1546: Three Crises!
Chapter 1547: Terrifying Existence! I
Chapter 1548: Terrifying Existence! II
Chapter 1549: True Lord Yellow Dragon!
Chapter 1550: The Final Mechanism!
Chapter 1551: Inhuman Devil!
Chapter 1552: Earth Devil! I
Chapter 1552: Earth Devil! II
Chapter 1554: Earth Devil! III
Chapter 1555: Killing the Earth Devil!
Chapter 1556: A Clue to Fighting True Lord Yellow Dragon!
Chapter 1557: Plotting Against True Lord Yellow Dragon!
Chapter 1558: The Origin Heaven Demon-Sealing Stamp of the Myriad Gods!
Chapter 1559: The Final Farewell!
Chapter 1560: Hastily Escaping!
Chapter 1561: Underground Collapse!
Chapter 1562: The Grateful Earth Mouse!
Chapter 1563: Dragonbeast! The Pursuit of True Lord Yellow Dragon!
Chapter 1564: Strangeness with the Origin Immortal Chief!
Chapter 1565: The Origin Immortal Chief's Choice!
Chapter 1566: Young Master Qingyang's Good Fortune!
Chapter 1567: One Step to Heaven!
Chapter 1568: The Acknowledgement of the Righteous and Evil Paths!
Chapter 1569: Returning to the Capital!
Chapter 1570: The Current Situation of the Capital!
Chapter 1571: Secret Meeting!
Chapter 1572: The Crime of Plotting Rebellion!
Chapter 1573: The Rebellion of the Three Princes!
Chapter 1574: Reactions from All Sides!
Chapter 1575: Wang Chong's Movements!
Chapter 1576: Great Waves!
Chapter 1577: Public Order Squad! I
Chapter 1578: Public Order Squad! II
Chapter 1579: The Furious First Prince!
Chapter 1580: Pressing Step by Step!
Chapter 1581: The Schemer in the Shadows!
Chapter 1582: Mass Arrests!
Chapter 1583: Pusan Tuoye!
Chapter 1584: The Shao Music Dance!
Chapter 1585: Imminent Conflict!
Chapter 1586: King Qi Appears!
Chapter 1587: Ambush! The Three Elders of the Northern Sea!
Chapter 1588: The Inheritance of the Confucian Sect!
Chapter 1589: The Second Memorial! I
Chapter 1590: The Second Memorial! II
Chapter 1591: The Law Code of the Great Tang!
Chapter 1592: Great Tang War God Su Zhengchen!
Chapter 1593: Su Zhengchen's Instruction!
Chapter 1594: Strange Movements on the Border!
Chapter 1595: The Construction of the Promised Land!
Chapter 1596: Massacre on the Border! Rage!
Chapter 1597: The News Spreads, the Capital in Shock!
Chapter 1598: Punish No Matter How Far! I
Chapter 1599: Punish No Matter How Far! II
Chapter 1600: Punish No Matter How Far! III
Chapter 1601: Captured Alive! Returning to the Capital!
Chapter 1602: Great General Jiudu Fuluo Moving Out!
Chapter 1603: Interception and Counter-Interception!
Chapter 1604: The Confucian Sect Moves Out I
Chapter 1605: The Confucian Sect Moves Out II
Chapter 1606: The Capital Quakes!
Chapter 1607: Public Execution!
Chapter 1608: The Enraged Li Junxian!
Chapter 1609: Hunting with the Khagan on Mount Sanmi!
Chapter 1610: Ishbara Khagan, Grieving and Indignant!
Chapter 1611: The White-Tasseled General, Guo Ziyi!
Chapter 1612: The King of Foreign Lands Residence
Chapter 1613: Catching a Turtle in a Jar! I
Chapter 1614: Catching a Turtle in a Jar! II
Chapter 1615: Sudden Shift in the Palace!
Chapter 1616: An Unexpectedly Shocking Development!
Chapter 1617: The Dead Cannot Give Witness!
Chapter 1618: The Sage Emperor's Jade Seal!
Chapter 1619: Jade Consort Xiao's Palace!
Chapter 1620: Eunuch Yin's Threat!
Chapter 1621: Twitching Corpse!
Chapter 1622: Mending the Fence After the Sheep Have Been Stolen!
Chapter 1623: Into the Trap!
Chapter 1624: The Dust Settles!
Chapter 1625: Coda!
Chapter 1626: The Key Figure, The Minor Eunuch!
Chapter 1627: Shock! News on Eunuch Gao!
Chapter 1628: A Rebellious Heart!
Chapter 1629: Yinshan Tells a Fortune!
Chapter 1630: The Hidden Mysterious Figure!
Chapter 1631: The Man Who Should Have Been Dead!
Chapter 1632: Wang Chong's Intuition!
Chapter 1633: Old Eagle in Danger!
