Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong



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A Douluo Dalu Fanfiction in the timeline of DD3 (The Legend of the Dragon King).

Follow Sheng Feilong, a young boy from the Sheng Clan, on his way to become a powerful Soul Master.

Watch him grow up, train, make friends and enemies alike, in, arguably, one of the most interesting worlds of chinese webnovels.


This is my first ti...
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Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong》Chapter List
1 The Awakening Ceremony
2 Newfound Determination
3 A Talk With The Patriarch
4 A New Home And Heaven Dou Primary Academy
5 The Spirit Pagoda
6 Acknowledging A Master
7 The First Artificial Spirit Soul
8 Ancient Hypnotic Toad
9 First Day At Heaven Dou Primary Academy
10 Getting Into A Figh
11 Literally Kicking His Butt!
12 The Aftermath Of The Figh
13 Taking A Friend To Tour The Spirit Pagoda
14 Training Together
15 Saint Blacksmith Jian Wushuang
16 Sheng Feilong vs. Jian Wang
17 Mistakes and a New Technique
18 Four Years Later
19 Artificial Soul Bones
20 Comprehensive Combat Assessmen
21 Return To The sheng Clan
22 Sheng Clan's Future Patrairch
23 The Patriarch's Fury
24 Annual Competition Of The Younger generation
25 Didn't Think He Was So Weak
26 Jian Wang's Dilemma
27 Secondary Professions
28 The Spirit Ascension Platform
29 Selecting 10 Participants
30 The Simulated Star Dou Fores
31 Elementary Level Guardian, Terrorghost Elk
32 A Gentleman's Fox Hunt!
33 Wong Wushuang
34 Strengthening The Spirit Soul
35 1.000-Years-Old Spirit Soul
36 Evolution Complete
37 Spirit Power Increase
38 Frightened Rabbit? Terrified Toad?
39 Shrek Academy
40 Graduating From Heaven Dou Intermediate Academy
41 Artificial Soul Bone Research Center
42 Three-Eyed Golden Lion! Three-Legged Golden Lion?!
43 Changes To The Spirit Eyes
44 Truth About The Sheng Clan
45 Spirit Eyes' Second Awakening!
46 Shrek City!
47 Stubbornly Refusing To Kneel!
48 Refuting A Shrek Academy Elder
49 Aftermath Of The Stubbornness
50 Meeting Wong Wushuang Again!
51 The Eighth Trial
52 The Ninth Trial Begins
53 Encounter With A Real Three-Eyed Golden Lion!
54 Descendant Of A 100.000-Years-Old Soul Beas
55 Entering Shrek Academy
56 Life At Shrek Academy And Unexpected Changes
57 Teams To Compete With The Second Grade?
58 Battle Armour Forging Team
59 A Matter Of Pride!
60 Battle Armour Gauntle
61 Fighting The Genius Youth List's Rankers!
62 Can't Be Bothered With You!
63 Outer Court Grade Two's Aces!
64 Competition Against The Second Grade
65 7 Versus 7 Team Figh
66 End Of The Competition
67 Rank Fourty Soul Elder
68 Purple Forest Witch's Artificial Spirit Soul
69 Terrifying Soul Skill
70 Spirit Infestation
71 Year End Examination
72 Onward To Heaven Dou City!
73 Terrorists Attack!
74 Fight Against An Invincible Foe!
75 Is It Power That You Seek?
76 Let Me Take Revenge In Your Stead
77 Wounds And Unconsciousness
78 Leaving The Spirit Pagoda
79 Waging War
80 Finally Waking Up!
81 Twin Spirit Essences?!
82 You Have Yet To Find What You Seek
83 A Demon!
84 100.000-Years-Old External Soul Bone?!
85 Half Truths
86 Daedalus
87 The Whole Truth!
88 Shocking The High Heavens
89 Demonified External Soul Bone?
90 Joining A New Organisation
91 A Short Trip Home
92 Battle Armour Plan
93 Five Metal Spirit Alloy!
94 Three Months Later
95 Becoming A Soul King!
96 Unfathomable Spirit Power
97 Fighting A Titled Douluo!
98 Oath To The Heavens
99 Power Of The 100.000-Years-Old External Soul Bone!
100 Human Experimentation
101 Sixth Ranked Mecha Maker!
102 Nether Star Aldismium
103 Completed One Word Battle Armour!
104 Battle Armour's Powers
105 Boarding The Ship
106 Reuniting With Old Friends
107 Shrek Academy's Exchange Students
108 The Banquet Begins
109 Titled Douluo's Argumen
110 Inappropriate Dancing
111 Do You Like Her As Well?
112 Aquatic Soul Beast's Attack!
113 Joining The Fray!
