Among all the artistes signed under Huanyu, Jun Mo's aptitude was one cut above the rest.

She was a rock star and had her own band. Having been in the music industry for five years, with her nonconformist personality, outstanding appearance, and superb singing skills, she managed to amass a massive loyal fanbase. She was ever popular, so Huanyu always emphasized on grooming her.

In the entertainment industry, if one were good at singing, then they would have to act as well. Ji Lin planned to groom her into an actress and have her venture into the acting industry.

The popularity of a rock star would not last for long within the music industry. If she did not make the shift, her long-accumulated popularity would eventually dwindle.

In the end, it was decided that Gu Xingze would be transferred to Ji Lin, and Yun Shishi and Jun Mo would be managed by Qin Zhou.

No doubt that this was confirmed with Qin Zhou, and he readily agreed to this.

It was not a huge problem managing two rookies when he had access to a vast amount of resources.

Since Gu Xingze's popularity had soared through the roof, and he was about to build his record company, which would focus on releasing his albums, Qin Zhou, as the largest contributor to his success, could be said to have accomplished his mission.

Yun Shishi was a little overwhelmed.

A rookie like her was able to sign on to Huanyu upon debut and even be managed by a top-star manager; this was a bliss many in the industry yearned for.

Ji Lin requested for Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou then came with a few other contracts for the two artistes to fill in.

"From now on, you two will be under my care." Qin Zhou looked at them with satisfaction as his heart filled with excitement.

Ji Lin asked, "Qin Zhou, are you sure you've thought this through clearly?"

"I have." He looked calm and, from the expression on his handsome face, he seemed to be at ease. "Being by Xingze till now, I, Qin Zhou, have given my best effort in managing him. Now that his career is well-established, I also wish to start anew with fresh faces."

Saying that, he put on a profound smile. "As a man, I have a strong desire to conquer, be it a woman or career."

A few days later, the news of Qin Zhou terminating his contract with Gu Xingze spread like wildfire.

Everyone working at Huanyu was shocked. It was indubitably akin to a large-scale bomb thrown; some were overjoyed, while others were worried.

Some were overjoyed. With him terminating his contract with the superstar, if they could find a way to get themselves under his care, with his superior resources, they could ride on the wind of their dreams, and success would no longer be beyond reach!

Some were worried, however, for they had heard that he was already managing a rookie. Before the news conference was held, no one knew who this lucky newbie was.

Some were also astonished. One had to understand that in the entertainment industry, 'man sought the heights, while water sought the lowlands.' Why would he not continue to manage a superstar and even go as far as to terminate his contract with him?

These were stories for another day, though.

After securely storing away the two girls' contracts, Ji Lin got up and made his way toward them.

"I hope you both can work hard; don't make me doubt my judgement."

Jun Mo extended her hand to give a firm handshake to Ji Lin. She seemed to be confident and proud of herself. "Thank you, director."

"Mr. Ji, thank you for your support! I will work hard." Yun Shishi shook his hand as well.

He inspected her from head to toe. "Remember; I don't look at the journey but at the results."

Qin Zhou giggled at the side. "Old Ji, don't you believe me? Don't worry; with Jun Mo and Shishi under my care, I will give you satisfactory results."

"Clean up the current mess before talking about anything else," the man said in a lukewarm tone.

Qin Zhou was distressed again.
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