“There is, and we’d like for you to help us. I’m here on the group’s behalf to ask you to take on the responsibility of restructuring the group, especially the mentor program.”

“That’s no small task.”

“I know, but we think you’re what the group needs: an experienced Master with an outsider’s perspective.”


“Can I say I’ll think about it and let you know?”


“If I agree, I’ll be working with Abby. You need a submissive’s input, too.”

“Of course.”

Abby and I were still working through the details of our newly extended playtime. Working with the Delaware group might be mutually beneficial. I thought back to a conversation Abby and I had had recently, during which she’d admitted how much she’d enjoyed the demo we did in Delaware. Since then, I’d been looking for ways to push her. This might be just what we both needed.


A way to expand all our limits.

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