114 Fighting A 7.000-Years-Old Soul Beast!
115 She Meixiao Versus A Great Ferocious Beast!
116 Total Victory!
117 Land, Ho!
118 Visiting A Daedalus Branch
119 Causing Trouble At The National Ceremony!
120 Wooing A Princess!
121 I Just Need An Answer!
122 A Clash Before The Competition Begins!
123 What's With Those Cauliflowers?
124 The Second Round Of The Preliminaries
125 The Finals Await!
126 Sheng Feilong Versus Dai Yun'er!
127 Dragon King's Cold Fury!
128 Yuanen Yehui Versus Shadow King Teng Teng
129 Demon Spirit's Hatred!
130 Defused Situation
131 The Last Of The Solo Competition
132 Bloodied End
133 An Argument With Elder Cai!
134 The Group Competition's Finals!
135 Fight Of The Strongest! 1/2
136 Fight Of The Strongest! 2/2
137 Refuting Even The Emperor!
138 She Meixiao's Pligh
139 Ouyang Sen
140 A More Relaxed Evening
141 Turning The Tables
142 A 'Friendly' Talk With Gu Yue
143 Truth About The Netherworld Putrefaction Demon
144 End Of The Interrogation
145 Beast God Di Tian
146 She Meixiao Heavily Injured!
147 Meeting A Demon Up Close
148 Demon Subjugation!
149 "That Was Impressive..."
150 Yuanen Yehui's Secre
151 Another Revelation
152 Good Intentions And Convenient Lies
153 Huang Jialong
154 Fighting Huang Jialong
155 Branchmaster Lu's Real Character
156 A Clever Trap
157 Leaving The Branch
158 Gaining A Junior-Brother
159 Getting Reprimanded
160 Distress Call
161 Meeting Up
162 Playing It Out Well
163 Yuanen Yehui's Fate
164 A Fight Breaks Ou
165 A Clash That Split The Heavens
166 Leaving The Scene
167 You Will Pay!
168 The Perdix Douluo
169 Returning To The Douluo Continen
170 Meeting The Parent And Master!
171 Sheng Lingtian's Trouble
172 Luo Beifong
173 The Sheng Clan's Fate
174 A Terrifying Scheme
175 Rampaging Netherworld Putrefaction Demon
176 Mad Clash
177 Titled Douluo's Among Themselves
178 A Rough Awakening
179 Atonemen
180 A New Plan
181 Sheng Wuyong's Remains
182 Training Regime
183 Daedalus' Spirit Ascension Platform
184 Tricking The Wolves
185 The Draconic Forest Tyran
186 Perfect Coordination
187 Absorbing The Remnant Energy
188 "Worse Then I Expected"
189 Delusions About Strength
190 Yuanen Yehui; One Word Battle Amour Master
191 Six Months Later
192 Into The Great Star Dou Fores
193 Soul Beasts Migrating Eas
194 Bee Hive Heis
195 The Bull-Horned Green Bear
196 The Pride Of Lions
197 The Old Lion King
198 Sheng Wuyong's Inheritance
199 The Power Of Sheng Wuyong's Blood
200 Emerging From The Cave
201 To Awaken Ones Blood
202 Spirit Soul Assimilation
203 The Power Of His Brethrens' Eyes
204 Sheng Feilong - Soul Sain
205 End Of Seclusion
206 Song Weihan's Shock
207 Arguing With The King
208 177.000-Years-Old Torso Type Soul Bone
209 Master Vs. Disciple! Song Weihan's Strength!
210 Back To Training
211 Spirit Essence True Avatar
212 'Absolute Light' And 'Absolute Control'
213 Strength Of The True Avatar
214 Spirit Essence Complications
215 The Black Hydra's Evolution
216 Another Soul Sain
217 Training
218 Visiting Shrek Academy
219 A Stand-Off With The Dragon King
220 Sea God's Fated Date Festival
221 Redemption
222 Fall Out With Shrek's Seven Monsters 1/2
223 Fall Out With Shrek's Seven Monsters 2/2
224 Demon Vanquishing Spear
225 Leaving Shrek Behind
226 A Silent Nigh
227 Seething Undercurrents
228 Misunderstandings In The Morning
229 The Spirit Domain Realm
230 Changes To The Spiritual Consciousness
231 The Power Of The Third Eye
232 Incidents
233 No chapter today.
233 *Spoiler - Title At The End*
234 Evil Spirit Threatening The Divine
235 Fighting The Evil Spiri
236 A Lifesaving Favour
237 Bloodline Manipulation Technique
238 Another Bloodline Manipulation Method?
239 Venturing Through The Spiritual Consciousness
240 The Gravity Of The Situation
241 The Innate Secret Technique
242 Blood Energy Vortex
243 A Sumptuous Meal
244 Bloodline Essence
245 Three-Eyed Golden Lion Blood Core!
246 Fully Formed Blood Core
247 Artficial Soul Bone Researcher