Chapter 1634: Suspicion and Fury!
Chapter 1635: Imperial Minister and War Saint!
Chapter 1636: Revenge on the Plateau!
Chapter 1637: The Unseen Opponent!
Chapter 1638: The Eagle King of Goguryeo, Kim U-Seok!
Chapter 1639: The Great Buddhist Temple Incident!
Chapter 1640: The Smug First Prince!
Chapter 1641: The King of Foreign Lands Arrives!
Chapter 1642: Coming Prepared!
Chapter 1643: The Grand Scribe Arrives!
Chapter 1644: The Futility of Drawing Water with a Wicker Basket!
Chapter 1645: A New Clue!
Chapter 1646: Scouting the Imperial Palace At Night! I
Chapter 1647: Scouting the Imperial Palace At Night! II
Chapter 1648: Trap!
Chapter 1649: Li Heng Saves the Day!
Chapter 1650: An Argument Between Princes!
Chapter 1651: Wang Chong and the Ghost King!
Chapter 1652: The Game Begins!
Chapter 1653: The Lingnan Incident!
Chapter 1654: News from the Lingnan Circuit!
Chapter 1655: King Song in Trouble!
Chapter 1656: Wang Chong Intervenes!
Chapter 1657: King Song Awakens
Chapter 1658: New Information!
Chapter 1659: The Ghost King? Hou Junji!
Chapter 1660: Matters of the Past!
Chapter 1661: Su Zhengchen and Hou Junji!
Chapter 1662: Assassination Attempt on Zhangchou Jianqiong!
Chapter 1663: The Commander Tally!
Chapter 1664: Surging Undercurrent!
Chapter 1665: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind!
Chapter 1666: All-Encompassing Heavenly Net!
Chapter 1667: Complete Control!
Chapter 1668: The High God!
Chapter 1669: Zhao Fengchen Pays a Visit!
Chapter 1670: A Meeting of Old Friends!
Chapter 1671: The Retired Grand Commandant! I
Chapter 1672: The Retired Grand Commandant! II
Chapter 1673: Meng Tu!
Chapter 1674: A Tempest in the Court! I
Chapter 1675: A Tempest in the Court! II
Chapter 1676: A Tempest in the Court! III
Chapter 1677: Temporary Minister of War!
Chapter 1678: Entering the Court Once More!
Chapter 1679: Wang Chong Makes Trouble!
Chapter 1680: Seizing Kong Wu!
Chapter 1681: A Fine Bird!
Chapter 1682: The Six-Armed Idol!
Chapter 1683: Crown Prince's Junior Guardian Wang Zhongsi!
Chapter 1684: Wang Zhongsi's Fate!
Chapter 1685: Exile!
Chapter 1686: Progress With the Golden Seed!
Chapter 1687: Night Raid by the Six-Armed Idol!
Chapter 1688: The True Face of the High God!
Chapter 1689: Gandhagaja Crosses the Heavens!
Chapter 1690: The Star Awl of the Southern Dipper!
Chapter 1691: The Frightening Tianfu Divine Lord!
Chapter 1692: The Line of Life and Death!
Chapter 1693: The Unbelievable Result!
Chapter 1694: Unlocking In the Midst of Danger!
Chapter 1695: The True World!
Chapter 1696: The Seal of Finality!
Chapter 1697: The Seal of Finality's Prophecy!
Chapter 1698: True Lord Yellow Dragon Emerges!
Chapter 1699: The Setting Sun Villa Incident!
Chapter 1700: Big Dipper City in Danger!
Chapter 1701: The Death of a Great General!
Chapter 1702: ü-Tsang's Dread!
Chapter 1703: The Eastern Palace's Scheme!
Chapter 1704: Geshu Han's Testament! I
Chapter 1705: Geshu Han's Testament! II
Chapter 1706: ü-Tsang's Sincerity!
Chapter 1707: General Amnesty!
Chapter 1708: Fumeng Lingcha's Show of Strength!
Chapter 1709: The Pressure of Status!
Chapter 1710: The Underworld Ya Elephant! Defeated!
Chapter 1711: Incident in the Imperial Army!
Chapter 1712: Meeting Again with Zhao Fengchen
Chapter 1713: The Three Grand Marshals of the Imperial Army!
Chapter 1714: The Imperial Palace, the Western Drilling Ground!
Chapter 1715: The Imperial Army's Grand Ceremony!
Chapter 1716: The First Prince Arrives!
Chapter 1717: The First Round! I
Chapter 1718: Loophole in the Rules!
Chapter 1719: Wang Chong's Methods!
Chapter 1720: Duan Zhuyan's Strength!
Chapter 1721: Zhao Fengchen Advances!
Chapter 1722: The Grand Marshal Challenge Competition!
Chapter 1723: Zhao Fengchen's Choice!
