I'd been so drained by what we'd done, I'd had no time to look at the aftermath, but standing there in the moonlight, gazing at the scattered clothing, underwear, and kinky paraphernalia that littered the floor, I couldn't help but smile. If anyone were to burst in at that moment they'd have no trouble guessing what we'd been up to.

Surveying the room really highlighted how impressive it was. I made pretty good money, and was no stranger to splurging on the occasional fancy hotel when I felt like a treat, but this was unlike anything I'd ever seen. It made me wonder again about the man I'd tangled myself up with. I knew that kind of wanton disregard for money was common amongst the super-rich, and although I'd had my suspicions, he'd had answers to all of my questions. It should have been enough, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that there was something more to him than that.

Then again, perhaps I was just being paranoid. I had no illusions about my trust issues, and I didn't put it past my subconscious to try and sabotage a good thing before it could hurt me.

My reverie was interrupted by a buzzing sound behind me. Turning, I discovered that Sebastian had left his phone on the counter above the bar. The screen was lit up with a text message that had just arrived. My eyes ran over it before I could stop them. It took me a few seconds to process what I saw.

His wallpaper was a picture of a girl. Slim and blonde with a stunningly beautiful face, she wore one of those serene smiles that screams 'young and in love.' I felt a pang of jealousy gazing at those perfect features.

But it was the text message that had just arrived which really caught my eye.

Still thinking of you. Call me.

The number was not a listed contact, but there was an accompanying attachment. With shaking fingers I scooped it up and tapped the screen to open it, and a naked female body appeared before me. Her head wasn't visible, but her open legs and seductive pose left little doubt as to her intentions.

Nausea twisted my stomach, and the phone fell from my hand. I couldn't believe it. I'd just let Sebastian tie me up and do unspeakable things to me, and he'd been lying all along. My first instinct had been right. He wasn't any different, just another guy who would say and do whatever it took to get a girl into bed, and I'd fallen for it hook line and sinker. Who knew how many other women there were right now.

I suddenly felt dirty. Used. Nothing more than another water cooler story for the office next week.

Before I knew it, I was out the door, and then stumbling through the lobby. There was a different woman behind the counter now, younger and kinder looking. She gave me a sympathetic smile as I stormed past. It didn't surprise me. I was probably quite a sight. With my hair a mess, my makeup smeared, and my dress unfastened, I probably looked the epitome of a jilted lover.

Outside the storm had passed, leaving the ground slick and the air sharp. I wrapped my arms around myself to try and ward off the chill. It was late and I was a long way from my house, but I stubbornly ignored the taxis driving past. I couldn't stomach the idea of being around anyone at that moment.

The entire way home one thought just kept playing through my mind.

How could I have been so stupid?

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