The first person they pulled up using a basket was Emily Smile followed by brother thomas. They were rushed to the hospital where Brandy was being treated at. When Brother Thomas had a couple of IV's with gloucose water and other medication in his system he confirmed that the other body found with Elvin was his younger sister. Bishop Holden realized that Brother Thomas had not lied to him. He appoligized to him and reinstated him back into the parish.The gang in town that Elvin was a part of was raided and all of the money plus the money in Elvin's bank was deposited into the victim's recovery fund. Zelda and her older sister

Emily was reunited and their land lord opened up a two bedroom unit for the sisters to move into. Brandy woke up and within a few weeks she was so much better that she accepted a date with doctor David McCall. Detectives Allison McGill and gilbert was given an award for their hard work by the police commissioner. A job well done.

The End

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