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“Hang on,” she said. “You think Sean did it? That he might be alive?”

The man shrugged and drew her down for a kiss. “With the captain, who knows?”

“Nicky. There were a lot of infected and he had her blood all over him.” A shiver worked through her at the thought and she laid her head on his chest. Most sublime place in the world. “God, that was a horrible night.”

“Never again.”


“No,” she seconded.

“I was talking to Dan and Finn today,” he said.


“Whether it’d be better to move on or stay here. It is only a few hours from Blackstone.”

His heart beat away beneath her ear, good and strong. The arm of her reading glasses dug into her, but damned if she was moving anytime soon. “Erin and Ali seem to have settled in for the long term. Is Blackstone really a threat? I mean, if we stay out of their way they shouldn’t be a problem, right?”


Nick shrugged, his body shifting beneath her. “They could get angry about Tom’s murder. Who knows what they’re thinking. Duncan and Joe are monitoring the radio, listening to their chatter, but it could still be a risk staying this close. So far as we know, they’re unaware of our location.”

“Other groups out there could be a risk too,” she said, looking up at him. “We just don’t know. But we’ve got walls and a defensible position here. Seems a shame to leave it.”

His smile lit his eyes. “Yeah, we do. That seems to be how the others see it too. But do you want to stay here with these people? There’s no reason we can’t go find another place like the cabin. Set ourselves up comfortably on our own.”

She sat up, staring down at him over the top of her glasses. “Is that what you want? Has someone been giving you a hard time?”

“No, sweetheart. Everyone’s been fine. Surprisingly friendly, actually.” He licked his lips. “But it’s your choice whether we stay or go. Whatever you want is good with me.”

Her heart hurt in the best way possible. “Really?”


There was a big wide world out there at their disposal and Nick was doing his best to hand it to her on a platter. Some parts of it were terrifying, but still, whatever she wanted. It was a heady feeling. “You know, I think I’d like to stay here for now.”


She took a deep breath and let it out slow.


“I love you,” he said, his hands smoothing over her back.

She buried her nose in his neck and smiled. “You do?”


“Hmm.” And that was really all she needed to know.

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