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Last Chapter:123 Date with Kuro Usagi and an Ominous Feeling

Xiao Qiangwei, was the first man who became a True God while starting from the bottom, he was born in the Illusory Demon Realm, and travelled the entire world with many treasures.

At the age of 10 he took down an Emperor Profound Practitioner.

At the age of 15 he left the continent and travelled in the other two.

At the age of 20 he ascended and left for the Divine Real...
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Ex-True God in Animeverse》Chapter List
-1 MC description and other things
1 The War of the Immortals
2 First Rebirth and Happiness
3 Kindergarten
4 Hong Long Scarlet Dragon
5 Mondo Grosso's Scarlet Dragon
6 IS Accademy
7 Cecilia Alco
8 Complete Domination against the Enemy
9 Party for the Class Rep!
10 The first "TWO" steps in a relationship
11 The Power of a 6th True Profound Cultivator
12 Cecilia's cooking is worse than the Sky Poison Pearl
13 Poisoning Oneself
14 The True 'Charles'
15 Xiao Qiangwei against Xiao Qiangwei
16 Tabane's return
17 Silver Gospel
18 The End of Infinite Stratos
19 Epilogue: Goodbye... World...
20 Xiao Qiangwei's Character sheet Infinite Stratos
21 Re-encounter with 'The Author' and Second Rebirth
22 The Start of the Apocalypse
23 Offer from the Queen
24 Walking around Sanguinem
25 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
26 Crowley's visi
27 Too Late...
28 Seclusion for 2 years
29 Leaving Sanguinem for Job
30 Evil God's Domain
31 Fallen God against Death's Knigh
32 The 7th Trumphet is Dead
33 Infiltrating in the HQ
34 Misunderstandings
35 The ant, the baby and the tiger.
36 The real objective of Krul Tepes
37 Breaking Cursed Gears like wooden sticks.
38 A True Devil in the Cursed Gear
39 Ten'notsumi, the Devil King of Eternal Night Devil Clan
40 The First 6-Men Team
41 Rescue at the Station
42 Leaving from the Moon Demon Company
43 The Truth
44 Turning back at Nagoya
45 Golden Fire's Destruction
46 The End of Seraph of the End
47 Epilogue
48 Xiao Qiangwei's Character Sheet Seraph of the End
49 A Surprising Meeting and Third Rebirth
50 Half Orphan.
51 Hagun Accademy
52 One Sided Figh
53 The Strongest and The Weakest in One Person
54 Skill can't beat too much Power
55 Merciless
56 Illusory Realm Domain: Red Butterfly
57 First Match and Complete Annihilation
58 Fire Demon's Gang.
59 Pure Rage
60 Divine Punishmen
61 A Kiss is worth more than a Word
62 Ayase's Problems
63 Ikki vs Kuraudo
64 Sparring against Xiao Qiangwei
65 Student Council's Reques
66 The Fever
67 The Strongest of Hagun Academy
68 Xiao Qiangwei vs Nene Saikyo
69 Trackless Steps
70 No one fucking touches my Beer!!
71 Edelweiss' Appearance
72 Respect for Each Other
73 Thank you, Qiangwei, for everything you did for me...
74 The REALLY short meeting between Xiao Qiangwei and Ouma Kurogane
75 All vs One
76 The End of Chivalry of a Failed Knigh
77 Epilogue
79 Transmigration
80 Little Garden
81 Law of the Heavenly Lightning
82 Shiroyasha
83 A Gift 'List' instead of a 'Card'
84 Easily Breaking Through the Tyrant Realm.
85 Leticia
86 Icy Cold Rage
87 Xiao Qiangwei's concept of 'Power'
88 The Letter from the Otherworld
89 Festival
90 Challenge
91 Tag
92 Author's Divinity 's Advantages and Disadvantages
93 Black Plague
94 Ascension to Divine Realm and Bullying the Demon Lord
95 The Beer God Emperor
96 Love at First Sigh
97 Primordial Azure Dragon's Trial Part 1
98 Primordial Azure Dragon's Trials part 2
99 Primordial Azure Dragon's Trial Final Par
100 Harvesting Festival and Congratulations at Me for the 100th Chapter
101 BBQ with Titan's mea
102 The Death Eye of Balor
103 The Fuck is happening here?!
105 Epilogue
107 Explanations
108 Reincarnation of a Godly Being
109 A surprise, yes. But a welcomed one.
110 I wonder how is the Otherworld
111 Let me show you my power...
112 A Power Beyond the Edge of Reason
113 Just a normal day... Seriously, what did you expect? Another fight with Xiao Qiangwei? That will come later...
114 Dreadnought-Class Metaphysical
115 Advice from the Principal
116 What the hell did I just watch?
117 A talk with the Chairman
118 Expensive Mercy
119 A small talk between Acquaintances
120 Date with Krul and a Surprising fac
121 Date with Stella and Deja Vu
122 Xiao Qiangwei's spar? ...One sided fight? ...Toying with Edward...
123 Date with Kuro Usagi and an Ominous Feeling