Eldritch Shop System



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Last Chapter:117 A Brand New World

George Candra, a nature enthusiast fell from a cliff and found himself awoke in the bottom of a ravine with a ton of skeletons surrounding him.

As he tried to climb up, he found out that he have a system, but it wasn“t your usual system. It was... a shop. Yes... a shop.

With the coins that he found nearby, he somehow managed to survive in the bottom of the cl...
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Eldritch Shop System》Chapter List
1 Eldritch Shop
2 Boom! Crash?!
3 Where did This Pleb Come From?!
4 Healing Potions
5 Another One of These?!
6 'Unique' Dishes from Earth
7 The Amnesia Cliche
8 The Story of a Guy with Two Chickens
9 Zhenqiu City
10 The Wrath of Godfather Li
11 Spying From the Guestroom
12 The Dinner
13 House of Potions
14 Netherworld of Blocks
15 Take Two
16 Wither Skeletons and Withering Effec
17 A Dangerous Act 1
18 A Dangerous Act 2
19 Experience Points?
20 Getting Swindled..
21 Test Drive
22 Xiao Fu?
23 Blaze Monster Spawner
24 A Full Package of Instant Death with a Free Cremations
25 The Finished Store
26 Brewing Potions
27 Getting hit on by a Ca
28 A Powerful Elixir
29 He's Such a Busybody!
30 Deja Vu?
31 Rockabye Baby
32 Infiltration of the Pagoda
33 The Elixir of Death
34 Torture Chambers 1
35 Torture Chambers 2
36 FBI Open Up!!
37 Agent George vs Pedophile Boss
38 Jinxed by the Branch Head Wang
39 Want Some Popcorn?
40 Sports Car? Hell Nah..
41 Wrecked by A Wither
42 Third Prince of the Wind Nation
43 What does these Scriptures mean?
44 Ugh.. Why do i feel that i was more suited to become their mom, rather than their master?
45 A Magical Watering Can?
46 The Power of the Magical Watering Can
47 The Miracle of the House of Potions
48 I might have to blacklist your name in this shop!
49 Are You Ready for a Perfect Storm?
50 Judging my Potions?
51 Western Medicine
52 If you want to make a bet, you have to make sure that you will always win!
53 Auction Trolling... Failed
54 All Seeing Eye
55 Revealing Secrets and Unveiling the Forbbidden
56 A Blinding Light from the Censorship Gods Rated R.. i think
57 10.000 Years Old Ginseng
59 Bragging Rights
60 Going to the Nether Again
61 Ghast Tear Farm Opportunity?
62 Putting a Gag on a Ghas
63 Making the Ghast Cry
64 Unique Abilities of a Plant Spirits
65 VIP and Missions
66 Arctic Abyss Biome
67 Pigtificates
68 Scorchyard Village
69 Time is the Key
70 Spore Creepers
71 New Event: Extermination of Spore Creeper Infestation
72 I got two slav- Ahem! I mean.. two servants..
73 Taming a Pinky?
74 Twilight Fores
75 Finding Land for the House
76 Redstone Flux
77 RF Generating Machinery
78 Scammed?
79 RF Power Plan
80 Starting The Farm
81 Chaotic Shop With a Chaotic Customers
82 T- Trap?!
83 The Tower of The Twilight Lich Part 1
84 The Tower of The Twilight Lich Part 2
85 The Tower of The Twilight Lich Part 3
86 The Tower of The Twilight Lich Part 4
87 The Tower of The Twilight Lich Part 5
88 George Did An Oopsie!
89 Veggie Stealer?
90 Potion Effect Remover
91 Pranking 10 Different Cultivators
92 Drink Me Potion And Eat Me Cake
93 The Recording From The Surveillance Camera
94 Mandrake And Mice
95 Remi And The Boys
96 George, The Rat Whisperer
97 Confit Byaldi for Breakfast?!
98 New Day, New Trouble 1
99 New Day, New Trouble 2
100 New Day, New Trouble 3
101 A Perverted Giant on House of Potions
102 Weird Phenomenon That Attracts More Costumers
103 Sun Zhou's Haul Shopping
104 Betrayer s
105 Dissapear Into Thin Air
106 A Weird Interrogation
107 The Wrath of Mao XinYue's Master
108 George's Analyzing Skill
109 Another Transmigrator
110 End Portal
111 The End
112 Dragon Hear
113 Draconic Evolution
114 The Relationship Between Endermans And Ender Dragon
115 Other Side of The End
116 Heavenly Ender Frui
117 A Brand New World