Gu Xingze stood in the rain with his back facing her.

Yun Shishi rushed into the rain and slowly walked up to him upon seeing his footsteps stopped. She attempted to pull his hand, but the moment her trembling fingers was about to touch his, his hand retracted, as if he had gotten electrocuted.

Her eyes exuded a hurt gaze.


Her helpless yet weak cry hit the most tender part of his heart.

With a hoarse voice, she asked, "Why are you always avoiding me? You clearly love me, too, so why are you always escaping? What exactly are you escaping from?"

He trembled for a bit, but very quickly, he constrained the roaring sea in his heart and feigned calmness.

"I'm not… escaping."

"You are! You clearly are!" she yelled in exasperation. "You're always avoiding me! Always!"

With that, she reached out to hook his hand.

He did not shun her touch this time.

Gazing at his back, she carefully asked, "Didn't we make a promise in the past that we'd be together for life – together forever? You promised me; have you forgotten this?"

Her lips constantly trembled as her broken yet pleading voice left their confines. "Brother, love me, alright?"

There was a pregnant silence.

Lin Fengtian immediately zoomed in on the image, giving Yun Shishi a close-up shot.

The fragility in her eyes was full of tension.

He applauded in his heart!

The dead silence continued for some more, and it seemed as if a century had passed before Gu Xingze sighed. "How can I love you?"

He turned around, and the camera zoomed in on his face.

He frowned slightly. Hesitation and fragility were evident in his eyes.

Even her heart trembled upon seeing that gaze.

"Xiachun, what can I take to love you?"

This scene was finally done.

The director stood up and clapped thunderously.

Out of the role, Yun Shishi's face revealed a smile of relief.

Gu Xingze, however, seemed to have gone too deep into his role; his face was despondent.

From her periphery, she saw his face, and her smile stiffened in place.

"Clear the set! Make preparations; we'll end here today!"

Almost at once, the actor turned around and headed to the building.

She stood rooted to the spot. Her assistant rushed over with the blanket, urging, "Shishi, quickly go take a bath!"

Coming back to herself, she nodded. "Alright."

"Do you need me to accompany you?"

"No, I'll go on my own."

"Alright! Remember to drink that ginger soup after you bathe!"

The production team had especially booked the entire floor of a hotel, which was beside a hospital, for the staff's use.

At this time, the sky had already darkened.

It was already 10 PM.

The front desk staff was feeling sleepy.

Clenching the room card in her hand, Yun Shishi carried the thermos flask and entered the hotel. However, by coincidence, she met Gu Xingze at the elevator entrance.

The startled her could not help feeling a little awkward.

In the rain scene earlier, she got fully drenched, whereas the man, who was holding an umbrella the entire time, only got drenched at some corners.

"Do remember to take a bath, too, or else you'll catch a cold."

"Mhm," he blandly answered. His gaze, however, was at the elevator doors.

The floor of the elevator kept on jumping.

Ding dong!

A message alert sounded.

She took out her phone; it was a message from Youyou. [Dearest mommy, what time are you coming home tonight? (heart)(heart)]
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