Do you want top drink something Pietro?No! he comes to study charlotte said to her husband..

YEs,dad, he comes to study..

So after it we said to excuse me to them and we went upstair to Cristina's room..


That was a imense house..everything was very beautiful and there was many artistic frames scattered on the wall..

when finally we got her room,we entered..her room was very feminine..There was a lot of stuffed animals and etc..

Now we can start..They said..We seated on the floor and took out of the backpack our books to start..

l was very nearvous so that's my girlfriend room..l could feel her scent from everywhere..her room smelled so good..

l remebered when she kissed me..l could feel her smell it was like if my mind was making me feel it..

Why are you staring me?l feel shy..

Damn It..l was staring her bewildered and unconciously..excuse me l..l said to her while l looked down trying to disguise my ashamed behavior..

She smiled and her friend Marry too..Boys are so crazy..Marry said..

it was my first time at my girlfriend house and l was as shy as 've never been before..

After we finish we will eat something ok guys Cristina said..

Ok Marry screamed...Let's do it fast because l'm hungry..We laughed...

Thanks you guy..l hope yopu like and if and comente please..see you soon..

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