The Immortal Player



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Last Chapter:111 Not That Building!

Being born from a rich family, Pedro Armaz was considered a failure by his family because he is a gamer. Yet, he was saved by an online game sensation called “Bearth“.

After playing for almost 6 years, At a crucial moment he was “betrayed” by almost half of their guild members. This depressed Pedro, that later on caused his death. To his surprise, he suddenly woke up and learned that h...
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The Immortal Player》Chapter List
1 The Star
3 Back to the Past!
4 First Boss!
6 Village Story Ques
8 How to use a Legendary skill!
9 The Ring of Voices and The Gem of Authority
10 "The first adventurer tragedy!"
11 Jumbo Loots
15 Chain Quests?
17 Different ways
18 Trio
19 Bearth's uniqueness!
20 A Skill-Maker!
21 Bearth's Continents...
22 Parting ways with Kagat Village Part 1
23 Parting ways with Kagat Village Part 2
24 Journey!
25 Naga Kingdom?
26 The famed ship, Karakoa!
28 Joshua and Carlos
29 Rank Match Beatrice VS Pedro Part 1
30 Rank Match Beatrice VS Pedro Part 2
31 Rank Match Beatrice VS Pedro Final Par
32 First Rank Match Concluded!
33 Has Guts, but no Strength!
34 Bedroom Selected...
35 A Breaking News Worldwide!
36 Plans for his relatives Part 1
37 Plans for his relatives Part 2
38 Killing the mutated Octrocras...
39 ‘Surprise’ Party!
40 Sailing to gods' continent!
41 Failed recruitment attempt!
44 Early arrival at the University!
45 Grouping up!
46 University Announcement Part 1
48 The 7-Man Squad!
49 University Announcement Conclusion!
50 Together, A One Strong Force!
51 Does she like me?
52 Heroic Attempt!
53 Rescue!
54 Are You His 'Secret' Girlfriend?
55 A Tsundere Chef?
56 Serves them right!
57 Finally! Skill-making talent!
58 Pen-Knife, The Special Weapon-Item!
60 Truth about the 'gods' eyes' !
61 The house of Pride!
62 Capitalizing fear!
64 The Nawa Domain!
65 It's Been an Honor!
66 The Heroes' Crusade!
67 Kneel Before Me!
68 Another Dragon?
69 Gem of Authority!
70 The New Captain!
71 'I shall return!'
72 Turning Goddess into a Glutton!
73 An Unexpected Reunion?
74 Luring Killer Smile!
75 Vice Guild Leader!
76 The New Karakoa Main Crew!
77 A Commotion by the Shore!
78 Showing off in front of a King!
79 A Cute Little Girl?
80 His Goal!
81 The Calm Before the Storm!
82 Remembering the Auction!
83 Skill 'Manufacturing' Part 1
84 ~Transformation 1: Mountain Wolf~
85 Pre-Auction!
86 The Real Thing!
87 The Presence of an Evil Being!
88 Erot, The Reaper Demon!
89 The New Reaper!
90 Boss?
91 This scent...
92 The Migratory Flocoloso Birds.
93 Eight down! More to Go!
94 The Wiggly Sword Technique!
95 Qaogal's Amulet!
96 A Player or an NPC?
97 Leveling Frenzy!
98 Docking at the port of BHO HQ!
99 Acted Perfectly!
100 The First Continental Ques
101 Becoming an Official Member!
102 Kingdom Humberlica!
103 The Laparas Skill Shop
104 "Doing My Job!"
105 The Mystery Box and The Katana!
106 A Weapon or An Accessory?
107 The Conclusion of the Meeting
108 Test Z: Free For All.
109 You Need More Rest?
110 It Seems Like He is Having Fun?
111 Not That Building!