Chapter 1724: The Great Zhuyan Halo!
Chapter 1725: Zhuyan Versus Xuanwu!
Chapter 1726: The Supreme River Formation!
Chapter 1727: The Rupture Halo!
Chapter 1728: The Xuan-Huang Link Formation!
Chapter 1729: Sudden Development! Zhao Fengchen Vomits Blood!
Chapter 1730: Zhao Fengchen Wins!
Chapter 1731: Curing the Poison!
Chapter 1732: Reversal! Bai Hanzhou's Choice!
Chapter 1733: Evening Feast at the Eastern Palace!
Chapter 1734: Strange Phenomena in the Heavens!
Chapter 1735: Strange Activity on the Border! I
Chapter 1736: Strange Activity on the Border! II
Chapter 1737: The Winds Before the Storm!
Chapter 1738: The Day Before the Decisive Battle! Old and New War Gods Meet!
Chapter 1739: Rotation of Garrisons!
Chapter 1740: Su Hanshan Moves Out!
Chapter 1741: Tongluo Rebellion!
Chapter 1742: Concealed Soldiers!
Chapter 1743: Intercepting the Beiting Protectorate Army!
Chapter 1744: Aerial Battle!
Chapter 1745: Assassination and Counter-Assassination!
Chapter 1746: The Day of Decision!
Chapter 1747: Preparing for Battle! I
Chapter 1748: Preparing for Battle! II
Chapter 1749: A Gruesome Game of Chess!
Chapter 1750: The Moment of Rebellion!
Chapter 1751: King Qi's Plot! I
Chapter 1752: King Qi's Plot! II
Chapter 1753: King Qi's Total Defeat!
Chapter 1754: Attack at the Center Gate! Huang Tianzhao!
Chapter 1755: The Saint Martial Barracks!
Chapter 1756: The Hundred Thousand God-Devil Execution Formation!
Chapter 1757: The Trap Behind the Center Gate!
Chapter 1758: Formation Versus Formation!
Chapter 1759: The Origin Immortal Formation Displays Its Might!
Chapter 1760: Gate Assault!
Chapter 1761: The Lone Silence Ancestor Appears!
Chapter 1762: Meeting with Hou Junji!
Chapter 1763: A Game of Chess!
Chapter 1764: The Origin Immortal Formation Activates!
Chapter 1765: Li Siye Battles Duan Zhuyan!
Chapter 1766: Five Hells God-Devil Slash!
Chapter 1767: Advance!
Chapter 1768: The Lone Silence Ancestor Battles Huang Tianzhao!
Chapter 1769: The Tongluo Mobilize!
Chapter 1770: Have You Been Well, Great General?!
Chapter 1771: Persuasion!
Chapter 1772: Changing One's Mind!
Chapter 1773: Breaking Through the Saint Martial Barracks!
Chapter 1774: The Son of Heaven's Dragon Guards!
Chapter 1775: You've Already Lost!
Chapter 1776: White Still Has a Move!
Chapter 1777: The Formation Is Broken!
Chapter 1778: Chongsheng Gate!
Chapter 1779: Bai Hanzhou Is on My Side!
Chapter 1780: The Man in the Bamboo Chair!
Chapter 1781: Breaking the Promise!
Chapter 1782: Gods Don't Exist in This Old Man's Eyes!
Chapter 1783: The Tianshu Divine Lord, Dead!
Chapter 1784: Life! Execution!
Chapter 1785: The True Dragon Sentinels!
Chapter 1786: True Lord Yellow Dragon Appears!
Chapter 1787: The Final Boss!
Chapter 1788: The Power of Space!
Chapter 1789: Su Zhengchen Versus True Lord Yellow Dragon!
Chapter 1790: The Halo of Spacetime!
Chapter 1791: The Son of Heaven's Sword!
Chapter 1792: The Supreme One, Heaven!
Chapter 1793: Hoodwinked Hou Junji!
Chapter 1794: Hou Junji's Final Destination!
Chapter 1795: Sovereign and Subject, Father and Son!
Chapter 1796: Wang Chong Appears!
Chapter 1797: The Final Notes of the Rebellion of the Three Princes! I
Chapter 1798: The Final Notes of the Rebellion of the Three Princes! II
Chapter 1799: Reinstatement of Office!
Chapter 1800: Strange Movements!
Chapter 1801: The End of the Rebellion of the Three Princes!
Chapter 1802: Movement from the Confucian Sect!
Chapter 1803: Clashing Memorials!
Chapter 1804: Heaven's Intent Is Hard to Fathom!
Chapter 1805: The Hierophant, Khatabah! I
Chapter 1806: Khatabah Emerges from Seclusion!
Chapter 1807: Lost Civilization!
Chapter 1808: The Path of the First Sage!
Chapter 1809: The Crown of Confucius!