So l called her..

Hello mother..

Hi my son..did anything happens?


No..Mom..l just called you to ask you something..

Give me your phone..Cristina said while she stole it from my hands..

What do you want to ask me?Her mother had asked him but it was now Cristina talking to her..

Hello Mr.Elisabeth..It's Cristina..It's because we have a test to do so l and my cousin asked Your son if he wanted to go to my house for we make the school duty together..

Of course..But will he comes very late? Elisabeth asked....No.No.Don't you worry Mr.elisabeth..We will take him to your house by car when everything had done..

So it's ok..He can go with you..l was a little embarassed because l'm already eighteen years old and l had to still call my mom to ask things like this..

Otherwise she would kill me when l got home..

She agreeded..Let's go..So we went where her car was and entered in it..As always everyone was looking at us ,mainly at me..

l'm about to be killed l'm thought to meself..

When we arrived at Cristina's house l couldn't belive her house was about 100 times larger than mine..What the heck..

Welcome guys..She said to me and Marry..

We entered her house,it was beautiful..l was looking at everything bewildered when l heard her saying..Mom..That's my boyfriend..

l shivered and looked towards her mother..So he is Pietro..It's a pleasure to meet you Mr..Damn it..l greeted her but l don't know her name..

My name is Charlotte she said to me as if she had readed my mind..So again l said to her..Nice to meet you..Mr.Charlotte..

l said to her stammering...She smiled ..Don't need to be nervous Pietro..l'm a good person..She said to me while she smiled..

She looked like her daughter Cristina and she was so beautiful as her daughter..

OK Mr..Charlotte,l will try to behave normal..l heard that if you count untill 10 the person get more l will do it..But even before l do her father arrive..

This is Cristina's boyfriend..l shivered..and looked back..Her father was there..

He comes towards me and holded my hand greeting me..Nice to meet you Pietro my name is David..David willians..

Nice to meet you Sr.david..

After they greet Marry, they already know her since she was a kid..Marry and cristina grew up together..So she was like part of the family..

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