She smiled up at him. “And I love you, Mr. Steele.” She then leaned over and whispered, “So what do you think of my parents?”

He smiled. “I can deal with them. They might have preferred you as their good little girl, but frankly I’d rather have you as my bad one. In fact, I plan for the two of us to get downright naughty tonight.”

“You plan on teaching me some more moves?” she asked saucily.

“Yeah, among other things.”


Kylie’s gaze tangled intimately with his. After this small reception they would catch a plane for Hawaii. Chance’s parents had returned for the wedding and volunteered to watch Marcus and their newest grandchild Tiffany, who they were anxious to get to know.

“We are going to make one big happy family,” Chance said, leading Kylie over to the cake they would be cutting together.

“Yes,” she agreed as she paused to place a kiss on her husband’s lips. “One big happy family.”

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