He secured her legs and went to work on her arms. As he bound her, he made sure to touch and tease her. She impressed him by remaining still. He stepped back and saw she had her eyes closed and had fallen into a deep, rhythmic breathing pattern.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir.”


“Nothing too tight or uncomfortable?”

“No, Sir.”

“I’m getting ready to be a little evil.”

“I look forward to it, Sir.”

Ever so slowly he trailed another rope along her torso before wrapping it around her chest, making something that resembled a bra. He purposely left her nipples exposed, and he circled them with his fingers, pulling slightly. She rewarded him with a gasp.


Next he draped a thin red rope over her right shoulder so the ends trailed on either side of her body. She sucked in a breath as he slowly worked his hands down her torso. He took the ends of the rope and tied a knot, placing it on the right side of her clit. He repeated the same thing on her left side.

When finished, he stepped back to admire his work. “You’re completely at my mercy now. I can do anything I want to that fuckable body.”

Tied and bound as she was, every slight movement, every breath, would cause the ropes to tease her clit. She knew this, of course, and she was trying her best to stay completely still. Which was why he needed to incentivize her to do differently.

He picked a lightweight flogger out of his bag. “I gave you a command a little more than a month ago. Do you remember?”

The shocked expression she gave him told him she did but was hoping he hadn’t. “Yes, Sir, but since—”

“‘Yes, Sir’ is enough. I didn’t ask for commentary. How many times have you come in the last month?”

“I don’t remember, Sir.”

He flicked the flogger against her upper thighs. “Try.”

“Umm, four?”

“Are you asking me?”


“Probably eleven, Sir.”

“That’s a bit different from four.”

She took a deep breath and shivered as the ropes moved. “Nineteen, Sir.”

“Nineteen?” He picked up a flogger with heavier tails. “Is that your last number?”

“Yes, Sir. That’s my best guess.”

He glanced at his watch. “We have a little more than twenty minutes left, so as punishment, I’m going to flog you for nineteen minutes.”

Her eyes grew dark. “Please, Sir.”

He gave her a sadistic smile and then started. First he used the lighter-weight flogger softly across her body to make her nerve endings come alive. He followed with the heavier one, but only on her upper thighs, making sure some of the tails landed between her legs.

The heavy flogger left faint pink marks on her thighs, and he alternated occasionally with the lighter one. It kept her off guard, but judging by her soft moans and intakes of breath, it was turning her on. He could probably use heavier strokes, but he was hesitant to on their first scene. First scene. He’d make damn sure there was a second.

She whimpered. “Please, Sir, let me come.”

“No.” He moved to her breasts, landing just on the tips of her nipples.

Her body jerked. “Fuck.”

“Okay to continue?” He thought it was but felt the need to check in more frequently.

“Yes, please. Please don’t stop, Sir.”

It was the affirmation he’d been waiting for. With a flogger in each hand, he rained stroke after stroke on her, alternating implement and intensity until her moans of pleasure filled the room. Her sweet cries fueled him, and he brought her closer and closer to the edge.

He flicked the tails of one flogger across her clit. “Need to come?”

“Yes. Please. Sir.”

“I’m going to flog your pussy nineteen times. You can’t come until I’ve finished. Count.”

She whimpered but counted each stroke. After the nineteenth one, he put the floggers aside and walked close to her. She still looked like an angel, but damn it all, he never knew an angel could look so seductive and absolutely fuckable.

“Very nice, Dena.” He slipped a hand between her legs, easily pushed two fingers inside, and thumbed her clit. “Come for me now, you naughty girl. Come on my fingers.”

With a yelp, she finally let loose, and a massive orgasm rocked her as she pulled against the restraints.

“That’s my girl. So good.” Leaning against her, he whispered in her ear, “The next time you come, it’ll be with my cock pushed inside that hot pussy.”

He trailed kisses from her ear, across her cheek, and down to her mouth. Though he wanted to spend time kissing her, he knew he needed to untie her first.

He untied her faster than he’d tied her, promising himself that if she was agreeable, he’d soon have her bound for a much longer, more intense session. He started at her legs and moved up, running his lips along the skin he exposed. When he unbound her arms, she swayed into him.

“You okay?” he asked, gathering her in his arms.

“Incredible, Sir.”

He half carried, half walked her to a nearby love seat and sat her on his lap. She shivered a bit, so he wrapped a blanket around her. For several minutes he kept her like that, enjoying the feel of her and inhaling her delicate jasmine scent. He stroked her hair and murmured how impressed he was with her.

At one point, she pulled back and looked at him. “What’s your verdict, Sir?”

“You very well might be the best I’ve ever played with.”

Her forehead wrinkled. “Might be?”

He shifted his seat, and the movement caused his erection to brush against her. “I need another session to ensure a thorough evaluation.”

She looked down and wrapped the blanket around her tighter. “Why would you want to play with me again, Sir?”

“I was an ass, and I’m asking you to forgive me. I want very much to play with you again.”

“On one condition.”

“Name it.”

“You let me take care of that massive erection I’m sitting on.”

He swallowed a laugh. That was what he’d been expecting. “Our forty-five minutes are up.”

She ran a hand down his chest and gave a mock sigh. “Too bad. I was looking forward to showing off my oral skills.”

His erection grew harder, and he shifted her off his lap. “Don’t let me stop you. I’ve been dreaming about having that hot, sassy mouth around my dick.”

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