Excuse me..cristina said to her before get in..

So we went to the living room and now was l and my girlfriend and my mother seated on the sofa and talking l was a little ashamed but my mother and cristina talked a lot..

My mother got a little surprised because Cristina told her that we started to date today but she said that it doesn't matter..


That Cristina was welcome in her house whenever she wants..

After a long time talking Cristina leave..

She looks like a good girls Pietro and she is very beautiful..But she is rich,Are you sure that you want to date a rich girl?

My mother asked me a little concerned..

why? l asked my mother..

Because you two live in a different world if you know what l mean..

What if you take her to a restaurant or a amusiment park~?l'm sure she likes expensives things and l'm sure you can't affords it..

l see..l said to my mother..l didn't have think about it..l've made a right choise?l wondered me while analyzed the currently situation....

if you liked please vote and comente..Thank you..and see you later..

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