Chris started to roll up and The Mistress waved her to lay back down.

“You might have some brain damage after that orgasm. Just relax until we’re sure you haven’t suffered any irreversible consequences.”

The Mistress soaked a few gauze pads in some saline solution and cleaned the blood and lubricant off Chris. She handed her a panty liner in case she started bleeding again.

“You can get dressed now. I’m going to clean up and meet you in the other room. Walk slowly. Don’t faint.”


Chris sat up and looked around blinking. The Mistress watched Chris dress from the corner of her eye while she washed blood and lube off her hands.

In the bedroom antechamber Chris leaned against the bedpost and smiled. The Mistress glanced at the clock.

“It’s been an hour. Should I let Dad in?” The Mistress asked as she headed for the door.

“Let him in. I might need him to carry me out.”

The Mistress opened the door and Kingsley rushed in without a word to her.

“Are you all right?” he asked, giving Chris a once—and then twice-over.

“I’m amazing.” She collapsed against Kingsley’s chest with an exhausted sigh. “I like her so much....”


“What did you do to her?” Kingsley looked at Chris’s beaming face with suspicion. The broad, happy smile and relaxed posture was a far cry from the tense, nervous young woman who’d been waiting in this room and hour ago.

“I did exactly what I said I’d do,” The Mistress said as she waved at the door. “I gave her my A-game. And my O-Game.”

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